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The Urban Vegan: Win a Gorgeous Cookbook & Recipes Galore!

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Sampling ruby-red organic berries at a farmers’ market, comparing thirty varieties of rice noodles in a Vietnamese food store, ordering “good and greasy” vegetarian rotis from a street cart… this is the life of the urban vegan! “The Urban Vegan: 250 Simple, Sumptuous Recipes, From Street Cart Favorites to Haute Cuisine” by Dynise Balcavage is one of our absolute favorite new cookbooks!

The Urban Vegan: 250 Simple, Sumptuous Recipes from Street Cart Favorites to Haute Cuisine, $11.53 @

The Urban Vegan: 250 Simple, Sumptuous Recipes from Street Cart Favorites to Haute Cuisine, $11.53 @

Dynise brings fresh cuisine to life with 250 original animal-free recipes inspired by the colorful culinary landscapes of urban areas. Whether you are a dedicated herbivore or someone seeking a healthy, varied, and delicious diet, this gorgeous new book provides mouthwatering inspiration no matter which city market, restaurant, or corner store you visit… and it looks damn good on your countertop.

What makes it different? Recipes are organized by themes including cafe culture, breakfast at the diner, lunch cart, pasta, urban garden, haute cuisine, “just desserts,” and happy hour. At-a-glance icons signify which recipes are low-fat, fast, omnivore-friendly, kid-friendly, and frugal. Also included are interesting tips covering vegan cuisine, an overview of the vegan pantry, and numerous menu ideas that will please even the staunchest gourmands! Accompanying the 250 well-tested, original recipes are tips on recipe variations and customization, timesaving shortcuts, entertaining ideas, wine pairings and menu themes that will please even picky carnivores.   This is a perfect holiday gift for anyone on your list, but first buy yourself a copy!

Don’t believe us?   Test out these three delicious, and very different recipes that Dynise herself picked out especially for readers of GirlieGirl Army!

Hearty Adzuki Bean Soup

Adzuki beans are petite red beans that are usually used in Asian dishes. They are subtly sweet and are amazingly filling. Here, I’ve paired them with dried mushrooms, toasted almonds, and a flavor-packed drizzle of black sesame oil. One small bowl of this healthy, fiber-filled soup will keep even the busiest city slicker energized until the next meal.


  • 5 1/2-6 cups vegetable broth (depending on how thick you
  • want the soup)
  • 1 1/2 cups dried adzuki beans, rinsed and picked over
  • 1/2 cup dried mushrooms (shiitake or other Asian variety)
  • 1/2 onion, roughly chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon agave nectar
  • 1 2-inch piece kombu (optional)*
  • 1/4 cup toasted, slivered almonds, for garnish
  • Sesame oil, for drizzling
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Kombu infuses soup with a very subtle hint of the sea, but it also adds important nutrients.

Bring broth to a boil. Add all remaining ingredients, except almonds and sesame oil, and simmer, covered, for about 1 hour, or until beans are very soft. Puree with an immersion blender or in a regular blender. Drizzle with sesame oil, garnish with some toasted, slivered almonds, and serve. Serves 6. Wine pairing the salty-sweetness of this soup pairs exceptionally well with a dry Pinot Grigio.

Millet-Crusted Mushroom-Leek Pie

Even if you don’t live in the UK, these days, most large cities have at least a handful of authentic British and Irish pubs. But what do you do when faced with an after-hours pub-grub craving? Make this hearty pie, of course. Drawing on millet’s inherent malleability, I use it as the base for my pie crust -much healthier than what you’ll find in a pub. But you’ll still want to wash this down with a pint of bitter.


  • 2 cups leftover cooked millet or brown rice
  • 2 heaping tablespoons plus 1/2 cup nutritional yeast
  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 leeks, sliced thinly (Wash them well. They can be annoyingly sandy.)
  • 1 pound cremini mushrooms, sliced
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt, or more to taste
  • Lots of fresh ground black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon parsley
  • Healthy pinch nutmeg
  • 2 tablespoons chickpea flour (aka gram flour)

Preheat oven to 375 °F. Spray a pie pan with cooking oil. Using your hands, mix the millet with the 2 heaping tablespoons of nutritional yeast. Press the millet mixture into the pie pan to form a crust. Set aside. In a large domed pan, heat the olive oil over medium. Add the leeks and cook a few minutes until bright green. Add the mushrooms, salt, and pepper and cook down until both the mushrooms and leeks are very soft, about 25 minutes. Add the parsley and a healthy pinch of nutmeg and mix well. Remove from heat. Carefully transfer the cooked vegetables into the food processor (be careful not to burn yourself). Pulse a few times, and then add the chickpea flour, 1/2 cup of nutritional yeast, salt, and pepper. Mix until it forms a fairly firm mousse. If it seems too wet, add a bit more chickpea flour and nutritional yeast, in alternating tablespoonfuls. Transfer the mousse into the prepared pie shell. Use your spatula to flatten the top. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, until firm. Let cool at least 10 minutes before serving. Use a very sharp knife to cut. This is also good served room temperature. Yield: 4 servings.

Real Hot Chocolate

First, let’s get one thing straight: Heated chocolate soy milk is NOT hot chocolate. You haven’t tasted hot chocolate until you’ve made it from scratch, without so much as a smidgen of cocoa powder or chocolate syrup. This decadent version harkens back to the thick, creamy hot chocolate you’ll find in a Madrid cafe on a cold December morning. It’s comfort in a cup, but if you need a little extra, add a glug of spirits, just before removing from the stove. For most recipes, soy and rice milks are interchangeable. But this is one instance you need the fat and creaminess of the soy milk to help this steaming winter drink achieve its fully decadent potential.

