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Adam Lambert is a Gay Jew, Of Course He Lost.

Published on May 23, 2009 by   ·   20 Comments Pin It

American Idol is usually the last thing we would watch on TV, but when someone sent us a clip of the glorious Adam Lambert killin’ some old school rock songs in a totally new way, we became insta-fans.   His loss was a sharp reminder of America’s deep seeded biases.   Did Adam Lambert lose for being the worse singer?   Surely nobody with a decent set of ears could deny him having a far superior voice to Kris (the winner).   Did he lose for being Gay?   We happen to think so.   We asked man about town James Costa for a report live from the Finale and after party in Los Angeles.   Here’s what he told us:

Groundhog Day at Idol. Why does it keep happening? Why does America choose mediocre over greatness? I was at American Idol Finale and afterparty and felt like I was living a bad dream over and over.   There were many times where I wanted to yell out, “How the fuck did this happen?!” I have been an Adam fan all season. I was never a big fan of the show until I saw this guy belt out songs in versions I never expected them to be sung in. They would send chills down my spine.   When I saw the reaction to Adam on blogs, mags , and TV shows I thought to myself “America will get it and vote this guy as the next American Idol!”

Who cares if he likes guyliner and black nail polish!? So do tons of straight rockers. Why should Adam be treated any differently? Boy was I wrong. The old expression about Americans comes to be true once again. Never underestimate Americans, but also never overestimate them. What was the big fear Americans had in voting for Adam and making him the next American Idol. Was the world going to end if he won, would God strike us all dead, would the manhood of American men turn to mush? I know there are all kind of conspiracy theories out there of why Adam lost.

Hes the true winner in our eyes.

He's the true winner in our eyes.

The one I think is most true is that you had Gokey fans who were mad that he lost and if they had to punish anybody it was going to be Adam. He was an easy target. His sexuality was not clear (read: Gay), he was a glamrocker, a Jew, and he could sing the pants off anybody on that stage. He was the ultimate threat to America’s manhood. So those votes, combined with the Kris fans (mediocrity defined!), and the religious right who have nothing better to do but spend their time making people who don’t believe what they do as miserable as possible gave Kris the edge. Adam just had his fans, with no hidden agendas, who just though he was the best singer.   Which he is. Kinda tragic if you really think about. Are there so many Americans out there who are so frustrated with their lives that they take it out on the most talented guy in a singing competition? Anyway, I’m glad it’s all over but I fear that next year will be more of the same except the damage has already been done to American Idol. The bloggers are wild with threats of never watching the show again. I have to agree with them. I’m not sure if I can ever watch the show again. Until Americans grow up and get over their sexual identity issues we are doomed to repeat our past mistakes in who we vote for.

James Costa is a writer, producer, and animal welfare activist who resides in Los Angeles. He is also a board member of The Hunts Point Alliance in The Bronx, as well as an Advisory Member of the Sabre Foundation, a worldwide book donation program.

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Readers Comments (20)

  1. Calypso says:

    Viva Adam!! The other dude blew.

  2. Elaine says:

    I think another HUGE issue in explaining why Adam lost is how the voting happens. It is not, unfortunately, one vote per person. One website I saw estimated that Arkansas alone (Kris’ homestate) cast 38 million votes — that’s approzimately 10 per Arkansas resident. Even if we don’t assume that all Arkansas people voted for Kris (though most probably did), we can easily see how skewed the results were. Of course, Adam supporters probably did the same thing. I wish there were a way to make sure that people could only vote once. Kris, though he seems like a very likeable guy, is simply not the caliber singer of Adam, OR Danny OR Allison. America made mistakes, in my opinion, in each of the last four weeks. Kris should have never been in the top three, let alone the top two.

    As an aside, I’m not a hard rock fan. But Adam mesmerized me. When you can make somebody want to buy your album EVEN WHEN the type of music is not your taste, you are really talented!!

    I couldn’t care less about his religious or sexual identity, but I am sure that both matter a great deal to many Americans. How unfortunate!

