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Christina Applegate’s Vegan Parenting Admission

Christina Applegate’s Vegan Parenting Admission

So it’s not just us. Longtime vegetarian Christina Applegate admits to licking her daughter Sadie’s plate clean after she leaves left-overs of her Gardein sliders. Those puppies are crack-like. In this interview on hilarious YouTube show Don’t Steal This Morning Show (a little Wayne’s World/ a little Kelly & whomever,) guests like Christina Applegate, Selma Blair, Mark Feuerstein, Josh Thomas, Josh Radnor, Retta, Clea Duvall, Matt Dallas, Ben Lee, Ione Skye, Phil Lord & Chris Miller get real candid with real-life friends, creators, and co-hosts Jessica Golden and Matt Boren.

Celebrities on this show answer questions very differently as they would on a regular press junket or on Ellen because these interviews are generally filmed in their own home and they are old friends with Jessica and Matt. These interviews take on an intimate vibe, as if you’ve tip-toed into a slumber party on their couch.

Christina Applegate talks to Jessica & Matt about her role in BAD MOMS and the challenges of parenting in today’s world, with social media heightening the pressures even more. In the movie, she plays a judgmental mom (Gwendolyn) who thinks everyone around her is doing it wrong. Charming and hilarious, Xtina tells it like it is.

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