  • 1 cup full-fat plain soy milk
  • 3 tablespoons best-quality dark chocolate buttons or chips (at least 65 percent cocoa solids)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/2-1 teaspoon agave nectar
  • 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon rum, brandy, or Kahlua (optional)
  • Whipped cream or vegan marshmallows for garnish

In a small saucepan, gently heat milk, chocolate, vanilla, and agave nectar over low heat until the chocolate is completely melted. If you’re using the alcohol, stir it in just before removing from the stove. Serve plain, with a dollop of vegan whipped cream, or better yet, topped with vegan marshmallows. Yield: 1 cup. Variations: For a mocha hot chocolate, add 1 teaspoon instant espresso powder while heating the other ingredients on the stove. For peppermint hot chocolate, add 1 or 2 drops of peppermint extract while heating the other ingredients on the stove.


Even more good news? Author Dynise Balcavage,   who has been cooking since age 7 and writing professionally for the past 16 years, is the newest Guest Blogger addition to the team!   Expect regular Recipes from this dazzling, wonderful Chef.   Dynise has written 11 books for young readers and for VegNews, Herbivore magazine, and Vegetariens magazine. Dynise’s blog, (, details life as a city vegan and features recipes, news, and observations.

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Readers Comments (157)

  1. Michelle Brewster says:

    I would love to win this cookbook because my boyfriend recently became vegan, and it would be great to give him the cookbook as a gift!

    Thanks Peace, Luck, Love, and Health


  2. birdfeed says:

    Well you see, the Lochness Monster came to my door the other day and said that it needed to borrow some money. I asked how much and he said, “Oh, about tree-fiddy.” I was like, what? But then I realized that he meant $3.50! So, I was like no! It’s my money. But alas, it was the Lochness Monster so he prevailed in the end after a brutal beating and took even more than the $3.50 from me. Therefore, I have no money to buy this book but I would love to own it still!

  3. dani says:

    hello, i’d really like to win this book! I’ve been vegan for about 6 years now but i only own 2 cookbooks because I’m never able to afford them, so i’d absolutely love to win this one! :] (i think i’m going to try that real hot chocolate recipe later as well!)

  4. I would love a copy of this book! The recipes looks fabulous and healthy, and as a Holistic Health Counselor who specializes in helping people transition to a healthy vegan diet, I feel that is would be a perfect book to pass along to newer vegans. This book is one of many that show people that a vegan diet can be both utterly saitsfying and truly nourishing.

    Thanks for the post!

  5. lindsay says:

    This sounds like a wonderful book and I would love to win a copy of this. I really like that it features simple recipes to fancy ones it is just what I need!

  6. Whitney says:

    I just recently became a vegetarian and I am trying to incorporate more vegan recipes into my diet so that hopefully I can become a full vegan. This cookbook would help in that transition.

    I became a vegetarian after reading the posts on this blog. Thanks so much for opening my eyes.

  7. Selina says:

    I am new to the Vegan world after lots of reading about factory farming. Now, the only problem is that I am at a loss in the kitchen after 30 years of eating animal products! I need help. Help me!

  8. Blake Fraina says:

    Pescatarian in May 2000
    Vegetarian in April 2007
    100% Vegan in October 2009

    Alicia Silverstone’s new book, The Kind Diet, inspired me to finally take the leap!

    It has also turned me on to macrobiotics, so I’m just getting to know my adzuki from my hijiki and my kombu from my kabocha.

    And…the best thing is (drum roll, please) – my husband went from being a carnivore deluxe to totally macrobiotic/vegan with me last month.

    This new cookbook looks like just the ticket to keep us going down the right path.

  9. elaine says:

    Well…how about a rhyme?

    Read Skinny Bitch by Freedman and Barnouin.
    Vegan thoughts began a-brewin’*
    Husband thought I’d gone ’round the bend,
    Internet info — just press “send”
    Kids complaining ’bout vegan stew
    But they liked vegan Shepherd’s Casserole – who knew?!
    Got a cookbook or two,
    But another could always do!
    Changing a family diet is not for the faint of heart;
    But girliegirlarmy has given this *almost vegan* girl a pretty good start.
    Urban Vegan would surely help.
    But please — do I have to eat kelp?


    I admit to having no idea how her name is pronounced. Best guess here.

  10. liz woodbury says:

    that cookbook looks so amazing…i think i’m going to make the real hot chocolate right now!

  11. Ariela says:

    Ah GGA and Urban Vegan together in one place! Positively vegan blogasmic. :)

  12. Jeanette says:

    Well…you can never have too many cookbooks, right :P

  13. April says:

    Oh man, my mouth is watering just from the recipe title alone: Millet-Crusted Mushroom-Leek Pie – YUM! The book sounds awesome. So many times, you invest in a cookbook but then get it home and actually read through all the recipes and see how ill-organized things are and that many recipes require super exotic or expensive items. It seems that Dynise Balcavage really thought things out for her readers – and I love that she’s implemented “At-a-glance” icons. What a great idea! Thanks for giving away free copies. I’ll support your efforts by buying my own! :)

  14. Leah says:

    I would love to win this! I’m not sure if I’m eligible though because I live in Canada. Creative, hmmm… okay, here’s a Haiku:

    The Urban Vegan
    sounds like an awesome cookbook
    lovely fresh cooking

  15. Kat says:

    My name is Kat, and I am a cookbook junkie. I think I have over 100 cookbooks–the majority of which are vegan–but it’s just not enough! I am sure I can quit at any time, but really…just this last cookbook is all I need, ok?

  16. Jessica Reid (Newsie) says:

    I deserve this cookbook because I’m a vegetarian in a sea of meat eaters, and I’m determined to show them the error of their ways. I’ve got my good luck charms, positive attitude, and plenty of literature. Now, all I need is the perfect recipe to sway their taste dubs. (There must be one within those pages!)

