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Yet another reason to love Farm Sanctuary;

In March, Farm Sanctuary rescued six male Holstein calves who were abandoned and left to die at a farm in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. On the verge of death, the cows were seized by the local SPCA and subsequently transported to a veterinary hospital by Farm Sanctuary’s emergency response team. Under the watchful and caring eyes of their New York shelter staff, the calves have made major strides over the past several weeks. Their sickliness and frailty have been replaced by curiosity, affection and joy. Incredibly playful, Filipe and Teddy are the strongest of the group and have become inseparable.   Jasper and Sasha had the toughest road back to health, but now they are thriving. Amigo and Poncho have grown very close over the past few months and are very social.

We have enjoyed assisting in their miraculous triumph over cruelty and now it is your chance to help. The time has come to find the calves forever homes where they can be the playful, happy cows they are and live out the rest of their natural lives, free of the suffering they once endured.

Adoptions take place through the Farm Sanctuary Farm Animal Adoption Network (FAAN). If you are vegetarian or vegan and have the ability and resources to take a pair of these cows home, please click through to the following website for more information.   If you have the land, the heart, and the love of animals that we think you do.. you’ll jump at the chance to share your space with these gentle giants.

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  1. Ash Boot says:

    Wow I read about it, but to be honest I never watched any picture of it, it was truly a serious event, the climate its changing very rapidly around the world, maybe the 2012 premonition is true.

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