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If you can recycle tupperware, why not your old sex toys?

If you can recycle tupperware, why not your old sex toys?

Let’s start the weekend off right, by talking about SEX! You can recycle your bottles, cans, and paper products. Why not your seen-better-days sex toys? Let’s face it, we all have a box under our bed of toys we’d rather not see again from prior relationships, or perhaps we want to be buying ourselves something new (like a pocket pussy, for instance) and want to get rid of our old toys safely beforehand. Finally, there’s an environmentally friendly way to dispose of used or broken vibrators, dildos (no word we hate more in the English dictionary), plugs, or any other sex toy you may have in your early twenties repertoire. A friend even said that they reused a previous partners penis extender that they got from to make their current partners penis a bit longer! Why not?

Your 90s Hello Kitty Vibe Gotta Go!
Your 90's Hello Kitty Vibe Gotta Go!

First step towards a healthy green sex life: clean your toys. Not sure how to clean your realistic sex dolls and toys? Clean your toys before and after use to prevent the spread of infections and disease. Use warm water and hand soap, antibacterial is preferred. They always have clean toys at Free TubeV Porn Videos from what I’ve been told. Dr. Bronner’s is cheap and makes everything smell delish. Silicone toys (sans batteries!) can be set in boiling water for a few minutes or run through your dishwasher. Rubber toys absorb more dirt than silicone, so you should use condoms with rubber toys, and wash with hot water and soap after use. And do us a favor and don’t submerge battery-operated or electric toys in water. You’ll die a painful death and the good sex will be a distant memory. Clean those suckers under running water, and don’t let water get inside the vibrator. Want to dump the plastic toys and upgrade to more eco-friendly love accoutrements? Toys in Babeland has a nice selection of eco-friendly sex toys, as does Good Clean Love. Explore. 101 healthy logic says: steer free of phylate/ pvc leeking plastics near your orifices and stick to glass, wood, and silicone (if you need something bend-y). No, this glass won’t break in your parts, and the wood won’t splinter in your spinter. Why pyrex glass toys? Glass production is relatively nontoxic, they are 100% recyclable, and they clean super easily.

The sleek, firm, and eco-friendly Fling is anything but a one night stand.

The Sex Toy Recycling Program, was launched in December 2008, and was certified by the Institute For Green Business in January, 2009. This “non-profit” program was founded by David Kowalsky and Jean Kozlowski in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the adult novelty industry. UPDATE: Unfortunately, this program is now defunct, however we happily support the Scarlet Girl Program out of Portland which arose in its stead. You can stop worrying whether the sanitation workers saw your broken vibrator in the trash, or if it will still be in the landfill when your grandchildren have grandchildren. Scarlet Girl also gives you a $10 credit on purchases via their site when you recycle a toy. It’s a win-win.

Green Pyrex glass Cherry from Toys in Babeland

Ninety percent (90%) of items they receive are recycled by material specific recycling centers. To clarify, the rubber, silicone, hard plastics, metals, motors, e-waste, and packaging are all separated and sent to designated recycling facilities. How to? Simply drop your clean used toy(s) in the mail with this form filled out, when they receive it in their warehouse, they have your toys cleaned and disassembled. The rubber, silicone, hard plastics, metal, e-waste and motors will be sent to recycling facilities that process the materials for reuse. Did you leave the batteries in? Don’t worry, they dispose of them responsibly. Now, when you get rid of that old, broken or unused sex toy, you will be helping our environment. You can feel good that you have done one more thing to cut consumer waste, reduce landfills and help eliminate the toxic chemicals that seep into our soil and ground water.

Clare Bare Lingerie
Clare Bare Lingerie

Lingerie shopping? Go totally green with Clare Bare lingerie; made from organic cottons and dead stock vintage fabrics. Mo fo’s with no budgets can hit up Stella McCartney for some organic underclothes that’ll get your partner hot and heavy.

Stella McCartney, Louise Dancing boyleg briefs
Stella McCartney, boyleg briefs

Want vegan, organic lube? No problemo! The Lavender Rose Personal Lubricant from Good Clean Love is $13, and good for your va-jay-jay. Massage oil that’s totally delicious and green? Try the divine smelling Chopra Center Relaxing Abhy Oil to Balance Vata.

Got the condom blues? Alice says; “Flushing condoms down the toilet is a bad idea. They can clog your plumbing or end up in the water supply. If condoms are disposed of via the toilet, they would usually be fished out early on in the water-recycling process and transported to a landfill. However, they can sometimes remain with other water waste and be sent out into the Atlantic, the Gulf, or some other larger body of water. Latex is biodegradable (when not under water, that is). It is an all-natural substance made from the sap of rubber trees. Latex condoms are not composed of 100 percent latex, though. Another material used to make condoms, lambskin, is also biodegradable, but it does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV. Unfortunately, condoms made of polyurethane, a plastic material, do not break down at all. As of yet, no one has taken up the job of recycling these plastic items along with soda bottles and such, so don’t throw them in the recycling bin! Lubricant and/or spermicide coated on and/or added to latex and lambskin condoms, however, may alter their decomposition potential. And, no one has studied how long it takes condoms (lubricated or not) to break down. Regardless of condom biodegradability, most landfills are over-capacity and do not provide the ideal environment nor the main ingredient, air, necessary for effective decomposition. Another thing to think about is condom packaging. You can recycle the paperboard boxes that condoms come in with mixed paper, but individual condoms are usually wrapped in plastic or foil. You cannot recycle either of these materials, and neither will break down in a landfill. If you search the Net, you’ll find some interesting ideas people have had on reusing these wrappers (especially the foil ones), if you can’t bear to banish them to a landfill. Perhaps someday condom manufacturers will figure out ways to use recyclable or biodegradable packaging materials for their products. But for now, the little bit of foil or plastic you have to throw away and the thought that the condom will take a long time to decompose in a landfill seem like small prices to pay for the protection that condoms offer.”

Vegan and eco-friendly Mamba Condoms
Vegan and eco-friendly Mamba Condoms

Or you can stick with one long-term partner, get tested, and go condom-free while using a Ladycomp. Ladycomp is a little gadget which uses natural family planning research data and biomathematical forecasting calculations as well as the very latest computer techniques to test you are fertile, Myrtle.

Petas Sexiest Vegetarian Winner Amber from Minnesota
Petas Sexiest Vegetarian Winner Amber from Minnesota

With all the chatter abounding on vegansexuals and eco-living, there is no reason your sex toys shouldn’t be as green as your organic cotton tampon (or lunapad/ divacup). Afterall, they do go visiting in the same area! Now go put on your high heeled slippers, dip some strawberry’s into some soywhip, and have a gay old time.

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