    Signed –
    One Determined Animal Lover

  17. Christina says:

    The following is my contribution to the Vegan Poetry Fest started by Elaine! :D

    There once was a gal who loved eatin’
    Who was cooking her way towards Vegan.
    Though she loved the ‘health’ part,
    She missed NYC food off a cart,
    Urban Vegan would sure stop her grievin’!

    The cookbook looks awesome! This girl on a student’s budget loves the idea of a “frugal” icon!

  18. Amy says:

    My name is Amy. I have been a vegetarian for over a year now and have been living in the dorms as a student. This January I go on internship and would love to take this cookbook with me so I have some recipe ideas to fall back on as I learn to cook. I am making my new year’s resolution to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

    as for creativity, this is the best I can do!

    i’m a vegetarian
    soon-to-be pennsylvanian
    & vegan
    that’s urban!

  19. Allison says:

    I’m a lactose-intolerant vegetarian living life on a weird cusp.

    I’ll admit – it is the frugal urban bit I’m intrigued by – as well as the menu customization…& wine pairings…well, & I bet the photography is as vibrant as the cover…

    I can’t choose just one reason. It looks like a step into a divine world.

  20. Libby says:

    I’d love to win this cookbook because I’m trying to convince my family that vegan is the way to go, and this book sounds like a surefire way to convince them. Various themes and cuisines? Check. Customization suggestions? Check. Mouthwatering recipe names? Check. A true arsenal of vegan goodness!

  21. H says:

    I guess there is no real reason why I “deserve” this cookbook more than the others – especially considering I am a cookbook fanatic and read them on a daily basis (often borrowing them from the library). It would be wonderful to receive this cookbook as I have been an avid reader of Dynise’s blog for the past year or two and am the main cook of my household which includes a newly vegan boyfriend and an autistic little brother. My cooking has also been partly responsible for turning 75% of my closest friends over to the veggie side so throwing a few more delicious recipes to the other 25% couldn’t hurt!

  22. Jessica says:

    Hm…a creative comment..

    “The Urban Vegan” rearranged is Bean Raven Thug, or A Ban Hunger Vet!

  23. Abraham says:

    Well I got “The Rural Vegan” but it’s kinda sucky so I thought I’d get the ‘Urban’ one. Bu-ut I’m kinda rural so I don’t have any money. Also I don’t have them internets, so this is all an illusion!

  24. Linny says:

    Well, it may not be a creative comment, but it is sincere, I would LOVE to win this cookbook! I’m the only vegetarian in my family, and I plan on doing a lot of cooking for friends and family members over the holidays, so it would be fabulous to have a new cookbook to turn to for inspiration. Plus, my loved ones always ask for the recipes when I cook, so this would help add more veggie-based meals to their cooking repertoires too.

  25. Angelique Davis says:

    I would love to have this book! I have been vegetarian for a little over 3 years and my 16 year old daughter has been for a little over two. I would love for us to make the transition to vegan and yummy recipes like the ones featured here would help make it just that much easier!

  26. So I wish I was creative enough to come up with a great poem or rhyme like some other posters…but that’s not my area of expertise.

    The best I can do is :tomatoes are red
    dinosaur kale is (sorta) blue
    If I win a copy of your book
    …does excitement have a hue?
    As an urban dweller with a balcony garden and dreams of a yard, there’s nothing I’d love more then a cookbook from another urban vegan and I’m itching to get my hands on it! PLEASE PICK ME!!!

  27. Judy says:

    Oooohhh I really want to win this!! Is that creative enough? No? Ok…well I want to win because I am vegan, I love food, I love Dynise’s blog, and I haven’t got a new cookbook in soooo long – probably 6 months by now. How sad, considering that I have a severe cookbook addiction and I can go into withdrawal any minute now. Save me!!!

  28. Jes says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love a copy of the book because more recipes like the ones above would be amazing–and one can never have too many delicious recipes!

  29. martin says:

    i would love a copy of this book because i recently went vegan a few weeks ago from eating emat and dairy everyday, and want a simple, easy way to get delicious recipes. ive read urban vegan at barnes and noble and think it is amazing, and would love a copy!

    thank you so much!

  30. Thomasin says:

    Hi. My name is Thomasin and I’m a veg*n cookbook addict, with no intention to quit. Don’t put me in rehab. Don’t tell me I need to stop. You can’t fight this kind of need, baby.

    I’d love a copy of The Urban Vegan!!

  31. el says:

    I’d love to win this amazing cookbook as I have been a HUGE fan of urban vegan blog for over a year! I love the recipes and would enjoy preparing these recipes for my vegan and non-vegan friends alike!

  32. Laura Regalado says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book so I can slowly wean my family off of animal products by making delicious vegan meals!

  33. chellie_d says:

    I would love a copy of the Urban Vegan to use for inspiration as I’m gearing up for yet another summer vegan potluck at our place : this time it’ll be picnic-style, on rugs under the lemon tree in our back yard with movies screened on the back wall of the house when the sun goes down. I always love to have great vegan cookbooks on hand to lend out because most of my friends are omnivores and sometimes they want a bit of help recipe-wise! Please help me create more vegan magic among my mates! Many thanks for the opportunity, and hugs to you.

  34. Jodie says:

    I think I need it because I need to start cooking healthier!

  35. JenMeister says:

    As a veggo living with a vegan in a not-so-veggo-friendly town, this book would be an awesome addition to our recipes shelf!

  36. jennifer says:

    hello…i would love a copy of the urban vegan cookbook. i live in philadelphia, which just makes me want to own this cookbook even more. i also happen to work at a bookstore in philadelphia that only carries one copy. i could easily buy that copy but i’d prefer a non-employee customer to purchase it. i am also attending graduate school right now and don’t really have the money for a non-school book.


