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New Gut Wrenching Footage Of How Your Cheese Comes To Be

New Gut Wrenching Footage Of How Your Cheese Comes To Be

Got misery? Milk does. In a new gut-wrenching hidden-camera video captured by a Mercy For Animals investigator, it is once again revealed how rampant animal abuse is within the dairy industry – and how inherently unnatural and cruel the entire cycle of “production” is.

At Andrus Farms in Wisconsin—a dairy supplier to Great Lakes Cheese, one of the largest cheese producers in the world—an MFA investigator secretly documented:

  • Workers using pruning shears to cut through the sensitive skin, nerves, and tailbones of cows without any painkillers
  • A “downed” cow kicked and beaten, forcefully sprayed in her face and nostrils with a waterhose, and dragged by a rope around her neck
  • Workers viciously kicking and punching cows in their faces and bodies, beating them with rakes, and stabbing animals with sharp objects
  • Sick or injured cows suffering from open wounds, infections, and serious injuries left to suffer without proper veterinary care

If you eat dairy, you owe to yourself as an informed consumer and person with a heart to view the below footage.  From there, consider dairy alternatives health and environmental benefits – not to mention the agony we save these sentient beings every time we reach for a slice of artisan made cashew cheese over a slab of cheddar.

In addition to the inherent cruelty of exploiting animals for milk, every single undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals at dairy factory farms across the country has exposed widespread and sadistic acts of animal abuse.

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While individual consumers can withdraw their financial support from the cruel dairy industry by choosing plant-based alternatives to milk and cheese, Mercy For Animals is also calling on Great Lakes Cheese to immediately implement meaningful animal welfare policies and oversight to prevent malicious animal abuse throughout its entire dairy supply chain.

Please, take a moment to sign the petition to Great Lakes Cheese here. For dairy alternatives, simply visit your local health food store and view the many isles of milks and cheeses ethically made from plant-based sources.