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Cruelty Exposed! A Breaking Undercover Investigation Into A Dairy Farm

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Happy cows?   Hell no! Chilling undercover footage recorded during a new Mercy For Animals investigation exposes dairy farm workers sadistically abusing cows and young calves.   Is this worth your (totally fattening and unhealthy) glass of milk?

Captured on hidden camera, the shocking scenes of abuse reveal a culture of cruelty at Conklin Dairy Farms in Plain City, Ohio.

During a four-week investigation between April and May, MFA’s investigator documented farm workers:

  • Violently punching young calves in the face, body slamming them to the ground, and pulling and throwing them by their ears
  • Routinely using pitchforks to stab cows in the face, legs and stomach
  • Kicking “downed” cows (those too injured to stand) in the face and neck – abuse carried out and encouraged by the farm’s owner
  • Maliciously beating restrained cows in the face with crowbars – some attacks involving over 40 blows to the head
  • Twisting cows’ tails until the bones snapped
  • Punching cows’ udders
  • Bragging about stabbing, dragging, shooting, breaking bones, and beating cows and calves to death

After viewing the footage, Dr. Bernard Rollin, distinguished professor of animal science at Colorado State University, stated: “This is probably the most gratuitous, sustained, sadistic animal abuse I have ever seen. The video depicts calculated, deliberate cruelty, based not on momentary rage but on taking pleasure through causing pain to cows and calves who are defenseless.

Immediately upon completion of the investigation, Mercy For Animals contacted the City Prosecutor’s Office of Marysville regarding the ongoing pattern of abuse at Conklin Dairy Farms. MFA is pushing for employees of the facility to be criminally prosecuted for violating Ohio’s animal cruelty laws.

The deplorable conditions uncovered at Conklin Dairy Farms highlight the reality that animal agriculture is incapable of self-regulation and that meaningful federal and state laws must be implemented and strengthened to prevent egregious cruelty to farmed animals.

Although many of the abuses documented at Conklin Dairy Farms are sadistic in nature, numerous MFA undercover investigations at dairy farms, pig farms, egg farms, hatcheries and slaughterhouses have revealed that violence and abuse to farmed animals – whether malicious or institutionalized – runs rampant nationwide.

We hope compassionate consumers   will end their direct financial support of farmed animal abuse by rejecting dairy, and other animal products, and adopting a vegan diet.   Want more info on why we’d rather eat glass than dairy? Use our search engine and pop in ‘dairy’ for more on why an ethical glamazon goes for soy, hemp, almond, or rice milk instead!

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Readers Comments (21)

  1. […] ***The GirlieGirl Army*** » Blog Archive » Cruelty Exposed! A Breaking Undercover Investigation In……king-undercover-investigation-into-a-dairy-farm/ – view page – cached Happy cows? Hell no! Chilling undercover footage recorded during a new Mercy For Animals investigation exposes dairy farm workers sadistically abusing cows and young calves. Is this worth your (totally fattening and unhealthy) glass of milk? Tweets about this link Topsy.Data.Twitter.User[‘spacemanatee’] = {“photo”:””,”url”:””,”nick”:”spacemanatee”}; spacemanatee: “RT @GirlieGirlArmy: Cruelty Exposed! A Breaking Undercover Investigation Into A Dairy Farm: ” 7 minutes ago retweet Topsy.Data.Twitter.User[‘marykaymanfeed’] = {“photo”:””,”url”:””,”nick”:”marykaymanfeed”}; marykaymanfeed: “Cruelty Exposed! A Breaking Undercover Investigation Into A Dairy Farm: Happy cows?   Hell no! Chilling undercover … ” 27 minutes ago retweet Topsy.Data.Twitter.User[‘girliegirlarmy’] = {“photo”:””,”url”:””,”nick”:”girliegirlarmy”}; girliegirlarmyHighly Influential: “Cruelty Exposed! A Breaking Undercover Investigation Into A Dairy Farm: ” 28 minutes ago retweet Filter tweets […]

  2. krissy says:

    This is heartbreaking. I don’t know how anyone could do that to an animal as sweet as a cow. For people who eat dairy, cows are like our second mothers. This just shows an anti social personality, someone who would stab in the back someone who gives them life. In this economy so many people are out of work, yet creeps like these have jobs?

