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A Wildflower Grows On The Lower East Side

A Wildflower Grows On The Lower East Side

If you’ve ever surfed Happy Cow then you know that there are thousands of vegan restaurants all over the world.  Places as remote as Kuwait now have vegan options.  NYC wins for most veg restaurants with over 300 eateries to choose from! But you know what is missing in NYC? A pop up restaurant with true gourmet fare, major vibe-age, and hip quotient galore.  Underground meets upscale, that’s how a glamazon does.

Enter Ayinde Howell’s Wildflower.

Wildflower is a one-of-a-kind crowd-funded pop-up restaurant that will be bringing 28 courses of the finest plant-based cuisine all with a summer grilling motif to discerning New Yorkers over June 10th-12th, 2011.

Wildflower will pop-up at New York’s exclusive LTO (Limited Time Only) located at 171 East Broadway and for three days will take patrons on a 28 course journey that will traverse a landscape of diverse vegan cuisine ranging from soul food to raw fusion to a vegan street food tasting menu. Saturday dinner will feature a gluten free, raw fusion line up including: fire-roasted polenta quiona cakes, spicy gazpacho shooters, roasted breadfruit and more! Brunch will be served on Saturday and Sunday morning June 11th and 12th, drawing from the menu of Ayinde’s popular monthly Brooklyn Petit Dejeuner, Waffle Brunch.

Wildflower is a direct response to the demand of New Yorkers who want to see gourmet vegan dining with an upscale  atmosphere in lower Manhattan.  An opening reception with celebrity guests, style icons, and giveaways from Vaute Couture, The Ethical Man, and Evolve Jewelry will follow Friday night’s dinner.

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We hear Friday night is already sold out, but if you mention GirlieGirl Army, you may get into the after-party! In the meantime, book for Saturday and/ or Sunday and support this delicious endeavor by a compassionate and sexy chef!

(From L-R, GGA Founder Chloé Jo Davis, Chef Ayinde Howell, raw foods expert and chocolatier Gabrielle Brick, and musician/author/ Cro-Mag John Joseph )

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