  3. Elaine says:

    I do know that “approximately” is spelled with an “x” and not a “z.”

  4. Russ says:

    Here’s why he lost:

    Kris Allen has fuckability as judged by 13 year olds. Right now they might want non-threatening hamsters like Kris, but when they’re older, they’ll be ready for a big gay stallion like Adam Lambert.

  5. Dove says:

    I’m mad that Adam lost too, and before that I was mad that Danny didn’t make it into the top 2. I think the majority of voters are 13-18 year old girls, and Adam appeals to a little older crowd. It sucks that he lost, but he’ll definitely go on to make a much better album with fewer restrictions on his image. Look at Chris Daughtry – he didn’t win (got knocked out WAY too soon) but he still won in the long run. I think we’ll be seeing Adam Lambert for years to come, and I can’t WAIT to see what he does with the music.

  6. Catherine M says:

    Please, as unfortunate as it is to for Adam to not have one, it is also a blessing.

    He will still receive the exposure that he needs to pursue his own music career, plus a record deal.

    The last thing that Adam, as a true legitimate performer, needs is the “american idol” title attached to him. If he wants to be a true rocker, he needs the credibility and sorry, AI does not give it.

    Adam will be fine and extremely successful.

  7. Susann says:

    Personally I don’t think that Adam got voted out as the winner because people don’t like his singing, or for being gay, if he really is, it is just a matter of commercial taste and in this case Kris has indeed a larger audience, especially after Danny G left the house as he and Kris were more similar in style, so Kris took over the fan votes of Danny. Of course Adam is the superior singer, but the majority of the voters are not rock fans that appreciate the classical KISS, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Queen etc, but a bunch of teenage girls and boys who feel that Kris is closer to them in all manners. He is just ‘easier’ to the taste of the masses, and it is indeed the MASSES that votes. However, Kris is a fling, Adam is here to stay and become not only and Idol, but an ICON!! Rock on dude!! And never change for any reason, unless it’s a personal choice!! We lova ya!! (and we like Kris too, but not in the same category)

    Signing off!! Suz

  8. SG says:

    I think an assumption of homophobia is absurd. The primary voters for this show are probably a bunch of little girls. Who could be more delicious to a 13 yo girl than that adorable Kris Allen? Adam made it to the finals on his talent and if America was such a bunch of homophobes, he would never even have made it that far. Adam is amazingly talented but Kris has the makings of a teen idol. They will both be successful. Namaste.

  9. Jason says:

    The assumption of homophobia is absurd, SG? I don’t think so. The evangelicals had an email campaign going around with pictures of Adam kissing guys and wearing outrageous makeup under the headlline, “Do you really want this to be your next American Idol?” I think it proves (AGAIN) how split America is culturally. (And on a separate note, I know a fair amount of gay men whose own internalized homophobia made them uncomfortable with Adam’s self-expression.) Nonetheless, I rarely buy music, but I’ll buy Adam’s. Yo. . .gotta support the community!

  10. Shelly says:

    He could have lost for many reasons – maybe his fans did not vote because of the assumption that he was going to win anyway (Dancing with the stars anyone?), maybe it was homophobia, or simply taste. Yes, there were protest against Adam because of his assumed sexuality, but I’d hate to play the “gay” card.

    Either way Adam is a talented (and so is the other guy…) and he’ll get a record deal sooner than later.

    and please, let us remember that American Idol is not the arbiter of good taste. There have been plenty of “winners” on the show who were voted by the public, but have poor record sales and are seemingly unpopular.

  11. Heddet Goodrich says:

    I agree with the article and I am so disgusted that such a talented and quite handsome gay/straight or whatever man did not win. He was fabulous and kept the attention of America. we wiated every week with baited breath to se what he would sing and he was just amazing. I am 57 years old and I found him to be one of the best if not the best performers on american Idol. I too feel like boycotting the show and maybe I will. I also feel the judges would have declared adam the winner so I feel the American vote should count but only as one third of the vote and the judges should count as the two third vote. It is a shame that america is so prejudiced.