  37. Leigh says:

    I would love a copy of your book because I’m about to celebrate my 1 year anniversary of being vegan and still don’t own any cookbooks of my own!

  38. Shawn says:

    I need this cookbook. I have been told that I simply must serve Nouveau Pot au Feu at my next dinner party.

  39. Jessie says:

    I need this cookbook so that I have something to spend hours reading! And absorbing! And then being able to share with my family & friends to say, “See, you ARE vegan friendly!”

  40. ruthie says:

    I want this cookbook because I LOVE Urban Vegan and would really appreciate how she has creative ways to add healthy fruits and veggies to the diet. :-)

  41. Cali says:


    I would love a free copy because I need a fast vegan meal after work (something quick & easy). And I love cats too!

    Even after being a vegan after 25 years, I struggle with putting together meals and basics like how do cook and season a pot of beans? :)

  42. icY says:

    when i saw a picture of the tiramisu on the ppk, i knew i had to have the recipe (the cookbook!)

    love the blog. love the kitties! would be honored with to win a copy!

  43. Mary L. says:

    nutritional yeast? check.
    miso? check.
    agave? check.
    vegan Worcestershire sauce? check.

    Now that I’ve got all these ingredients I’ve never used before going vegan, it would be nice to have a cookbook that showed me how to use them properly.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Milkita says:

    I need the book because I’m a recent college grad, and recently vegan, so I need to learn how to cook!

  45. jvegegirl says:

    I need it because I’m a vegan college student and broke and have no money to buy awesome cookbooks like this one!

  46. Kate B says:

    I just found your site from The Urban Vegan’s site. I’m a long time follower of her and have her book on my holiday wish list. I’d love to get it early so I can use it for my holiday meals!

  47. tien says:

    I need this cookbook because
    a. I’m a broke college student and a bad cook
    b. My boyfriend “tolerates” what I tried to pass as food and goes to mcdonald later on for their angus beef
    c. I need to prove to my family that vegan food can be good too and I can cook!!

  48. Pastor Jeff says:

    On August 1st my wife and I started the Engine 2 diet and after the first six weeks we are totally vegan. I lost 30 pounds and my wife lost 20 pounds, also my bad colesterol has dropped over 80 points. We have stayed on the diet, but we are in need of more recipes. I am tired of the same old stuff all the time. Update, I have now lost a total of 39 pounds and my wife lost 25, we feel great and have more energy. Your book would be a bonus for us. Thnaks and Blessings. Pastor Jeff

  49. Melisser says:

    I’d like this book because like Dynise, I’m a world traveler & it would be fabulous to be able to creative some of the meals I’ve had around the world in my own kitchen!

  50. Jennifer says:

    I have been following Dynise’s blog from the beginning and have her book on my christmas wishlist. I’ve been vegan for eight years and have been in a food rut for a few months. I need some new recipes to shake things up and Dynise’s book would do the trick. Thanks!

  51. Mihl says:

    The recipes you posted all sound really delicious!

    Well, I need the cookbook because I live in Germany and want to know how an urban vegan in the US cooks.

  52. Andrew says:

    Well, I’ve been following her blog since forever but cannot afford to buy her book as I live in New Zealand and costs so much to import/get it shipped her plus I’m a poor student!

  53. Laura says:

    I need this cookbook because my diet consists of vegan cookbooks, and I’m running out of cookbooks to eat, but I’m still hungry and this book looks especially delicious.

  54. Alyson says:

    I want to make something more than Ramen noodles. Recipes, especially in book form, would be a helpful start!

  55. Rachel and Scott says:

    We’d like to win to because the the best defense is a good offense!

    Thanks for the contest!

  56. Sherri says:

    Mmm, hot chocolate sounds yummy!!
    I would love to win a copy of this cookbook. I have recently gone veagan and realy need some recipes. Maybe I could find something that would convince my husband it’s not all carrot sticks and bunny food.

  57. mjourney says:

    My bookshelf has long been ‘a wanting
    A vegan cookbook with recipes undaunting
    Balcavage, it seems, has answered my dreams
    with sumptuous recipes full of veggies and beans!

    I’ll reserve a spot on my little cookbook shelf
    in hopes that with this rhyme I will prove myself
    so the Girlie Girl Army can deliver a package
    including recipes using berries and cabbage!

  58. Meredith says:

    That leek pie sounds like it has the potential to be seriously tasty! I almost never buy vegan cookbooks because I either can figure the recipes out on my own or just adapt recipes from old cookbooks I already have. In this case, it looks like there might be a cookbook that would actually be useful! I’m not urban but I am vegan and I’d like to get my hands on a copy of this cookbook :)

  59. Jamie says:

    I would like this book because I am out of reading material for “the office.”
    (Really, it’s a great place to read…No one disturbs you there) ;)
    Seriously, though, I am a vegan living outside of Philly and feel like it would be wrong if I didn’t own a copy.

  60. Barb says:

    I became a vegetarian in January of this year. I am currently reading Alicia Silverstone’s new book, have read “Eat to Live”, have become a fan of websites like Dynise’s “Urban Vegan” and I’m slowly transitioning into a vegan. The transition would be so much easier if I had this great recipe book so that I could make great vegan dishes that even my non-vegetarian husband would love.

  61. Carla says:

    Because I just want to own a copy of the street savviest, coolest new cookbook out there! I have heard so much buzz about this book from people who tested for it, wo own it already, and to be honest I’m sick of the wait for Santa.

