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5 Ways To Survive Winter With Kids

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This winter is never ending this year, and it doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon. Here are five favorites to keep baby (and Mama) happy as a bug in a rug all for the last month of iciness;

5 Ways To Survive Winter With Kids

  • Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer is a dream for cold tushies. The eco option allows for reusable cloth wipes OR traditional wipes. It’s a wipe container that heats up your wipes, which means it’s pure genius. We also love the modular diaper depot to hang off the side of your changing table. It makes for one well organized diapering process, which needs to be properly arranged during winter when tushies seem to not want to be changed because it’s sooo cold. You want to be as fast and as effective as possible. These two affordable gizmos make diapering eons easier.

Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer, $19

  • 7 A.M. Enfant Stroller Hand Warmers for Parents and Caregivers are a dream for running around in freezing temps when baby isn’t in carrier. No searching for lost mittens, just pop your paws in these thick (vegan) mittens that stay attached to the stroller with velcro, and go! These are so useful, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Stroller Muffs, $37

  • Bitz Kids Fleece Lined Pants are adorable pants insulated with a full layer of fleece, so it’s like sweatpants under regular stylish pants. We never understood wearing 100 layers on top and then plain jeans on the bottom. Their little stick legs need to be as cozy as their stick arms! We are talking ski-pants warm. Bitz Kids makes some amazing ones, but we also have seen great ones at Old Navy, Gap, and Patagonia. Bargain hunters: now is the time to shop for warm clothes since they are nearly all on sale or clearance. We always buy our kids next year ski jackets the end of the winter prior – last years ski jacket was bought at $50, with the original price being $300!
Lined Pants, $30

Lined Pants, $30

  • Crafts. If you aren’t crafty, that’s ok. That’s what pinterest is for, honey. Even the least Martha Stewart ish ladies become craft mavens with a little simple instruction. Sometimes it’s as simple as microwaving a bar of soap (it turns massive and mushy for fun playdough like play!) For the days you are stuck inside, make the best of it. Most of these crafts don’t even call for particularly unusual ingredients. Sometimes it’s as simple as tye-dying with a few tea bags!

Follow us, in particular our DIY board and Rugrats boards, for inspiration;

  • Sample classes. Yea, you heard us. Email or call every single kids class anywhere near you and ask for a “trial” class. Almost all kids and baby classes (art, gym, dance) offer a free trial. So shlep out of your neighborhood and try a different class every single day. This is both a total adventure and budget friendly!
TLB Music Classes in NYC are a favorite of GGA Mamas for their eco studio, adorable music ed, and vegan owner!

TLB Music Classes in NYC are a favorite of GGA Mamas for their eco studio, adorable music ed, and lovely vegan owners!

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