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Is Dog Racing About To Be Illegal In Florida?

Is Dog Racing About To Be Illegal In Florida?

This fall, the people of Florida will have the opportunity to make history by voting to end dog racing in the Sunshine State, which was the first place in the world to legalize commercial dog racing. As many as 8,000 lucky greyhounds will be released from their cages if Amendment 13 is approved! Statewide polling shows that Florida voters will Vote Yes on 13 to end dog racing if they are fully informed about its humane and economic problems. Happily, the campaign has already announced the endorsement of seven current and former state senators, five greyhound adoption groups, 24 local animal shelters, 19 animal welfare organizations, six news outlets, plus the League of Women Voters of Florida, the Florida Federation of Republican Women and the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida!

You can help the greyhounds by learning more about Amendment 13 and spreading the word about this momentous campaign. ​

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In other promising news, our multi-year campaign to Close the Canidrome, China’s only legal dog track, is now just three days away from victory. Earlier this week, three more beautiful dogs were released to our board member, Albano Martins of ANIMA Macau, while our partner Stefania Traini of Pet Levrieri continued to find loving homes for all the lucky Canidrome survivors. On Saturday, July 21, the Canidrome’s doors will close and hundreds of greyhounds will be safe from the risks of racing at the worst dog track in the world. Now is the time to bring them all to safety with waiting rescue groups in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. Funds are needed now for the rehabilitation, veterinary care, feeding and safe transport of these lucky hounds. Rest assured that we are working at home and abroad to realize the mission of ending dog racing worldwide.

By Christine Dorchak of GREY2K USA. GREY2K USA lobbies for greyhound legislation, Worldwide