  62. amy strauss says:

    There is nothing better than vegging out on vegan cuisine, especially if the recipe-giver is also a native to my stomping grounds (hello, Philadelphia!). I have never felt better than grubbing on gourmet good-for-you foods, and there is without a doubt that Dynise’s book possesses just that! :)

  63. xoe says:

    These recipes look delicious.
    After finding out at the age of 38 that I had heart disease and pretty severe blockage, I went vegan. Actually fat-free vegan at first which was really difficult.
    I’ve eased up on some of the fat restrictions, but could really use some new and delicious recipes. … also next year, i’m planning on photographing everything that I eat. It’d be great to be able to have a source for the recipes.

  64. supercarrot says:

    all of a sudden my money tree started producing regular leaves! can somebody diagnose it for me? it’d really be a great help! thanks!

  65. Christine says:

    I’d LOVE this book because I’ve been vegetarian for only a year, and this would help me take that next step towards becoming vegan. I could certainly use the guidance!

  66. Kips says:

    I need a copy of this cookbook, because my (hypertensive)husband and (autoimmune-diseased)I are trying desperately to cling to our new veganism, like two little turtles clutching a log that has floated out to sea… but as our work duties pile up and money gets tighter, we long for the pleasures of foods we once knew! Help us stay in the healthy fold with delicious recipes instead of weird, hard, disappointing recipes I keep finding on the internet!! And I will love you forever!!!

  67. Jati says:

    Portland winters are cold and rainy, and it gets dark at 4:30 these days. My solace is flannel drawstring pants, warm fuzzy socks, and good eats. This cookbook will help me get through the next 3 – no, 4 – actually 5 months. Puhleeze help me stave off seasonal affective disorder by sending me a copy of this book!

  68. cnychrissie says:

    My sweetheart recently told me that he hated eating meat when he was little, but his mom forced him to eat what was on his plate. So now, 40 years later, he’s starting to explore (and enjoy!) vegetarian fare. But we’ve gotten used to eating from so many fabulous cuisines from around the world…so recipes that can keep his interest AND honor our efforts to diminish our impact on the planet through our diet would be most helpful!

  69. Marsha says:

    This cookbook looks amazing – and I need helping figuring out what to do with all the fruits and veggies I get from the food coop!

  70. Jocelyn says:

    Choose me! I would love a copy of The Urban Vegan because going vegan has me learning to cook all over again. Learning to balance flavors and play them off of each other effectively is harder than I thought it would be. I would love some help, and I think Urban Vegan will aid me on my journey to creating really excellent vegan food to enjoy and share!

  71. Alison says:

    Just started on my way to vegan-hood and really digging these recipes! This cookbook will make me a better girly girl.

  72. Audrey says:


    Wow! I totally appreciate this opportunity! I love literature and you’ve got perfect timing!

    I’m a vegan who is looking to find a way to entice my meat-eating and gout-filled father to eat more healthily.

    The holiday season is coming around. My dad loves to eat and often says “I starve him of the food he loves!”

    I must find ways to sneakily reduce the meat and up the yum factor – so that he won’t know what hit him!

    I know that even though I’ve been trying to help him for the past 5 years, my usual “brown rice and kale” combo isn’t cutting it. I’ve tried everything and after checking out a few of the recipes you list…. I KNOW MY DAD WOULD GO FOR IT!!!

    Please help me out and send me your amaaaazing cookbook! You’d be helping me help my 70 Year Old Dad (his birthday is today!) get better!

    Thanks so much for offering the fun opportunity to share myself with you!

    – Audrey

  73. jenni says:

    I’m a big fan of her blog & think the cookbook would make a great addition to my shelf. I like the idea of being able to shop in the ethnic markets for supplies.

  74. Ashley says:

    I have been eying this book since before it came out! And since my cookbook addiction has ballooned beyond what my funds can handle, I could use every bit of help I can get to get my fix!

    Plus, I am still working hard to convert my fiance to the Gospel of Vegetarianism, and I know this book will help my case!

  75. Kelly says:

    I am a beginning vegan, and in college no less. It is increasingly difficult to find recipes in which I can make, so a cookbook would be very helpful.

    I also live with 7 other people, so this cookbook would be beneficial to many people!

  76. Stephanie Dilley says:

    I would absolutely love to win this cookbook because I am constantly hosting dinners. I always include our wonderful landlords, Joan and Sam, and Joan is forever saying, “I need this recipe.” After accidentally spilling “creamy avocado salad dressing” on page 124, literally, I considered giving my copy of Urban Vegan to Joan and replacing mine. It would be even more fantastic to win a copy and pass on mine. It would be great to say, “Hey, Joan, just take the book,” the next time she asks for a recipe.

  77. Mandi says:

    I would love this book because I am a vegan Philadelphian just like Dynise. Ironically, when I went vegan 3 years ago, hers was the first blog I found. I have been a devoted reader ever since. I’m so glad she finally has a cookbook out!

    I plan on buying her book regardless, but to have a free copy would be extra awesome.


  78. Michelle says:

    I would love to be able to win this book because it would teach me how to make the most of all the nutritious and beautiful vegan food that’s out there. My journey to veganism has opened up so many beautiful and healthy doors to life- it has taught me to appreciate so many of the fundamentally “organic” things in life. Furthermore, having this book would mean i could share all of it’s wonderful knowledge to all of the people i come in contact with, hoping that i may share the joy of eating naturally and wholly- and embracing all the beautiful things in life :)

  79. sarah says:

    I need this cookbook because…
    I haven’t made tiramisu since I went vegan and I need an excuse and a recipe. Also I have gingerbread flavored coffee on hand just waiting.

  80. Lauren says:

    I want this cookbook because I live with an omni and I’m great at cooking vegan food for myself but need some help with coherent recipes to keep him interested in vegan meals.