  12. I agree, but has anyone from California won? It seems like everyone who wins is from a southern state.
    Like you stated, there are alot of rockers that wear black nail polish and have makeup. Look at KISS who is all costumed out, no one says anything about them.

  13. Angela says:

    I don’t think it’s productive to assume that Adam lost because of his sexuality. Many articles and websites have drawn this conclusion (e.g. “Apparently America was just not ready/willing to support a gay Idol”), but I think that the fact that he almost won the show goes to prove how accepting Americans were of him. I was so disappointed that he lost that I did find some temporary comfort in consipiracy theories about the flawed voting system or the evangelical takeover. But in the end, I think that using this TV show to draw conclusions about the strength of American anti-gay intolerance is probably inaccurate and overly discouraging. Of course there is plenty of intolerance in our culture, but I would prefer to view Adam’s success on this show as an example of increasing acceptance of gay and gender-bending performers rather than assume that his loss proves the strength of American hatred.

  14. Jamie C says:

    I know we all would like to assume that his sexuality had nothing to do with it but Chris Daughtry proves that it did. He was asked by a reporter who he liked between Kris and Adam ( Daughtry is the tough rocker guy who who lost to the aww shucks guys Taylor Hicks.) Guess who he picked…Kris! Are you kidding me! He picked him because even though rocker guys are supposed to stick together, God forbid he would alienate his Southern based audience and pseudo-rocker fans. If Queen and Kiss were willing to play with Adam than Chris should have done the right thing and said Adam. I’m not saying he didn’t have the right to choose Kris, I’m just saying he should have had some empathy for Adam knowing he could lose to the aww schucks guy, Kris Allen.

  15. Jenni says:

    Fuck America and their boring ass Idol. Adam is a fine-ass homo glam rocker with more make-up than Cher and I will support his music with or without America’s blessing.

  16. Bitch Review says:

    Here’s the deal. I am a socially liberal member of the entertainment industry – I have stuck up for and defended gays to family, friends, strangers and anyone who will listen for years now. I don’t think Adam losing American Idol was an anti-gay referendum – at least not in this case – the same way I feel David Letterman losing the ratings battle to Jay Leno every night is anti-Dave. In both cases, the superior talent has a smaller audience because, let’s face it, the majority of America prefers safe, bland, and a non-challenging form of entertainment. Little girls decide who wins American Idol, and the little girls were more comfortable with the non-threatening, nice, married guy – as opposed to the more challenging, dangerous rocker with the black fingernails. That’s all it is. Don’t worry – Adam didn’t need the Idol title* (*See Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Taylor Hicks, David Cook, et al.) He can write his own destiny, and he’ll do it brilliantly. And by the way, his grace in “defeat” spoke volumes about the kind of man he is.

  17. Lisa says:

    wait, he’s jewish? Oh well to hell with it all now! It was bad enough he was gay and dressing in drag and now this?

    People are stupid, or tone deaf, if personal life was left out of the competition, and only trained music professionals were allowed to vote for the winner I think the results would have been drastically different. I love Adam, so what if he’s gay, so what if he screams? I mean the sad fact is that teenage girls are freaked out by the trench coat, the glamrock and the black hair that they don’t even listen to how he sings, all they care about is how hot the guys are. These are also the ones who think the Jonas Brothers and Miley cyrus are the best singers in America…. I shudder at the thought of what has happened to good music.

    Did you hear that Queen is inquiring Adam to be their new lead singer? Can’t be anything better than that. It’s queen! :) Adam’s a winner in my heart! :D

  18. N.T. says:

    It bothers me that it has been reduced to Adam loosing because he is a Gay Jew. How about Adam lost because maybe people who hate American Idol decided to dial in for the other guy? Why does the race, sexual orientation, or religion always seem to be people’s first answer as to why?

  19. Missy says:

    Um, Chris ROCKed and was not over the fuckin top (like Adam) which is why he won. End of story.

  20. Emily says:

    i regret not watching the last few weeks of idol. i still have a crush on kelly pickler from the one season i watched. nice blog title gga. we live in america… we elected george bush for 8 years.

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