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Flash Sale Websites Go Green

Flash Sale Websites Go Green

If you are still buying retail regularly, check yourself, Spend Thrift Sally! It’ s great to support your Mom n’ Pop shop on occasion, but absolutely every brand you love goes on major sale eventually, why not be in on all that savings? Though you may live in a town that regularly advertises sample sales, you have a wealth of sample sales right under your nose. Really good ones. On your computer.  We shit you not.

Where do we get our favorite brands majorly discounted online?

These sites get you major discount codes for online shopping.  This is a tremendous list of even more mainstream online flash sites that are Mommy focused.   Many of these sites happen to have many green and accidentally vegan items featured daily. Matt & Nat? Check.  Stella McCartney? Double Check.

But what would you say if we told you there are tons of  Century 21, Daffy’s, Loehman’s, and TJ Maxx types of online shops that are exclusively focused on sustainable, fair trade, vegan, and eco-friendly, goods (from make up to mens to shoes and back again)?  What if we told you you’d save outrageous amounts of money on everything from your lip balm to wedding dress to cacao powder?

Now you can support entirely eco-focused flash sale sites with fabulous sites;

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We advise signing up for all of them for a week and sussing out which sites seem to skew towards your style aesthetic. Then weed out your least favorites so you aren’t overwhelmed with email.

When you can save up to 90% (though 60% is more common) – the only question is – why not?!