    I need the *free* copy because I’m in AmeriCorps and let’s just say the budget is a wee bit tight ;)

  81. Gabriela says:

    I need this cookbook because I recently went vegan (after many vegetarian years) after an amazing visit to the Farm Sanctuary, but … I am not much of a cook! Going vegan has made me so much more interested in cooking – it feels like a pleasure now, not a pain. But I still needs lots and lots of help. AND: I actually bought this book while on a trip to Portland and left it behind by mistake! Doh! sAlso, for many wonderful, wonderful years, I lived in Philly, where the writer is from: in fact, she adopted a cat from my friend’s animal rescue! So, I feel connected to Dynise and her “urban” setting. Now I live in a very non-vegan friendly place in Western New York, and need cooking help!

  82. Courtney says:

    Not sure how creative this is, but I would love that cookbook! I am a cookbook whore, but currently unemployed and unable to feed my cookbook needs :-) Take pity on me!


  83. Autumn Tao says:

    I would love to own this cookbook because I am a fan of her blog and live near the Philly area (central Jersey). We live through the same growings seasons and local produce offerings, so I know I would make many of her recipes.


  84. Erika says:

    I need the Urban Vegan because I, a vegan, recently moved to my very own first apt in NYC and am trying to tear myself away from take-out and learn how to cook. This would be the perfect addition to my newly expanding cookbook collection. ;)

  85. Sara says:

    I’m stuck in a small town and need some urban spiciness to remind me of the possibilities out there!

  86. Jennifer says:

    I am changing the world one person at a time. The way I am accomplishing this is by introducing my friends and family to vegan foods. I would a love to add your book to my collection/plan to make everyone in the world vegan. I enjoy your blog and your recipes. And… if I had the book I wouldn’t have to wait so long in between your blog to try out a new dish, LOL.
    P/S Thank you for all you do for the cats in your community.

  87. Crystal says:

    Haiku for you?

    Ravenous I am
    been eating peanut butter
    with strawberry jam

    Must get out of rut
    The Urban Vegan cookbook
    Would help fill my gut

    Chickpea Paprikash
    Pecan Streusel Coffee Cake
    Pumpkin Risotto

    My first recipe
    So many to select from
    All would bring me glee

    Please, oh please, pick me
    Grateful my stomach and I
    Would certainly be

  88. Julia Sear says:

    The Urban Vegan = The Future of Food! To spread the joys of ethical eating, fabulous living, and yumminess for all is no easy task. I want to further my own Veggie Enlightenment. I’m an animal loving city chic, who supports the culinary cause of healthy, happy eating. Viva la veganism!!

  89. Stefanie says:

    I am a new vegan and love cooking. A cookbook would make cooking at home a lot easier.

  90. kathy says:

    I have been an avid reader of the urban vegan for years, and I can’t wait to own her cookbook! Like her, I am a huge fan of all things urban; it’s even my job (I’m an urban planner). I need this cookbook to make lovely urban vegan food for my lovely urban, yet omnivore, husband!

  91. Kim says:

    I would love to win the cookbook of my favorite blogger (who is from my favorite city!) She also turned me onto your website. Woohoo!

  92. kate says:

    I need to feed the people around me something that will not only nourish our bodies but will help to make us mindful that these very simple changes can lead to a more peaceful world.

  93. Erin says:

    A creative comment about why I need this cookbook? Alas, I cannot be creative–it’s quite simple. I live in an urban area. I have recently become vegan. I’m getting tired of the “go-to” vegan recipes and would like a little more pizzaz in my life!

  94. kate s. says:

    i need this book because i am an urban vegan, living in san francisco. i just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and i need this book to show everyone i can raise a healthy veg kid while remaining creative in the kitchen.

  95. Leah says:

    I need this book because I am a newly vegetarian college student. I would hate to live on mac and cheese for the rest of the year!

  96. HT says:

    This book is a lovely prize for new vegans looking at the world with fresh eyes!
    Winning this cookbook would definitely help my mom, who has just become vegan in response to being diagnosed with cancer a couple months ago. She is in the process of learning how to be more kind to herself, the earth, and other living beings on our planet, but needs to learn how to cook before she can really become a super-healthy vegan!

  97. Helen Owens says:

    I am a “Senior” vegan (4+ years, 20+ years vegetarian), but I live in a small city where the options for vegan dining and takeout are close to non-existant, so I need to cook everything for myself and for any entertaining I do. I have a few stand-by recipes, which I’ve used to convert a few carnivores, but I REALLY need more and this cookbook sounds perfect!

  98. Pamela says:

    I’m an urban girl at heart, but trap to living in the middle of rice paddies in Japan. As you can imagine, I need my fix of everything urban. I’ve been vegan for 2 years now!

  99. Carlota says:

    I need this book cause I don’t have any vegan book..I can’t afford to buy one in the USA and ship them to Brazil and I really love The Urban Vegan Blog and her cosmopolitan recipes! It would help me a lot since I’m a new babe vegan!

  100. Clea says:

    I NEED this cookbook because I’m from Philly and love cities. And also love vegan food and can’t afford to spend more on my cookbook addiction!

  101. Michelle says:

    I would love to win this cookbook for two reasons:

    1. I live in Norway, and ordering the book increases the price by 50 – 70% because of shipping. As I can’t get them here in Norway amazon is my only option, but it’s still a hefty price hike.

    2. My boyfriend has been complaining that he’s gaining weight lately and this week he *finally* agreed to let me change his diet to help him loose weight. The only criteria was that he didn’t want to feel like he was on a diet. I’ve followed the Urban vegan blog for years and I know Dynise’s recipes will do the trick by being both healthy and delicious!

  102. Stephanie says:

    I would love to win this cookbook because I recently went veg and am having a difficult time convincing friends and family that vegan food is delicious.

  103. Kendra says:

    Wow there’s a lot of competition here, you have your work cut out for you Chloe Jo!

    All I can say is, if this cookbook can make me cook like Chloe does, bring it ON!!

    I *heart* vegan cooking and want to learn more!!

