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The World’s First Vegan Queso Is Here!

The World’s First Vegan Queso Is Here!

The World’s First Vegan Queso Is Here!

Tex-Mex foody lovers unite! Food for Lovers Vegan Queso spicy delicious vegan queso is the first packaged vegan queso ever.   You know we love (vegan) cheese, so imagine our joy at trying this queso out on a taco or two. It’s soy free, nut free, fat free, cholesterol free, packed with Vitamin B, has over 50% less sodium than regular queso, and is tasty dipping-fool good in a 12 oz jar – for $4.99.

Simply scoop some into a bowl and microwave for 1-2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds. Or, scoop some into a small pot and slowly warm up queso over low heat. Use it for chips n’ dips, wraps, enchiladas, tamales, taco salad, beans, scramble, potatoes, steamed broccoli, fideo, picadillo, tacos, greens, tostadas,casseroles, and more.

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Want a reminder of some of the delicious non-dairy products that are out there?   Check out our favorite non-dairy cheeses here, and our favorite vegan ice creams here.   On another, and yet similar note, feminists of all genders will want to read this before continuing to support the dairy industry.

Food for Lovers Vegan Queso is available at your nearest Whole Foods or online.