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I’m Not Moving To Canada Or Switzerland – That’s For Entitled People

I’m Not Moving To Canada Or Switzerland – That’s For Entitled People

It feels agonizingly painful, like a knife cut to the gut.  All things of logic, kindness, sense – tossed out the window. A decade of progress, seemingly evaporated into thin air. Pantsuits burned and forgotten.  Swollen eyes, crumpled newspapers, shocked messy-haired children. Us Hillary fans didn’t see this coming, though we stayed up at night worrying about it after Bill Maher countlessly warned us not to vote third party. We feel stymied. Some of us are catatonic. Some of us are angry. Very angry. Don’t tell us to choose love when that orange man has been voted nation of the free world. Defriend, delete, block – do what you need to do to keep your circle of love authentic. There’s no authentic love in someone who votes for banning immigrants, rape culture, xenophobia, mocks the disabled, and votes against our LGBT brothers and sisters. There’s no love lost for us if you voted Trump. He is not my President, and he never will be. He is 1930’s Germany. He is terrified.


So what is helping me today?

  1. I’m going to protest. They are happening everywhere. Go be around your people. March. Bring your kids. Teach them that this is a democracy where we have the right to disagree. I’m taking my kids here today, but I promise – there is one near you. There will be plenty, all over, for a very long time to come.
  2. Knowing the young people voted for kindness:cw0wxbzuoaa0txo
  3. Signing this petition:

AND this one that told me:

Donald Trump won the presidency after narrowly carrying a few states to put him above 270 electoral votes. But according to the latest numbers, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. The game is rigged. In other words, we have a similar situation as in 2000—where the candidate who more voters picked did not become president. It is unfair, undemocratic & we must eliminate the Electoral College. Eliminating the Electoral College does not even require a constitutional amendment. An effort known as The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is an agreement among several U.S. states and the District of Columbia to award all their respective electoral votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the overall popular vote. Once states totaling 270 electoral votes join the compact–which only requires passing state laws– then the next presidential election will be determined the the popular vote, not the Electoral College. As of November 9, 2016, ten states and the District of Columbia have signed the compact, totaling 165 electoral votes. So, we are already over 60% of the way there. If we can make this a national issue now, and if Democrats can do well at the state level in the 2018 midterm elections (which could happen under President Trump), then the winner of 2020 presidential election will be determined by popular vote.

Trump even agrees!


3. This breathing exercise:

If you would like to, try breathing in sync with this

If you would like to, try breathing in sync with this

4.  Knowing nothing lasts forever, including Donald Trump. Optimistically: This is the GOP’s last stand – with a country of women and immigrants growing – he can marginalize them further to keep his dwindling base or choose inclusion.

5. These voices:

Dr. Laura Popper:

I’m not moving to Canada or Switzerland – that’s for entitled people. I’m staying in America, our America, and standing strong for my beliefs. I grew up in the 1950’s in the shadow of HUAC and Joe McCarthy. The FBI tapped our phones and knocked on our door, to be sent away in disgrace by my awesome Mother. I was 15 and followed all over S.F. by agents. My father was hauled off in handcuffs because he defied HUAC. I experienced the panic of the Cuban Missle Crisis – the only time my father couldn’t and wouldn’t reassure me that we were not about to die. I was in college when JFK was murdered. Martin Luther King and RFK – bang, bang, dead. My friend Andy Goodman was murdered by the Klan in Philadelphia, Miss. I marched with other brave people into Montgomery, Ala… and Viola Liuzzo was slain. We survived Nixon and Watergate and George W Bush and Dick Cheney. America remains filled with racial hatred and lust – we didn’t change the world as much as we had thought – but the glory is in the struggle and the fight. The community you keep – the moral standards you live by.  Teach your children to be fighters and kind people.

Kevin Sessums;

There was no photo with the Obamas welcoming the Trumps to the White House as there usually is between the two presidential couples on days like today. I think Michelle must have put her foot down and didn’t want to put the imprimatur of approval on Trump’s ascension to the oval office. Her speeches during the end of the campaign made it clear she found him and his vulgar sexism and misogyny a personal affront to her and her children. She didn’t owe the country that photo op today. Indeed, I think what she owed the country was the absence of that photograph. There was more grace in its absence than the tacit approval that would have been on display in its existence.