  104. jenny says:

    i NEED this cookbook because i’ve already forwarded these three recipes to everyone i know and told them they have to rush out and buy this cookbook. spreading the vegan love. . . and will definitely continue to do so on a large scale once that cookbook is in my little animal free paws!!

  105. Heidi M says:

    I would love to win this cookbook for my husband who is the vegan chef in our household. :) If it were up to me, we would have PB&J for every meal!

  106. Cindy Buckley says:

    I would love to receive a copy of “The Urban Vegan” because it’s looks like a great cookbook! I love to cook, i’m a vegan, and I need some fresh new ideas!

  107. Diana says:

    Pick Me, pick me !! I would love to win The Urban Vegan: 250 Simple, Sumptuous Recipes from Street Cart Favorites to Haute Cuisine ! First – what a great name for book! second, I would love to learn to cook vegan better than just plain rice and beans or veggie sandwiches. I could use some help with this fantastic book. thank you! Diana

  108. Cathy says:

    Dynise is a rock star to me. First, I love her for introducing me to Halushki. Second, for her blog post featuring the little grey kitten rescued from Chinatown. Done – I’m a fan for life.
    I cook for myself, my boyfriend and his teenage daughter – all 3 of us were all raised in the midwest, in a culture filled with meat and dairy. Our interest in health, fitness, the environment and of course our compassion for animals fueled our transition to a vegan cuisine earlier this year and we haven’t looked back since. We have been eating very well – I love to cook and I am constantly searching for new recipes to try…which is how I found Urban Vegan. I would LOVE to win this cookbook because I know the recipes are totally kickass. And by making Dynise’s creations and sharing with my family, friends and coworkers – I can help share the love.

  109. Karen says:

    My husband and I are new vegans and due to this change in lifestyle have finally come to appreciate cooking and are in need of good recipes to sharpen our culinary skills. Living in a smaller city (Denver) we are always on the lookout for creative and veg friendly ideas and ways to expand our somewhat limited options where we live.

    Thanks and best of luck with the book!

  110. Sarah says:

    HI!!! Your blog has been a constant source of inspiration to eat healthier and transition from a vegetarian diet to being completely vegan! I check your blog literally every day for new postings and use your recipes to make delicious meals for my omnivore family. They love them! I am studying in the UK currently and your recipe for millet-crusted mushroom leek pie looks great and I cannot wait to make it for my friends here! I know I will want to make everything in your amazing cookbook and cannot wait to start! Thank you!

  111. susan says:

    oh wow….i would love to win this book…i love her blog and i am always impressed with how well her recipes come out…

  112. Tiana says:

    I love cooking but sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with food that isn’t creative. This is why I’ve been eyeing the Urban Vegan book. The recipes sound so exciting and flavorful!

  113. Amber says:

    I’ve really been enjoying experimenting with vegan cooking lately, and this looks like a great book to add to my collection!

  114. Erika says:

    I’m a dedicated vegan and I’m about to become urban in January when I move to LA! I’m graduating college this December. Help me start my new life as an urban vegan. =)

  115. OrganiKooK says:

    These recipes look wonderful. No unusual ingredients, but the recipes are all uniquely new. Looks beautiful. I would love to win this so I can test the recipes, write a review and post it on my website! Thanks!

  116. Vanessa says:

    I live in LA with a plethora of ethnic markets. Every time I pass another market I wonder what fabulous culinary treasures are inside that I’m just unaware of. I thought I would need to find a vegan friend of the given ethnicity to begin to navigate these markets. Apparently I just need this amazing book! Fingers crossed…

  117. @Parmie says:

    I would LOVE to win this cookbook as get tired of the same old recipes I’ve already made. Plus I am newly vegan whereas my husbands side have been vegans their entire lives!! HELP :-)

  118. kim hedberg says:

    I love trying new vegan recipes, so this cookbook will add to my repetoire. I’m going to a Tgiving dinner where two of the omnivores are thinking of giving up meat for ethical reasons. I need more recipes to give them. Trying to wow them with blue corn encrusted tempeh on Thursday!

  119. Alexandra says:

    Vegan in the city…I want to know more!

  120. Adriana says:

    The Vegan Cheerleader Dance Rap:

    I’m The Vegan Cheerleader and I’m here to say,
    It’s time to start cooking the animal-free way!
    It’s easy, it’s breezy, it won’t make you feel sleazy,
    And all the tasty foodies will certainly please-ye!

    (this is the part where i do the roger rabbit)

    Tofu! Lentils! Quinoa too!
    All these nummy proteins are so good for you!
    Try some tempeh bacon in your BLT
    Become a Seitan worshipper and you’ll be free!

    (next i do the running man and end with a double pirouette)

    I’ll cook up a dinner party that’ll make you go WOOT,
    And tuck you into bed with dreams of veggies and fruit!

    Boom Boom Shakka-Lakka-Lakka Boom
    The Vegan Cheerleader’s gonna rock the room!

    Ra Ra Sis-Boom-Bah
    The Vegan Cheerleader wants to rock your casbah!

  121. Margaret says:

    What a wonderful opportunity to win an even more wonderful cookbook. I just absolutely LOVE to cook and exploring new recipes. While I don’t have the time to create my own recipes I get excited seeing what others have created. Also, learning to use ingredients in a new way or just new ingredients that I had no idea what to do with before is awesome! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this contest!! Keep up the great work!

  122. Jamie says:

    well my husband and i are 26 years old. we have a 2 year old and have never lost BOTH of our baby weight.(hahah he gained) we both just learned we have high blood pressure and he has high cholesterol. thats just really scary. i think its time to make a big change for us and our child. i’m hoping going vegan will be a catalyst for all our health changes.

  123. Bridgette says:

    I just watched “Food, Inc.” and am ready to start a new life as a vegan.

