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Sell Your Ex-Boyfriends Gifts, Yea We Said It.

Sell Your Ex-Boyfriends Gifts, Yea We Said It.

Break up got you down?   We’ve been there, Sister.   We promise you it will get easier, and before you know it you will be tits up in a sexy new relationship with a salsa instructor.   For now, dump the crap.   Literally. is a blog all about the things we find ourselves stuck with when a relationship ends.   You know the stuff we’re talking about; it’s either staring you in the face right now, or buried somewhere at the back of a closet because you just didn’t want to deal with it.     So, what’s that item mean for you?   What’s the story behind it?   Does it annoy you every time you see it or make you smile, just a little, despite the way it all ended?   Maybe it’s an old sweater of his or hers that you couldn’t bring yourself to toss or a copy of his/ her favorite book, the one s/he gave you right before dumping you for your manicurist.   Whatever it is, the compassionate gals at Stuff That’s Left Behind want to hear the story and see a picture.   Get it off your chest and let the rest of the world know they’re not alone. Going through a break up is never easy, but telling the world about it is refreshing.   Dump on him or her as much as you want, and dump the crap s/he gave you while you are at it!

First, these same gals brought you – a must use site for selling off trinkets that were once filled with hearts and clovers.

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The site asks; “What do you do with emotionally charged mementos when the relationship ends?   Who needs this shiny stuff cluttering up the jewelry box, reminding us of the promise it once held?” The more the cuties at ExBoyFriend Jewelry talked to people about the site, the more great stories they heard from men and woman about ALL KINDS of stuff left behind; stuff you bought together, his stuff, her stuff, ugly sofas etc.   So they created the blog to follow up on the site where you sell off his/ her no longer wanted trinkets.     Cathartic and cash inducing.   Just our kind of purge.   xo

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