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The Goodie Gusher Puts The Piñata Out To Pasture

The Goodie Gusher Puts The Piñata Out To Pasture

My favorite new birthday party discovery? The Goodie Gusher! Have you ever attended a kid’s birthday party and witnessed the tiny party-goers clumsily swing a bat at a piñata, while blind-folded and hope nobody loses an eye? This entertaining birthday party tradition gets an eye-catching and eco-friendly makeover with the Goodie Gusher – a safe alternative to the piñata! This was the most brilliant gadget to grace our birthday party, all the Moms and Dads were asking where we got it and agreeing that whoever invented this is a genius.

Goody Gusher Changing The Pinata Game
Goodie Gusher Changing The Pinata Game

Simply fill a Goodie Gusher with the candy and prizes of your choice, hang it up and let the fun begin. Kids take turns hoping they will be the one to select the Magic Key. Once the Magic Key is pulled, it automatically releases a wide shower of party treats for the kids to enjoy! It’s eco-friendly since it’s reusable (traditional piñatas go right in the trash.) You can use the Goodie Gusher indoors, which you cannot (unless in a huge space) with a piñata, and the price is right at under $20 to $30 (depending on color and design.) It works every time with 2-15 players, and is appropriate for ages 3 and up, so little fingers don’t have to clutch a heavy bat to catch a sugar-coated windfall!

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