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Rock n’ Roll Muse Launches Most Sought After Supplement

Rock n’ Roll Muse Launches Most Sought After Supplement

Rock N' Roll Muse Turns Wellness Icon, Meet Medea Juhasz Of Herbalore

Medea Juhasz has been a muse to rockstars, friend to fashionistas, and a downtown diva as long as I can remember. We met working at then-“it boutique” Calypso whilst moonlighting as nightlife impresarios in our late teens, and have been sister-friends ever since. I’ll never forget her perfect powder pink bouffant, impeccable lady long nails (long before Adele,) and sky high Westwood platforms – even on a rainy morning. I call her our New York Brigitte Bardot, but beyond her physical perfection, she’s a loyal kind friend with an aptitude for compassion. We veered into similar consciousness-seeking at the same time and long-left behind booze and all-nighters for spirulina and kale.. though she hung on to the platforms. Medea became a holistic star, and her new supplement, Catalyst Gold is gaining fans and fame since it’s recent launch. It’s receiving acclaim with feedback like; “I have been taking for a little over 2 weeks and my hair and skin has improved, as well as my overall energy level. I can’t wait to see what six months looks and feels like!!!”

You’ll want to bathe in it.  

Catalyst Gold Supplement
Here’s her story, and why you need to get all up in this brilliant new product, in her words;

Medea Juhasz of Herbalore
Medea Juhasz of Herbalore

I’ve been passionately trying to convince friends, clients, acquaintances..  practically the whole world to change their diet and go plant based and unprocessed for years now. I always believed leading by example over preaching and making people uncomfortable. “I’m having whatever she is having” is the best way to influence people and believe me, as soon as they see one positive result they will stick to it. I always believed, if people are given a vehicle to turn a health resolution into a permanent lifestyle, they will. As a Holistic Health Coach the two comments I hear the most, “I would like to live a healthier lifestyle, just don’t know how to start” and “Wish I could have the willpower to eat healthier”. I have zero willpower, and I was completely clueless at the time I started my health journey.

Every nutritionist-holistic health coach has one well tested “formula”. My formula took years to perfect, but it is one that helped me profoundly transform my own health. Just like a mad scientists, I started out obsessively mixing up the ingredients between my LES and LA kitchen counter over 10 years ago. I was determined to heal myself of liver damage, a weak immune system, digestive issues, ulcers, allergies and reoccurring sinus infections.  Although I had recovered from addiction issues, my extreme sugar and fatty food cravings were haunting me. I was desperate to transform my health and get on the wellness path through natural medicine.

When I finally perfected my formula my health dramatically started to improve and almost immediately I was able to switch to a plant based diet. I became a holistic health coach and last year I decided to bottle my vegan, non-GMO, gluten free formula – Catalyst Gold and present it with an unusual prestige appeal that the non-wellness-minded customer would be open to trying it. Yes, this is my way to trick the unhealthy into health, and it’s working.

My brand Herbalore is inspired by both my studies of nutrition and my personal journey. Catalyst Gold works with your system and just like a good adaptogen; it gives your body whatever it needs. It may provide support in boosting the body’s natural ability to cut unhealthy food cravings, strengthen your immune system, increase energy levels and enhance all levels of regenerating and beautifying functions. It’s just a little bit like magic; all you need is the willingness to make a change. And here is the great news, yes it may help you to go cold turkey, go vegan and never look back.

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These veggie capsules are packed with superfoods, superfruits, minerals, herbs and amino acids – without fillers and binders. I formulated Catalyst Gold using a very specific ratio of the 16 ingredients to re-program the body on the cellular level while aiding in necessary nourishment and detoxification without harsh cleanses and unrealistic dietary restrictions. I strongly believe if you add powerful nutrients to your diet the bad stuff, in this case processed foods, meat, dairy, animal products will stay out and the craving eventually will disappear. The Selenium, Turmeric and Dandelion will detoxify your body; the L-Glutamine supports detoxification and helps reduce sugar and processed food cravings. The Acai Berry and Eluthero Root will boosts your metabolism, improve digestion and provide energy; the Chlorella and Spirulina are loaded with powerful vitamins, minerals, Omegas and they both promote healthy digestion and help to change your palate- taste buds so you can start craving those delicious plants.

Catalyst Gold is selling at Athropologie, Free People, and Beaute Bar.

Purchase it online now at

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