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You Are Never Too Old For An Ice Kream Party

You Are Never Too Old For An Ice Kream Party

We’ve decided we should knock out that C and toss in a K, because there is nothing delicious about stealing mothers milk from a cows baby.  Want to read our manifesto on dairy? Here you go.  Now that you’ve read that, and are totally on the vegan train, let’s throw a partaaay!  There are only a few weeks left where eating ice kream regularly isn’t considered odd for a grown up… so take advantage of it. Someone recently attempted to insult us by calling GGA “fluffy.”  Clearly he didn’t realize the power of sweets and fashion when it comes to greening the world! Kill meanies with kindness – start with an ice kream yenta klatch!  Vegan ice kream is better than dairy ice cream – not only in taste, but in ethics, environmental impact, and for your waist line!  Not to mention for the calves. Try tempting soy, rice, almond, coconut, hemp, cashew, and rice ice kreams – all available at your local health food store and all easy to make at home!  Let’s get started, shall we?

Vegan Sundae, Image via

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been dying to be invited to a vegan coming out party! Theme parties are SO 2012!  Here’s some great tips on how to throw one!

Go cutesty – make Ice Kream Cone Cupcakes!


Isa Chandra gives you the scoop on how to make them here, but here’s the gist; ” Use vegan wafer cones with a flat bottom. “Let’s Do Organic” is one brand that makes them. For support, wrap a ring of tinfoil around the cones, close to the bottom, and place them in the cupcake tin so that they stand up straight. The wrapped ice kream cones should fit snugly into their place. Fill cones less than 2/3rds full. The greatest danger is that the batter will spill over and ruin everything. The second greatest danger is that the batter will seep through the cone, and so the less batter you use the less heavy it will be thus less chance of that happening.  If the batter looks too liquid-y, add another handful of flour. The more watery the batter the more chance it has of seeping through the cone, so defy the recipe and make the batter a little thicker, if necessary. The batter shouldn’t quickly drip from a spoon, it should be slow and lava-like.”

Blindfold your peeps and have a guess the flavor contest.  And totally trick them out by making some crazy unique combos like whiskey orange peel cherry blossom (okay, we made that up, but buy an ice cream maker and the book below and get creative);

The Vegan Scoop: 150 Recipes for Dairy-Free Ice Cream that Tastes Better Than the “Real” Thing by Wheeler del Torro, $13.59 suggests putting toppings in creative centerpieces on the table.  The ones below are unlikely vegan, so be sure you are buying vegan sprinkles (simply shop for them at natural foods stores or online here.)

Image via Jon Whittle

Leave all sorts of unusual AND typical options out so folks can make their own sundaes: berries, homemade candied nuts, dried fruit, sprinkles, edible flowers, rhubarb compote, caramelized tempeh bacon, lychees, (honey-free) graham crackers,  various cones, maple syrup, molasses, oreos (yep, most of them are vegan!) and lots of ricemallow and vegan whipped creme!  This will spur lots of conversation, competitive sundae making, and taste tests! To save money, make your own caramel or fudge sauce.  Put out a (vegan) dessert table with small brownies, pre-made ‘smores, and tons of mini marshmallows to encourage sugar highs left and right.  Make your own vegan bailey’s cream and spike your milkshakes or serve fresh iced mint teas to offset the super sweetness.

Ricemellow Creme, $5.25 has amazing all-natural toppings like chemical and dye free maraschino cherries!

Buy inexpensive glass bowls – or much better yet mismatched funky vintage bowls and cups – and pre-personalize them as a way to save trees, money on throwaways, and to let your guest go home with a sweet personalized remembrance from your shindig.  Glass etching is easy and cheap, learn how to DIY it here.  If you’d prefer not to etch, consider adding a sweet homemade tag on the bottom of each bowl or glass that says “It was sweet hanging with you! xo The McVegan Family.” Amy of Eat Drink Chic is offering up some sweet ice cream gift tags to print out for free.  Print them on random colored, recycled papers, or just cut ice kream cones out of old magazines and save the ink.

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Have all guests wear something ice kream inspired, like this cute eco-felt necklace below;

Ice Cream Necklace, $17

Or totally splurge on more than calories with this two finger ring, which borders on genius.

Two Finger Ice Cream Ring, $190

Cover your tatas with cones;

Ice Cream Social Sweater, $47

And let the masculine folks wear ties (and eat cake!)

Ice Cream Tie (for the gents n’ butches,) $19.95

And if you want to be a really good friend, consider inviting everyone to a yoga class or for a run the next morning… you’ll need to work off all those extra fat grams somehow.  Or not.

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