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Truth In Advertising: TV Ads We Actually Want To Watch

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Three newly launched Mercy For Animals commercials serve serious food for thought – exposing the cruel plight farmed animals endure on factory farms before being turned into burgers, nuggets, or pork chops;

You’re rushing through the fast-food drive-thru grabbing your lunch. As you reach for your cheeseburger, blood begins to gush from the bag – onto your hands and car seat. Yes, blood.

The experience would be disturbing, right? I bet you’d never look at a burger the same way again.

The sobering truth is that the hidden ingredient in burgers and chicken nuggets are unspeakable acts of cruelty to animals.

Every year, billions – that’s right, billions – of farmed animals are crammed in tiny, filthy cages where they can hardly move. They have their bodies cut, burned, and mutilated without even as much as a drop of painkiller. They are beaten, abused, and neglected. And, in the end, they shake in fear as they wait their turn to have their throats slit at the slaughterhouse.

Each and every one of these animals is an intelligent, sensitive, and loving individual – no different than our dogs or cats.

Yet, the brutality they endure takes place out of sight and out of mind from most Americans.

But a brand new Mercy For Animals television advertising campaign is about to change all of this – bringing consumers face-to-face with the harsh reality animals suffer before becoming breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Today, MFA is launching an ambitious national ad campaign – consisting of three groundbreaking television advertisements – that will air from coast-to-coast on MTV. Over the next month, the chilling spots will be viewed millions of times.

Any compassionate American would be horrified to see how farmed animals are abused on giant factory farms and in slaughterhouses. But too few know the truth.

MFA’s new ad campaign throws open the doors of factory farms – shining a bright national spotlight on the animals suffering in silence within. In doing so, we move toward inspiring millions of consumers to choose kindness over cruelty by choosing vegetarian – preventing cruelty and sparing countless lives in the process. The abuses animals endure on factory farms and in slaughterhouses thrive in secrecy. By placing powerful ads exposing the hidden costs of meat – animal abuse – side-by-side with those for KFC, McDonald’s, and Burger King – we can begin to change the tide for farmed animals in America.

You can help keep these ads on the airways, reaching millions of MTV viewers, by making a tax-deductible donation to MFA.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. YES YES AND YES SOME MORE! I went vegetarian bc of my dedication to pitbull rescue, and I adore my dog that the thought of his ever being hurt makes me so sad–I step on his little tail and I feel like a criminal.

    And it got me to thinking/feeling like a hypocrite bc I was eating other animals with no thought to how they were being treated and what kind of pain they endured before arriving on my plate, and I realized that being ill equipped to raise and/or kill my own food, then I shouldn’t eat it!

    Now a proud vegan, I hope these ads will help other people have the ah ha moment that will bring them to the same conclusion! Make a donation to Mercy For Animals today!

  2. […] the amazing glamazons over at Girlie Girl Army had a great post today on a new campaign airing on MTV by Mercy For Animals. The link on the blog leads to a YouTube video of three television spots, combining some staged […]

  3. Liz says:

    Wow – I have to say that I am still technically an omnivore (considering a vegetarian / vegan lifestyle) and these ads are incredibly powerful and moving. I think they are the right way forward for the future. There is no sense in having an “ignorance is bliss” approach to topic of eating meat. EVeryone’s entitled to make their own choices, but not everyone is getting the necessary information to do that. Hopefully these ads are the start of a way for people to be more aware.

  4. Liz says:

    sorry – Meant to say ‘still technically a CARNIVORE’! maybe it was a freudian slip telling me I want to go over to the green side?

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