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Cartoons, Hold The Carcass

Cartoons, Hold The Carcass

When we first learned about the Vegtoons animated series, our first impression was “adorable.”  But not just that — important, too.  In a world media culture saturated with information and spectacle, how can a simple message of kindness, promoting the values of an eco-friendly and compassionate lifestyle, gain a foothold?  What bullhorn, or bully pulpit, is needed to rise above the everyday cacophony, to inspire an ever-widening circle of humanity?  Not to mention, how excellent to have an entirely vegan cartoon series to show our little ones that doesn’t encompass eating eggs and hamburgers, or attending circuses or zoos!  Any vegan or compassionate parent will be overjoyed at the prospect of Vegtoons hitting the mainstream.

The intent of the Vegtoons show is not to win converts to a vegetarian lifestlye, but rather to encourage less meat consumption overall.  In a country of hundreds of millions of people, in a world of billions of people, our personal choices matter.  The great impacts of our small, everyday choices are often beyond our immediate awareness or appreciation.  But certainly they add up.  For reasons of our well-being, world hunger and environmental health, the question of “What’s for dinner?” is not a trivial one.

As we looked closer at the details of this independently produced show, we began to appreciate its sincerity and simplicity.  “Animation appeals across a spectrum of age, culture and literacy,” creator Greg Singer explains.  “It can distill and introduce complex ideas in a way that is accessible and palatable.”  The show is meant as a stepping stone toward greater awareness.  It is designed to open the door to a deeper conversation.”It’s important, we believe, to meet people where they are in their own process of growing and becoming,” Singer continues.  When a baby is first learning to walk, struggling to get her bearings and keep balance, we don’t reprimand her or give up on her.  We praise every faltering step forward.  In time, this encouragement bears fruit, as the child makes her way.  Soon enough, she is walking, running, climbing and cartwheeling!

Meaningful change is within reach.  Shift happens.  “In my 20 years of being vegan,” Singer says, “I’ve found that the two most effective arguments in favor of a vegetarian lifestyle are: a good sense of humor, and a good meal.”  Slowly, the realization dawns on people that, “Okay, okay, I can handle this…”

When people are ready, they will come to understand the inherent benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle.  As people are inspired to live more healthfully and consciously, they are naturally attracted to sources of support that offer convenience, comfort and confidence.  “In a playful but respectful way,” Singer says, “we want to model the warmth, kindness and compassion that we hope to see in the world.”

The Vegtoons animated series is being produced with the help of Cartoon Saloon, an Oscar-nominated studio based in Ireland.  With nonprofit support from organizations such as A Well-Fed World, the creators now require the contributions of the grassroots community to bring the show to life.  Please head over to their month-long Kickstarter campaign to pitch in however you can.  Whether sharing the project with your network of contacts, or throwing down a few benjamins, it’s for a great cause.  Remember, our individual choices matter.  They add up.  Or, as Mr. Gandhi said, “Everything you do will seem insignificant, but it’s important that you do it.”‘

Note: For the green and chic supporters, there will be a special, limited offering of GUNAS handbags through the Vegtoons Kickstarter fundraising page, so you can donate to a worthy project and look good while doing it!

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