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What is a Hipsterlebrity?

What is a Hipsterlebrity?

What is a Hipsterlebrity you ask?   Most likely they are not on E! every night and rarely in the tabloid rags, but you know who they are.   They can get a table at the hottest restaurant, but probably wouldn’t be caught dead there. They have beards, tattoos, wear vintage, and most likely rock a plant-based diet.   Some Hipsterlebrities you may know (just so we are clear on the type): Natalie Portman, Karen O, Zoe Deschanel, Justin Theroux, anyone in a (real) rock indie band.. ya catch our drift.

You either want to gawk at their laissez faire/ dreamy fashion sense, sleep with them, or have them model your newest line of tee shirts… whatever your flavor, go holla at this rare breed this Friday in Los Angeles at our friend Laban Pheidias event at his 2headedhorse Headquarters in Echo Park. Start out the night by watching   “Whale Wars,” see tons of amazing “opa” inspired art, dance to live music by Rocco Deluca, El Douje, and the Petrojvic Blasting Company, hang out in the gypsy wagon (yep, a real one), drink some vodka transphusions, and eat some vegan eastern european grub (it’s a real deal potluck, so cook n’ dress to impress!) Opa!

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