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Welcome Refugee! Egyptian Dog Covered In Bullets Finds Rescue In America

Welcome Refugee! Egyptian Dog Covered In Bullets Finds Rescue In America

Marzouka aka Marzi was found in the street in Egypt, peppered with shotgun pellets and left for dead. Thankfully, she was found by a kind samaritan and nursed back to health. Unfortunately Marzi did lose one eye to the pellets, but her life was about to take a turn for the better. A good soul took her in, and arranged for her to be transported to the USA – specifically to Waggytail Rescue’s NYC branch – for further surgery and treatments, and a true chance at love. Dogs in Egypt are viewed as filth by the vast majority and subjected to neglect and abuse. The Egyptian government handles dogs as they do rodents, and leaves poison out for them to eat. Many citizens use them for stoning practice, or try to kill them to sell as dog meat. But despite being hated many most in her homeland, she will find a forever home that will never let her down here. We will make sure of it. And that’s where YOU come in. Marzouka arrived last night, and went directly to the vet who found an abscess in her mouth he corrected, and additional bullets in her eye that has now been removed. She’s recovering comfortably, and will be available for adoption asap. We will post an update with photos of her post recovery in the coming weeks – particularly when she finds a forever home – maybe with you. Marzi needs our help, and our shares, to help her find her American dream!

This sign was held up to welcome the pups arrival!
This sign was held up by Waggytail founder Holly DeRito to welcome the pups arrival!

The Egyptian pups have now all arrived in NYC. Waggytail took 4 of them, with a hope to rescue more in future – but they can’t do so without your help. These surgeries and medicals cost thousands of dollars, and so much effort. Marzi’s surgery alone just cost $1,500+.

Won’t you donate tomorrow’s latte cost to her rehabilitation?

Even $5 would make sure a tremendous difference, but $100 would make even moreso. And if you aren’t able to donate at this time, would you please share this post or consider adopting this sweet girl or one of the honeys that came with her on this journey? You can’t imagine how magical sharing posts like these and social media is for animals in need. Maybe you aren’t considering adoption right now, but you share it on facebook, and someone you know shares it, and that person’s aunt is looking to adopt a dog just like Marzi — these rolling acts of unconscious/ conscious clicking are how miracles happen. The cycle of kindness comes back to you – sharing is indeed caring – and really the very least we can do for these defenseless creatures who love despite unspeakable horrors by humans, who they live to love.

Marzi is a 2 year old, 33lb Egyptian baladi /white shepherd mix.  Egyptian baladi are considered medium-sized dogs; as adults they range from 20 to 30 kg’s. They are well-built, intelligent and strong-willed, loyal, friendly, protective and alert. They are explorers and need exercise. They bond very tightly to humans and prefer living close to people. A well socialized and trained baladi is good around children. A baladi is known to jump high and therefore should not be left alone in a garden unattended. The baladi has a short coat and can tolerate hot weather conditions, and does not shed much. Marzi is a love muffin, and tested with other dogs, cats, and kids in her foster home.

Please apply HERE to adopt her today!  

Click here to see the other dogs Waggytail currently has for adoption in NYC, and here to see who they currently have up for adoption in Los Angeles.

Waggytail was happy to open their doors to give hope and homes to 4 dogs. It took an incredible amount of kindness and generosity to make this happen, won’t you pay it forward by donating for their care, and sharing this post absolutely everywhere?

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Magnificent MARZI , aka MARZOUKA arrived in #newyorkcity yesterday. She was #recued in #Egypt and flown to the #usa ?? with three other #refugeedogs. But she had been badly abused over there. We noted that Fragments of #bullets remained in her eye and mouth causing significant pain and infection. Today she had successful #surgery and the bullet was extracted but her eye could not be saved. Marzi is a loving #supersweet 33 pound female #egyptianbaladi #germanshepherd mix. She is incredibly #soulful for a 2 year old! She has been through alot. ?. ?. ?. If you are interested in adopting our international girl please go to our site and fill out an application. ? ?. ?. #egyptianbaladi ‘s are an old true breed that trace back to #pharoah times. They are medium sized, well-built, strong, athletic, intelligent and make excellent #loyalcompanions. HELP MARZI FIND THE PEACE ☮️ and #fureverhome SHE DESERVES. (If you wish to #donate towards her #medicalbills there is a link on our website). #godbless #adoptdontshop #waggytailrescue #waggytailrescuenyc #rescuedog #rescuedogsofnyc

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