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Vegan Protein for GirlieGirls (& a No-Bake Chocolate Treat Recipe)

Vegan Protein for GirlieGirls (& a No-Bake Chocolate Treat Recipe)

Think protein powders are just for meatheads? Think again. We recently discovered a rich, smooth, chocolate-y protein powder–that’s plant-based, vegan, gluten-free and contains no fillers or preservatives. We thought it sounded too good to be true, but when we learned more about Pure Matters–the go-to source for high-quality, all-natural vitamins, minerals and supplements–we were pleasantly surprised.
Here’s why you’ll love Pure Matters® Chocolate Pea Protein:
  • It’s unprocessed vegan protein.
    You eat whole, plant-based foods, so wouldn’t you want to avoid a processed and chemically modified protein powder and instead opt for one that’s as close to a real protein source as possible? It contains 25 grams of high biological value (BV) proteins. High BV proteins are a better choice for maintaining toned muscles and keeping a healthy immune system.
  • It’s sourced from non-GMO yellow peas. 
  • Vegans need to be a little more creative with their protein intake than omnivores, so knowing your protein is coming from a high-quality, plant-based source is important. The extraction and purification process is concentrated from the normal level of 6% in fresh peas to a 90% protein content–making it highly soluble and easily digestible.
  • It’s smooth & versatile.
    It doesn’t have the chalky aftertaste or grainy texture that so many other plant-based proteins have. And the possibilities of incorporating it into your daily eats are endless–mix it into oatmeal, make protein pancakes and muffins–or whip up this healthy pre-workout chocolate-y treat:


No-Bake Chocolate Protein Balls
raw, vegan, gluten-free
Yields 8-10 balls

1 scoop Pure Matters® Chocolate Pea Protein powder
1/3 cup nut butter
1/3 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
1/3 cup maple syrup
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
3/4 teaspoon sea salt
1/3 cup carob chips
sprinkles (optional)

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1. In a food processor or blender, pulse Pure Matters® Chocolate Pea Protein powder, nut butter and coconut until ingredients are mixed well and start to clump.
2. Add maple syrup, vanilla, cinnamon and sea salt. Pulse until combined. Add carob chips and pulse again, incorporating chocolate chips into mixture.
3. Roll into golf ball-sized balls and place on a parchment-lined sheet or plate. Decorate with sprinkles.

Pure Matters is giving GirlieGirl Army readers a 25% off discount on Pure Matters® Chocolate Pea Protein (with a free shaker bottle and free shipping–a $58.00 value). Bring on the peas, please!

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