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A Dancing Lesson (Or How To Let The Words Leave You)

A Dancing Lesson (Or How To Let The Words Leave You)

Award-winning poet Rachel Kann‘s latest spoken word music/ poetry video, “Dancing Lesson (or how to Let the words leave you)” is a battle cry for all women who enjoy a good yoga class and have a set of goddess cards in their bedside drawer.  Sure, you may imagine women in tie-dye talking about their chakras while watching this, but you also will feel things awakened in you that have been buried beneath lipstick, spanx, and self-hatred for a decade.  This poetry and dance video featuring Rachel and her “bevy of glorious dancing soul sis-stars” is about reclaiming our sense of true essential beauty — no matter what we look like on the outside, or how we move. This piece is award-winning poet Kann‘s latest love letter to the universe, and you need to watch it.

It’s just been nominated for “Best Sound/Music,” Rand “Best Valentine“ and is in the running for “Best Overall” at the Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival. It’ll make you feel good to watch:

Dancing Lesson, (or how to let the words leave you)


Rachel Kann


For once,
This is easier done
Than said.

But only because
It is unsayable, unnamable,
Beyond language’s latitude,
Outside word’s jurisdiction.

Allow this.


Collect all of your suffering,
All of the discomfort in your own skin,
The belligerent self-criticism,
Pain and frustration,
Righteous resistance to inequity,
Your distrust of self and others,
Every nagging memory.

Do not muck around in it,
The trick is simple acknowledgement.

Offer it up.

Hollowed out, now
Breathe, now
There is room for the sound to infuse you,
Rhythm resonating through
The earth,
Soles of your feet.


Remember when you were
Very small?

In a very big room,
You were consumed by the music.
Spinning and jumping.

You let loose,
You were overtaken,

Your face,
In abject blissful expression.

Then you felt it happening,
You separated from the moment,
And sidestepped into observation.
You shut down the sensation,

Swallowed the smile whole.

This is the part
When your mind wants to fight you.

I promise it is worth the struggle.
I’ve yet
To have anyone regret
Passing through this gate.

See Also

Shame is a stubborn lock.
Pick it anyway.
The combination is inconsequential

Where we are headed.

Kick in the door if you must.

Turn away from your reflection,
Your projections.

Know the glory of your physical instrument,
The infinite wisdom,
The shock absorption of hinges, cord,
The way your hips want to unfold in
Golden meaning,
How your arms want to spread
And your sternum wants to lead
And your head wants to throw

Know your sweetness,
Your purity,
Your innocence,

Know this is more than permitted.


All that is left:

Published with permission from Hevria

Rachel’s birthday is October 15th, and her request is that we all contribute to her thunderclap project! Have you heard about Thunderclap yet? It’s kind of like an online flash mob. It’s been used for anti-gun campaigns by the Obama Administration, as well as artists like Lady Gaga. Basically, it posts a message on social media at a specific time to help increase reverberations. This is not crowdfunding. The video is already completely done. It’s free. There’s no money involved and it’s safe.  Rachel needs to get 100 people to share the link – all in the name of spreading love, dance, joy, body positivity, self acceptance, and poetry! Share via this link.

Support Rachel’s poetry at Patreon. TEDx Poet Rachel Kann has been featured on Morning Becomes Eclectic on NPR and as The Weather on the podcast phenomenon, Welcome to Night Vale. She’s received accolades from the James Kirkwood Fiction Awards, Writer’s Digest Short-Short Story Awards, LA Weekly Awards, International Poetry Slam Idol and Write Club Los Angeles. She’s performed from The Nuyorican Poets’ Cafe to Disney Concert Hall with people like Marianne Williamson and DaKAH Hip Hop Orchestra. She teaches poetry through UCLA Extension Writers’ Program.  She is currently working toward priestess ordination through Kohenet. Visit her at Buy her CD’s & books on amazon