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Gift Wrap You’ll Never Stop Using

Gift Wrap You’ll Never Stop Using

The average American will spend approximately three hours wrapping holiday presents this year, but we are busier than ever before!  It doesn’t matter how little time you have, you’ll still want the gifts you give to be beautifully presented.  Check out this all-new, beautiful and innovative gift wrap that saves time for the busiest among us.  I actually get pissed when people give me gifts in traditional wrapping paper — ‘don’t you know better by now’ is all I can think as I open the gift.. really, was this necessary to kill a tree?

Gift Wrap You’ll Never Stop Using

Get hip to this new product;


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lilywrap literally pulls a gift together in just 30 seconds with a simple “set, cinch and tie” method. That’s right—no paper, no tape, no scissors—lovely presentation! With a built-in bow, its stretchy material fits snugly to a wide variety of shapes, giving us a stylish and convenient alternative for a custom-wrapped gift.

Equally important, lilywrap wraps are reusable and designed to appeal to the green-conscious consumer. Gift givers get bonus points for that!  Especially in my house.
Here’s exactly how it works;

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