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When Flour Meets Fur

Published on March 26, 2012 by   ·   25 Comments Pin It

There is much ado about Kim Kardashian being “flour bombed” this past week because of her (atrocious) fur wearing. Kimmy dear, flour is a pittance compared to the torturous, excruciating existence animals live and die on  fur farms.

The celebrities who usually mock her have been taking to twitter to “poor Kim” up the wazoo, yes, poor billionaire Kim… got a little flour on her perfect hair (that she brushed off in seconds)  but not the poor animals who were vaginally electrocuted, by the dozens, so she could wear ostentatious “fashions” that basically say “f* you” to her working class fans.  An average Kim K fur costs upwards of $30,000, more than what most Americans make per year.  But let’s keep saying “Poor Kim.”

Then there are the real compassionate types (cough) who say “Who care about animals? Leave Kim alone!” um.. we care about animals, because you don’t.  Animals are gods gift to the world, much like humans, not here to mistreat or abuse.  We don’t need fur coats, faux is just as luxe, and even the arctic explorers now wear synthetics for warmth.  Get with it.

Hey, Kimmy, here are real photos from fur farms.  If you can look at these and still not give a f*, you deserve to be bombed with flour at every event you go to til you get it. As writer Mikko Alanne tweeted; “Kim Kardashian’s gone to church to cope w/ being flour bombed. Skinning alive of animals for her endless vanity still no concern for her.”

If vanity is Kim’s sole purpose, let us remind her of the thousands of gorgeous kind beauties who would never ever ever wear fur; Natalie Portman, Pamela Anderson, Olivia Wilde, Emily Deschanel, Brigitte Bardot, Maggie Q, Eva Mendes, Christina Applegate, Persia White, and Kim’s very own sister Khloe!

Someone, please get Kim to really watch this video – this is what she (essentially America’s sweetheart – with the largest audience) promotes on the daily;

Today you can help by tweeting @KimKardashian letting her know what you think of her fur wearing and educating her (though PETA has reached out to her endless times and she has totally ignored them, further proving her heartlessness – she has been shown the footage and still doesn’t care.. leading us to wonder if she is a monster or a human?)

Applicably, our friend Jessica wrote us this note about her campaign, please support her big-hearted, kind efforts to end this hideous cruelty!

As most of you know, we’ve been running our INTERMIX: Please Go Fur Free campaign for about 5 months now. Our petition has over 32,000 signatures, we’ve had a few celebrities lend their voices/faces, we’ve hosted protests in LA, NY, DC, Chicago, & Miami, my blog posts about Intermix have thousands of comments/reposts, and yet we have still heard nothing from the company.


We chose to go after Intermix because they are known throughout the fashion world for being on top of current trends. If Intermix says something is in, people believe them. If Intermix says something (like fur) is horrific, people believe them. ( for a few of you who may not be too educated about the fur industry, here’s an intro from Stella McCartney)

What I’m asking is for you to do is sign our petition,  join our photo campaign if you haven’t already, and/or to ask your twitter followers to tweet @INTERMIX and ask them to stop selling fur.

I truly believe this is a winnable campaign, and I won’t stop until they stop.  Please, please, please help us save some lives and transform the industry.

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. themessenger says:

    there’s no excuse, no reason, no element of compassion or kindness involved when it comes to wearing fur. Kim and the like should be ashamed of themselves for sporting and supporting such a cruel and heartless industry. Got a little flour on you? Boohoo. Anyone who defends her is a traitor to their “god” and anyone who wears fur should take a good look at what goes into the making of their disgusting attire. Flour bomb them all, with electrically charged flour, every day for their poor privileged lives.

  2. Rasputina says:

    Only a cruel vile monster would support this industry. It’s SO easy to look FABULOUS without fur or leather… why on earth would you go out and choose to wear murder on your back? What a creep.

  3. Phoebe says:

    I’m a religious woman who knows GOD would NEVER want this worn in his/ her name!

  4. Victoria says:

    I am against wearing fur and leather and feathers. I am also against violence to other humans, and yes, this was an assault on Ms. Kardashian. There are other ways to get your message through that does not necessitate stooping to their violent mindset. What if there had been a harmful chemical in there? What is someone innocent had been hit? We can not use violence to get our message of non violence to animals across. WE have to be better than that. As Dr. King said:
    Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
    only light can do that.
    Hate cannot drive out hate;
    only love can do that.
    Hate multiplies hate,
    violence multiplies violence,
    and toughness multiplies toughness
    in a descending spiral of destruction….
    The chain reaction of evil —
    hate begetting hate,
    wars producing more wars —
    must be broken,
    or we shall be plunged
    into the dark abyss of annihilation.

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Strength To Love, 1963

    • Vanessa says:

      It’s not hate. It was actually light. Light thrown in the direction of millions of suffering animals and maybe a bit of flour opened eyes towards a reality most people don’t even know about: the cruel fur industry! It has created a dialog, for good or bad but it gave light to the issue! That’s always good! THAT is light in darkness!!!

  5. Our sentiments EXACTLY- reposted

  6. emma says:

    Hate will not inspire her to stop wearing fur, love will. This is an especially hateful post.

    • Phoebe says:

      How on EARTH do you figure this is hateful? The only hateful thing is KIM KARDASHIAN wearing fur!

