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Cereal Good Enough To Rub Your Naughty Bits In

Cereal Good Enough To Rub Your Naughty Bits In

Cereal has never really been our thing.   Mainly because it’s so yummy.   And we have no self-control, so one bowl turns into 6 as soon as we can read the front page of Perez Hilton.   Enter custom blended artisanal cereal website [me] & goji.     It’s so friggin tasty, we could rip our toes off.   No seriously, it’s borderline “O” material.   But why we really love it is it actually satisfies us with one heaping bowl of perfectly crafted organic, healthy, nutritionally superior deliciousness.   Janet ‘aint got nothing on our breakfast control now!     [me] & goji (which is a cute name, but annoying to type) has a fun interactive web site that gives users the opportunity to create their own cereal from over 40-plus all-natural and organic ingredients and have it shipped straight to their doors.

How it works is: users just click “start,” and literally drag and drop any combination of all-natural and organic ingredients into a cereal bowl. The “cereal designer” then gets to choose a base, perhaps “flaxed and flaked,” enhance it with ingredients like granola and corn flakes, then power it up by choosing from an array of organic fruits, nuts and seeds. Clever descriptions (bananas: “healthy for humans, dangerous for cartoon characters”) as well as serious information (mulberry: “a top source of the antioxidant and anticoagulant reservatol”) make the process a bit of an adventure. Plus, no surprise, for health-conscious users (get your head outta the Jelly Doughnuts!), the site’s nutritional counter instantly updates the cereal’s nutrition facts as each ingredient is added to the mix.

This is not [me] & goji.  But its so damn cute.
This is not me&goji, but it's so damn cute.
[me] & goji delivers the cereal, within days, via US mail. It comes in a sleek Cereal Capsule designed for easy opening and keeping cereal fresh longer. The Capsule is recyclable and packed with as much as 50% more cereal than a normal cereal box.   It’s also so sexy that we are proud to display it on our counter.   Beat that, Frosted Flakes.   And it would actually make a brilliant gift, particularly cooler and decidedly tastier than a fruit cake.

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All this AND the hot studs at [me] & goji are committed to a healthy environment, as well as healthy customers, so they offer a green tag for $1 to offset all of the CO2 emissions generated by the creation and shipping of the cereal. (That $1 goes directly to the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, which researches and invests in renewable energy projects.)

So, what are you waiting for Fanny May?   Get your tuchus online!

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