  3. Chastity says:

    I’m getting shivers. Not because at how horrendous this is but because I am touched that the truth is getting much louder and harder to ignore.

  4. Beverly says:

    Thank you Girlie Girl. It’s about time people get a reality check on what REALLY goes on in the dairy industry. This amount of cruelty is heartbreaking. But even the dairies that do meet state standards and aren’t “cruel” to these animals are far from ethical. I live in central california, where the highest standards for dairy products are enforced, and turst me, these are not happy cows. After finding out how much crap (literally) is in a glass of milk, I banned it from my diet forever. Human beings are the only animal that practices the regular consumption of another species’ milk. A baby drinks it’s mommy’s milk, be it human, cow, goat, pig, dog, etc. and then they STOP. So why do humans continue to drink another animals milk that’s meant to nourish a baby 3 times the size of a human? It makes no sense. MILK is for COWS.

  5. What I don’t get is that we cannot treat our house pets like this, for we would be fined and or thrown in jail. but if we treat our soon to be food like that, it is all well and good.

    I don’t think so.

  6. Farm Sanctuary Issues Statement on Graphic Undercover Video of Abuse at an Ohio Dairy Farm

    Gene Baur, President and Co-founder of Farm Sanctuary: This video should be an eye-opener to anyone still unsure of what all the fuss is about concerning the treatment of farm animals in Ohio.

    WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. Gene Baur, President and Co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization, today issued the following statement about the disturbing undercover video showing wanton animal abuse at an Ohio dairy farm in Union County, west of Columbus, that was obtained by the animal protection group Mercy For Animals. The footage shows workers beating cows in the face with crowbars, stabbing them with pitchforks, breaking their tails, and punching, throwing and kicking calves.

    This video should be an eye-opener to anyone still unsure of what all the fuss is about concerning the treatment of farm animals in Ohio. The cruel and violent behavior depicted in the video is indicative of an attitude that sees farm animals as mere production units, rather than as living, feeling animals. Undercover investigations at farms in Ohio and elsewhere routinely turn up instances of systemic cruelty. Farm Sanctuary has witnessed these cruelties on farms firsthand.

    Bad has become normal on today’s farms as workers brag and gloat about torturing animals and agribusiness leaders insist that it’s humane to keep animals confined in cages so small that they can’t walk, turn around, or even stretch their limbs.

    Conklin Dairy, the subject of Mercy For Animals’ investigation, asserts that its farm operates according to high standards, but the video shows that they operate by a different set of standards than most Americans. The cruelty and violent behavior that is now common on farms where animals are seen as commodities is outside the boundaries of acceptable conduct in our society.

    Most people oppose animal cruelty, and Ohioans now have an important opportunity to prevent animal suffering in their state. Citizens are now collecting signatures to place a measure on the Ohio ballot to enact modest reforms and protect farm animals. It’s a positive step in the right direction for Ohioans who feel justifiably outraged by the abuse at Conklin Dairy Farms.

    If you would like to speak with Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, a leading supporter of Ohioans For Humane Farms, please contact Meredith Turner at 646-369-6212 or

    About Farm Sanctuary
    Farm Sanctuary is the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization. Since incorporating in 1986, Farm Sanctuary has worked to expose and stop cruel practices of the “food animal” industry through research and investigations, legal and institutional reforms, public awareness projects, youth education, and direct rescue and refuge efforts. Farm Sanctuary shelters in Watkins Glen, N.Y., and Orland, Calif., provide lifelong care for hundreds of rescued animals, who have become ambassadors for farm animals everywhere by educating visitors about the realities of factory farming. Additional information can be found at or by calling 607-583-2225.

    Follow Farm Sanctuary on Twitter:

  7. This is so heartbreaking. I will never understand why or how humans can be so cruel to helpless animals. This is exactly why I went vegan 5 years ago and have not looked back since. So incredibly sad.

