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Elevate your Christmas Party with Event Planner Holiday Hacks

Elevate your Christmas Party with Event Planner Holiday Hacks

Emily Burton, an internationally-known celebrity wedding planner, event designer, producer, and prop stylist, shares her top hacks for throwing the best holiday party in town:

1. If you have limited space, try a  Christmas Tree with command hooks in the shape of a tree and hang your ornaments.

2. For a unique spin on Christmas Place Settings: Add some fresh cut foliage, like Magnolia leaves – you can also use the leaf as a place card and write your guests name on it.

3. A different Spin on dessert: Use pre-bought macaroons, add sucker sticks and create a snowman and milk flight or cocktail flight for something festive and fun.

4. Wrapping Party: Serve Cocktails + Desserts amongst friends for a wrapping party to tackle the holidays together. It’s always fun to bring in a monogram custom napkin to elevate the party.

5. Tropical Themed Christmas – Not into the typical Christmas colors? Enjoy a more eclectic look using tropical foliage forged and a mixture of fun textures and elements.

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6. Unique Tile Place Setting: Working on a home reno project? Tile sheets can make the most unique and beautiful charger-like place setting.

Photos: Tamara Gibson Photography

Photos on Tropical pictures 5 + 6: Izzy Hudgins Photography