  124. Sharon says:

    I would like this cookbook because I am hungry :(

  125. Linda Kish says:

    I would like to win this cookbook because I am in need of learning to eat better for my health.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  126. Nicole Kattouf says:

    I would leave a creative comment, but my brain is suffering from malnourishment due to the lack of a proper vegan diet. Until I have this seemingly wonderful book in my possession, I have no guide for vegan foods to buy and/or prepare. Unfortunately, not only do I currently have an empty fridge, but also an empty wallet, so help a girliegirl sister out and send me this book!

  127. Coley says:

    Ever since becoming vegan 5 years ago I have become obssesed with cookbooks! My daughter and I love trying out new recipes. Help us!!!!

  128. Elaine says:

    To win this book would save me this holiday season!I am the worlds worst cook! I am hosting Christmas dinner this year and I am the only vegan on both sides of the family. I wanted to make a nutritious, cruelty-free dinner, that will please everyone sitting at my table! This book would truly be a saviour!!!!!

  129. Melissa says:

    I’m struggling with converting to a vegan from a vegetarian lifestyle. I think this book would help me make the leap!

  130. alison says:

    hi, hello !

    i own one cookbook, well, half of one. the better part of the pages of the book are ‘stuck together’ with a cooking mishap that involved syrup or an equally sticky substance. how better to show my apparent need for a cookbook because this lady isn’t quite the vegan chef (yet!); i make such a mess in my kitchen i destroy the recipes in the book i was trying to follow from! this is an unfortunate true story. :P with that being said, i feel a brand-spanking-new cookbook will revive my want to try out cooking more with new recipes ! i can get bored easily and a book that holds treasures of yummy (i know they will be!) vegan foods will be the perfect gift to me from YOU <3 and i can wow everyone with new eats :)

    <3 cheers,

  131. Annette R. says:

    Hi there,
    I would love to be the chosen one to win this adorable cookbook! I’m not a very good cook and have a hard time changing my current vegan cooking skills and due to my current loss of work, I’m unable to afford such wonderful splendors like this book. I’ve been trying to save to “gift” myself in addition to what I already had spent on the wonderful people in my life (I was an early Christmas shopper) and now I don’t have much left over for my regular spending. I would love to have this book, not just because of the simple fact that I’m struggling a bit right now, but because I would really cherish the cookbook and make sure to keep it living forever in my kitchen :) I love to cook and would really appreciate the help in finding the best recipes to cook in my home, forever. I really hope that I’m chosen from all of these wonderful people…and hope that all become vegan in time :) It took me a while too, but I’m going on four years !!! Yay! Well, happy holidays and best wishes to all!
    xoxo, Annette

  132. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by GirlieGirlArmy: Enter to win one of FIVE copies of our favorite new cookbook “The Urban Vegan”.. plus a few divine recipes!

  133. Sandy says:

    I have been vegan for about 9 months now and cooking vegan is fun and new, like learning how to cook all over again. My family and some friends can’t conceive of a meal that doesn’t have some type of meat or dairy in it. It would be nice to show them, especially my Mom who has all kinds of heath issues, that vegan food is creative, fun and delicious. I love the idea how the book is organized by themes. Currently I have The Urban Vegan in my Amazon wish list. Even if I don’t win this cookbook thank you Dynise for writing what seems to be such a great book and I’m happy for those of you that do get a copy. The more vegans out there cooking great food for the world can only be a very good thing.

  134. Lauren says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I love Dynise’s blog and really want her cookbook!

    I want this cookbook because I love cooking vegan meals for my non-vegan hubby, and I love posting different meals and creations on my blog. I also think Dynise is amazing and would love to try out her yummy look recipes!

  135. (…) though unrelated to this site, still is one another great source of tips on this subject(…)

  136. Jane D. says:

    I found this great site with loads of Dairy Free Holiday recipes. I recommended it to my sister who has an autistic child and she loves it. There is also a cool video on the bottom of the page where Rose Cole (founder) is making one of her recipes

  137. Kerri says:

    I want to sneak recipes to give to my husband b/c I want him to consume less meat/cheese…I also recently became a vegetarian & am thinking of becoming a vegan & want to try some really awesome recipes

  138. Elspeth says:

    I have been a vegetarian for over 7 years for health reasons. However, a recent change in my life has made me more aware of the compassion reasons for being vegetarian, and thus an increased interest in veganism. However, with no vegan experience, and living in the city with limited resources to fresh produce, etc., I need help! I would love to win this cookbook.

  139. Shauna Glover says:

    Would love this cookbook. I have vegetarian for about 10 years and am ready to make the transition to vegan. Looks like your beautiful cookbook would be a great place to start.

  140. Simone says:

    I would love to have my very own copy of this cookbook because I am transitioning to Vegan and need help. Reading and girliegirl army blogs have been so much help! But I have a long way to go…

    I’m recruiting others to read them as well. I recently tuned my daughter into these sites and am working on my daughter-in-law.

    I have succumb to the Vegan Movement and am loving it!!

    Having recipes at your fingertips that are REAL food for REAL hungry girls is what I am looking for!

    and honestly, if I don’t win I will still be a fan and purchase the book anyway…

  141. Kevin says:

    Reviews are outstanding. Comments are top shelf. Recipes sound scrumpdillyicious. Author is witty and cute. Why wouldn’t I want a copy of this book?

  142. Eleanor says:

    I can’t believe McDonald’s is trying to sell “gourmet” coffee. Who the hell is going to go to a cheap fast food restaruant for a mocha?

  143. veggan foods are always the best for anyones health because it is low fat and low sodium :

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  148. Zelda Shbi says:

    Howdy! I just want to give a huge thumbs up for the good info you will have right here on this post. I will probably be coming back to your blog for extra soon.

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