    • melanie says:


      ok, but really. do you understand that you are actually validating everything that is wrong with kim kardashian? everything that is wrong with yuppies and their excruciatingly shallow lifestyles? she was FLOUR bombed. F-L-O-U-R. millions of animals are SKINNED ALIVE- how much love is involved in that? absolutely none. kim kardashian has absolutely ZERO compassion, and parades around wearing dead animals. and you’re going to justify that? you’re clearly reading the wrong blog.

    • themessenger says:

      I think you’re a little delusional. This post is not hateful, skinning animals for fashion is hateful. Throwing flour to make a statement to the public and the supporters of the fur industry, FAR from hateful. Why don’t we bend Kim K and her pals over and jam a high voltage prod up their vaginas, while they’re still alive of course because that’s hate and thats whats being done to these helpless creatures. Get a clue. Not saying violence is the way (and I do not consider what happened here violent) but I do agree that sometimes “by any means necessary” is well, necessary. Give Kimmy a kiss from me..

    • Vanessa says:

      Oh Emma! What world do you live in darling? Really? What do u suggest?

  7. Chloé Jo says:

    I’d go so far as to say we need to get back to a time where people are AFRAID to wear fur lest they get flour bombed or squirted with red paint! When ar activists were red painting furs in the 80s – fur wearing went TOTALLY out of style… people were scared to be seen in fur. It should be like that again. It was a “by any means necessary” campaign that worked. Nobody got hurt, furs got paint on them. So while this is aggressive action, fur wearing is far more violent!

    • Vanessa says:

      Yes! And the reason it s back in “style” is because the Chinese are the ain producers and like EVERYTHING else the Chinese produce, it’s CHEAPER. Try are pushing the fur market because they don’t have animal treatment regulations of any sort! It’s a disgrace! Let’s put it this way, fur is much cheaper than it used to be because of the Chinese, and now it’s available to everyone, before it was a huge luxury, only few people could afford to wear a fur, the production was less and the cost was higher. These people that wear fur wear it because it makes them feel rich, elite, luxurious….it’s an instant wearable status. Like a Rolex. So stupid. Bunch of wannabes. Unfortunately the suffering of millions of animals will continue unless these people realize what is trully behind the fur industry and show some compassion. How can people be selfish? Flour power! I’d ink her!

  8. Caitlin says:

    she is such a self-obsessed loser. nothing she has done matters and she shouldn’t be famous.

    for her to parade around in fur and leather is disgusting and shameful. to blow the flour bombing out of proportion is ridiculous. she’s probably too stupid to understand that she’s wearing tortured animals on her body.

  9. judy says:

    Don’t EVEN cite MLK in a post to do with a Kardashian OR murdering animals because NONE OF US can possibly know what the great lover of LIFE, MLK Jr. would think or do in 2012 when innocent, nonconsenting beings are having their fur ripped off of their living bodies so cunts like KK can WEAR them!! I am so over this story when every other Hollywood scum goes on morning tv to say what if it were a gun, what if it were a knife, what if it were acid blah, blah, blah! What if apples were oranges? How about we use this defense in court when someone gets into a fist fight, citing how the fists could’ve been a gun or knife. It wasn’t acid, a knife, or a gun it was a HARMLESS baking material that inconvienenced her for 10 minutes.
    All of you lovers here who want to get through to her with love, go ahead. Report back to us how far you get and how that goes. She’s a monster and so is ANYONE who will wear, manufacture or condone fur use, other then by the living being who was created to wear it on their body!!!.

  10. Blair says:

    After reading the posts, I don’t flour bombing was the answer. Of course it doesn’t hurt anyone. But it probably pissed Kim off, and in spite of it, she’ll probably continue to wear fur. Too bad a thoughtful discussion can’t be used to persuade her. I know being bagged with flour wouldn’t get me to change my mind on a particular subject.

    • Vanessa says:

      Because she has the heart the size of a pea and an ego the size of a mountain. She will now take the stance of not taking a step down just to prove that she will do as she pleases. It takes a great mind and great character to be humble and admit when your wrong. She doesn’t have either.

  11. lizzie says:

    I agree with Blair…
    on a personal note ..I’m against bullying of all sorts period…and to me this is bullying just because you post all the facts doesn’t mean a person will change what they want to wear physically harassing a person won’t make them change either it will only make more animals suffer….

    @ Chloe Jo maybe it was in certain areas that people were afraid to wear fur….but not where I live at….there was never a time where a woman was afraid to wear a fur coat…

  12. I agree with everyone’s commments-what folks often forget is when you start killing/abusing animals….it often leads to doing the same to people i.e. Jared Lee Loughner was kicked out of an animal shelter for not following the rules before he shot Gabrielle Gifford…

  13. Emma says:

    First of all I don’t appreciate being called delusional. Also I hate that Kim Kardashian is wearing fur and I think it’s wrong. But this article was so aggressive I really don’t think it will spark Kim to stop wearing fur. Even as someone who loves animals. I think this article went just a little beyond what was needed. Although there were some very good points in it.l

  14. TIMMY says:

    so i guess i should go bomb PETA headquarters and kill all u hippies cause peta pisses me off. That is the message you are sending and people dont like it. It doesnt matter if you dont like fur what kim did is legal what u did is not simple as that. and anyways stfu cause peta kills more animals than someone wearing fur did.

  15. Vanessa says:

    I support your article completely. Fur free for life!

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