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Urban Organic Diva

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Let’s talk convenience here.   Is it easier to throw a burrito in the microwave or make a big stir fry of organic veg?   Duh.   Question answered.   Or so you think.   Enter Urban Organics, a service that literally bring the best of organic fruits and veggies to your door in the New York Area (don’t worry, other hoods, we got you covered too – read on!).   This is one of our favorite ever discoveries and makes our life so easy, we could lay on a divan and fan ourselves with the sheer relief of the convenience of it all!

Are you still not sold on eating exclusively organic?   You need to do some serious reading, sister.   Start here: “Why Organic,” and just know that eating organic produce takes chemicals (some seriously dangerous suckers) out of your diet and keeps all the delicious, healthful, vitamins and goodies in.   Only loony birds with a death wish should still nosh on conventional.   Of course there are a few items you can get away with eating conventionally (thicker skins that hide the goodness from the chemicals like Bananas) but make sure to eat these top ten items ONLY organically.

Back to Urban Organic – it sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Fresh organic produce, smack in the middle of the city,   and ten times cheaper than at Whole Foods or your corner Health Food store.   It’s this simple, you choose whether you want a big box or a little box, and they deliver your order all year round!   All this for anywhere from $25-45; depending on what size box you order. We eat a lot so we get the biggest box – can you say size queen?   The Original Value Box ($34 a week) contains 15-18 items each week and will include things like arugula, carrots, peppers, sweet potatoes, squash, tangerines, and pears. There’s lots of seasonal variation and you can let them know if you want them to omit certain items (like if you have a hate fest with string beans, tell them, they’ll still dig you).

Weve been playing with Squash this week.

We've been playing with Squash this week.

We love how each weeks box is a surprise and allows us to experiment with new recipes (which they supply in the cute little recipe booklet that comes in each weeks box), and get varied vitamins (we can’t live on Fuji Organic Apples, as much as we’d like to!).   Another cool draw to using these services – incentives!     Not sure if the other companies offer this, but with Urban Organics, every time you refer a friend (who signs up) – you get a free box!   That said, hook us up (under our founder’s name “Chloe Jo Berman”) if you are going to sign up.   Pay that shit forward, biatch!

Some other companies who deliver organics in other areas (as always, please feel free to chime in the comments area with some we may have missed);

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