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Win This Mommy Lifesaver

Win This Mommy Lifesaver

If you are a parent or are about to become one, you know all about the stress of making sure your baby or toddler stays warms in winter.  You’ve seen kiddo’s in funny sleeping bag looking contraptions in their strollers and wondered which brand is the best.  You may have even noted how ugly most of them are. And having tried all of them here at GGA HQ, we are here to vouch for our favorite – Snug Science – and offer you the opportunity to win one (worth $225) – plus a juicy discount for your next baby shower purchase.

Here’s why Snug Science is our baby’s winter BFF:
  • It has sleeves!  None of the competitors have sleeves, which makes forgoing a jacket a possibility.  Imagine the ease: throw her in a onesie and in the Snug Science, and she’s warmer than a hibernating bear.  The Snug² features a 1 piece extendable bottom that grows with the child from infant to 4 years. Simple, efficient, no pieces to lose. Less product waste as one purchase will grow with the child. Less openings at the bottom mean less cold air that can go through, therefore keeping your baby warmer. If you are in a hurry, don’t worry about putting a coat on junior, the Snug² will keep your baby warm in just a pair of pants and a light sweater. Unless you own a winter coat by Arc’teryx or a similar manufacturer, you can rest assured your baby is most likely in a higher performing garment than you are- instead of the other way around.
  • It’s made ethically and locally using eco-friendly materials!  These beautifully made buntings use high performance materials, many of the textile advances that have benefitted adult outerwear had not yet been introduced to the baby market – til now. Rather than using cruelly produced goose down, they use PrimaLoft synthetic insulation which is best for warmth and outperforms down in wet conditions. The faux fur around the hood is so soft, it makes you wonder why anyone would use real fur these days. The lining of the Snug² is an ultra soft nylon that is water resistant – breastmilk and fleece linings do not go hand in hand – with a smooth lining you can just wipe it clean. But if you do need to wash your Snug², it’s machine washable and quick drying. The Snug² is also fully water resistant, windproof, breathable, stain resistant, rated UPF 40, ultra lightweight and compressible.
  • It’s made by a Momma n’ Poppa who noted a hole in the market when they had their own wee one.  They designed this piece with the unique experience of “Parenthlete lifestyle” in mind.   Nature and adventure loving, Yamuna and Matt Reid, welcomed their first child in 2010. With her birth they became much more aware and proactive of taking care of their health and their environment in order to be the best role models for their daughter. They believe that an active lifestyle creates a healthier future for our children to enjoy. They have termed this way of living the Parenthlete lifestyle.
Wanna win one?
You got it!  Snug Science is giving away a beautifully packaged Snug² of your choice, to one lucky reader. To enter the contest, readers must like Snug Science on Facebook and comment on the page why you want a Snug². The best comment will be chosen and announced on Facebook on February 16.
Gotta have it, but want a discount?
Snug Science is currently offering a 10% discount for any Snug² as an introductory special. GGA discount code is LOVESS10.  Go on, take advantage of it, Mama!

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