  8. Jimmy Allen says:

    A vegan diet is fine, very fine!
    We are one! So look at this part of yourself (one) that is doing this and change it. You create the world in which you live and experience. You can change it. Take responsibility for your role in creating this abuse.
    There are also many beautiful people raising and nurturing animals and loving them as themselves with high integrity. Perhaps you can create a more positive world by focusing on what is positive. Focus on solutions. Vegan is not a solution. It is great, but not a solution. What you focus on is what you get.
    Peace to all life ~

  9. Tricia says:

    Wow, in a bad way. If this isn’t eye-opening for people then I really do not know what else can jog them out of their mindless stupors!!

  10. I am not a vegan, nor will I ever be a vegan. I have tried, my body is not healthy without animal protein.
    However! I also elect to only eat meat that has been locally grown (usually by myself, family, and neighbors) and is allowed to roam the pasture, eat the grass, and enjoy its life. The animals are loved and enjoyed. They are a part of my food chain and respected for that.
    What happened in Ohio happens far too often elsewhere, that is just one of the reasons for being SO picky about where my food comes from.

  11. Elizabeth Bailey says:

    It is easy to say that by adopting a vegan diet, we can stop the abuse, but the reality is that only two percent of people living in the United States have any direct tie to agriculture, making it difficult for most to know anything about the way farms are run.
    There is NO excuse for abusing animals, and measures should be taken to prevent it, but as Hannah Hawley noted, there are people who love and enjoy their animals. Why should their business be destroyed because of other farmers acting reprehensibly?
    Perhaps part of the problem is also tied in with the fact that dairy farmers are receiving a price for their product that falls significantly below what it costs them to produce it. Perhaps it becomes difficult to continue acting in a positive manner when society does not value the labor that goes into raising our food – be it animal or plant.
    There are environmental atrocities being carried out by grain farmers as well – people who do not care for their soil and cause erosion and pollution. Do we stop eating grain, too? Where does it stop?
    We need to stop oversimplifying the problems and look at them for the complex systems they are – both when it comes to our food and our world as a whole.

  12. Cute~Ella says:

    As someone who grew up in a farming community in Upstate NY, I can honestly say that not all farms treat their animals in such a horrid way. This group needs to be sanctioned and individuals punished, but please do not stand there and say that all farmers treat their cattle this way. I know firsthand that it simply is not true.

  13. Noelle says:

    This is so so sad. I actually shed a tear, I have never seen cruelty like this in my life!… I would like to point out – that this is a group of very very evil, nasty and cruel men. I am not vegan and probably will never be, but I am a MAJOR animal lover. I live in a farming environment & every farmer I no loves and cares for their animals & take great pride in their work. Please don’t paint the above picture for all farm workers. – THIS TYPE OF IMMORALITY NEEDS TO STOP!!

  14. This is disgusting but thank you for sharing it. This is exactly why I am Vegan and proud.

    These people should be made to stare into the eyes of the animal so they can see that deep inside we are all the same.

  15. […] 17, 2010 go this blog entry, right now. I mean that with every ounce of my […]

  16. Estela says:

    Oh my god. I just can’t understand this. Iam so ashmed to be a human. All the people who abuse animals, they disgust me.
    Like I always say KARMA IS A B*TCH. What comes around comes around.

    I hope this people in this video will get what they diserved very soon.

  17. Matt says:

    The video has made me sick. I never expected it to be so horrible. I am a dairy farmer. We milk 100 cows. They graze 250 acres in the summer and are never hit. Why would anyone hit a cow? If they get even slightly upset (washing with a pine scented cleaner is a no no) they won’t let their milk down.

    One point about dairying you might not be aware of. Cows graze on land that is too steep be used for grains or vegetables. Cows utilize something that would otherwise be useless.

  18. Johanne says:

    OMG! Fucking idiots! I hope and I know that karma will come to these guys some day! Poor cows! :(

  19. […] share what they learn, it shows up in Google reader, and we are all privy to information such as mistreatment of dairy cows or of free-range chickens (warning: the cow video is not for the light of heart). Although I’ve […]

  20. tish ciravolo says:

    tucked into the category of how much i hate people that hurt animals…… those poor animals are helpless…makes me sad. hope justice is delivered just as hard and painful.

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