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Tips To Find The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

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With Mother’s Day nipping at your precious heels, we asked Gift Giving Expert Jennifer Pete to share her tricks to buying your Mammazon just what she’s been dreaming of (besides a hot oil massage by Fabio).

When I think of a perfect gift, I think of something that taps into the details of the occasion and recipient. In the same way I don’t prefer cards with someone else’s preprinted sentiment; I don’t enjoy hitting the Him/ Her/ Romance/ Just Because options on a large retailers website. I start asking myself questions that lead to clues, that tops it all off with something super sentimental or unexpected and lots of “How did you know’s”?. It doesn’t even need to be an intimate relationship for me to apply this gift giving method. It works for that first meeting dinner party, or a colleague or the random wedding invite for someone who I haven’t seen since I was 10. Of course, it gets to a whole other level if I have shared time and experiences with this person. Then I can take an actual moment and connect it to some “thing” that I can wrap up in parchment paper tied with a shade of color that suits them best.

How do I do this? Two ways really, being tuned in to what’s happening around me and jotting things down when they pop up. Are those funky tights peaking out from under those sleepy taupe trousers? What was that random mention about imported chocolate? Is that book they are reading new, used, from the library, fiction or not?

Clues can be found everywhere:

  • Desks
  • Screensavers
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Accessory choices (or the lack of)
  • Colors people chose to wrap themselves in
  • Stamps in passports
  • Magazines in bathrooms, coffee table contents, night stands accoutrement
  • Choice of cocktail consumption
  • Certainly in conversations-from deep to passing

The clues keep changing and are always there; you just have to be open to them and refuse to just go through the gift giving motion. One of the next big gift occasions for most of us is Mother’s Day. I’ve put some ideas together to get your juices going. Don’t have a dime to spend this year? No worries, I’ve got that covered too.

For the Hostess With The Mostest Mama

Ice Milk Aprons Heirloom Kit: Each comes with a heritage tag to stitch your initials, a set of recipe cards, custom monogram and either in full length or short apron. These delights can be passed down forever! Available here:

No dinner party planning Mom can resist the allure of a really beautiful serving tray.   Like this modern and chic green (both in color and in practice!) serving tray from Urbana Design.   Find it online at

Metaphorical Mom

Limited Edition Binth Prints: Prints often say more without saying anything at all. The gorgeous details in these limited editions can have mom seeking the meaning for many days to come. These arrive matted and cellophane wrapped. Available at

Mother Earth

Toting Not Tossing: Let’s face it totes can be found everywhere these days. But the line out of this Brooklyn boutique are fun, stylish, and printed both inside & out. Perhaps fill it with homemade vegan muffins. Find at

Indulge her in earthly delights from eco-chic line Edun with this universally flattering and elegant sweater featuring asymmetrical geometrical and made from 100% organic cotton. Available on

For the Yiddishe Mama

Let her stand up as yo’ Mama loud and proud on this, and all days with this cute tee from Rabbi’s Daughters.   Buy it at

Put It On Paper

No budget? No worries. Grab some paper & pen. Comprise a list of “thank yous'” as far back as you can remember. From the trips to the park in the rain, for the way she made your special toast before school, for not judging while you dated the broke drummer for way too long, or perhaps putting aside a passion or two so you could find your own. If you are feeling super brave, finish the list up with “I’m Sorry For…”. Poke a hole in the corner and tie with ribbon or string. You can’t put a price on that.

Jennifer Pete is the creator of the gift giving service and partner in web based delivery service in Atlanta. Between her two lively companies, she is fantastically distracted by her one year old baby boy Seven, husband Tyler and their three rescue dogs Miles, Carmen and Scout.

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