Jen Hoffman;

This isn’t a mistake. This isn’t a freak accident.
And this certainly shouldn’t be a surprise. Ever since he took that first ride down the escalator, it was increasingly obvious that Donald Trump would win the election.
Don’t blame the polls. Don’t blame Gary Johnson, Jill Stein or 3rd party voters. Don’t blame Russian hackers.
The information was right in front of your face. Think about what you ignored:
– You ignored the fact that the polls were obviously and blatantly inaccurate because pollsters ignored disenfranchised voters
– You ignored the fact that the KKK no longer feels like they have to hide
– You ignored a “whitelash” against a black a President
– You ignored a “whitelash” against an increasingly Latinx population
– You ignored the fact that he will build a wall to literally divide us
– You ignored the fact that healthcare is a nightmare and only getting worse because healthcare companies and pharmaceutical companies own the current establishment
– You ignored the fact that a presidential candidate called our sitting president a Muslim terrorist from Kenya who founded ISIS
– THEN you ignored the fact that half of the country believed that our sitting president a Muslim terrorist from Kenya who founded ISIS and STILL thinks our current President is a Muslim with ISIS sympathy
– You ignored the fact that CNN allows Trump surrogates to tell blatant lies without cutting their mics and throwing them off the air
– You ignored Fox News because you think Fox News is stupid. Just bc something is stupid doesn’t mean it doesn’t have power
– You ignored Breitbart News and conservative talk radio even though the number of people who listen to that trounce people who read books or listen to public radio
– You ignored Brexit
– You ignored the fact that Trump called Mexicans criminals and rapists and still won the primary in a landslide
– You ignored the fact that most people in this country think immigrants ARE criminals and rapists despite zero data to support this generalization
– You ignored the fact that black people are murdered regularly in this country with impunity
– You ignored the fact that we call transgender people who want to use the bathroom of their choice creeps and rapists – while men who are accused of actual rape by multiple people walk free
– You ignored the fact that most rapists receive little to no jail time because women are still considered second class citizens
– You ignored the fact that Donald Trump says he does whatever he wants to women AND NO ONE CARED.
– You ignored the fact that people have blatant disdain and disgust for women who stand up for themselves and “act like men”
– You ignored the fact that people still openly mock and terrorize gay people
– You ignored the fact that older people think millennials are a liberal joke with zero reverence for hard work – despite the fact that older people destroyed the economy and millennial’s chance to know prosperity or stability
– You ignored what was done to Bernie Sanders
– You ignored the fact that Trump appeals to the masses – so he’d win the vote of the masses
– You ignored the fact that people are sick and tired of Washington and the same old bullshit
– You ignored everything on the internet, ever
If you are surprised, you aren’t as woke as you think.

Lola Rocknrolla:

We have now said as a country:

Black lives don’t matter
Brown lives don’t matter
LGBTQ lives don’t matter
Native American lives (and their land) don’t matter
Climate change is a hoax
Women’s bodies are objects
Hard work doesn’t pay
Bullies always get what they want
Wealth is king
Diplomacy is dead
Shouting is better than talking
Lying is better than truth
Putin and his policies of oppression
are fine
So is racism, sexism, xenophobia and sexual assault
Did I miss anything?

See Also

Sign me up for the fight.

Marisa Miller Wolfson;

These lines from Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan” come to mind this morning:

“And all who heard should see them there,
And all should cry, Beware! Beware!
His flashing eyes, his floating hair!
Weave a circle round him thrice,
And close your eyes with holy dread
For he on honey-dew hath fed,
And drunk the milk of Paradise.”

Anne Ortelee;

Check out the detail of the votes. In every state the votes given to the libertarian and green candidates were enough to have given the democrats the win. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  So that Saturn in Sadge trine Uranus in Aries starting in January will be the dismantling of Obamacare, repealing Roe v Wade, stopping gay marriage, appointing corporate federalist society Supreme Court and other federal court judges, dismantling civil rights, as well as privatizing social security, and ending Medicare and Medicaid. The Pluto return of the USA appears to be starting now!!
Saturn in any sign restricts the energy of the sign and we over compensate. On a mundane level, with no human consciousness, it goes to the deep low version of the sign. As Pluto is in the Taurus decant of Capricorn we have fixed energy repressing the fire sign of freedom, vision and values. The liberty and justice for all sign of Sagittarius as well as the courts who rule on the rights will be going low.
Certainly not every voter of green or libertarian hue would have voted democrat. Voter turnout was also WAY down – about 15 million from the last two elections. When you don’t vote, you lose.
So no blame. No victims. We played our hand as we freely chose. The votes are in. We are where we are. And we don’t have to stay where we are. Our progressed Saturn went retrograde for 80 years during the Bush administration. We’ve killed thousands, if not millions, of people around the world in our quest for oil and senseless wars. Time to answer and work with Saturn in an honest way. Saturn has come home. We get the leaders we deserve or earned until we clean up our mess, take responsibility for our actions and take back our country.
Light workers man and woman your battle stations!!! The time to start shining bright lights begins tonight!! The underworld of Pluto can’t stand the light. Shine so bright that they need sun glasses!!

6. This photo and caption from Living Blue In A Red State: