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The Largest Vegan Potluck Ever To Grace Central Park

The Largest Vegan Potluck Ever To Grace Central Park

And you are so invited.

Joshua Katcher (The Discerning Brute/ Brave Gentleman,) Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart (Vaute Couture,)  Jeremy Davis (Craft & Valor) and I (Chloé Jo Davis – the founder and editirix of this here website) were recently making plans to meet in Central Park for an afternoon of snacking and kiki-ing, as we often do, and we had a revelation.  What if we just go on and invite everyone.  Not just our cliques and friends, but anyone who wants to come.  Vegan or not.  Come and partake in an energetically on point late morning/ early afternoon big bit of summer hang-age where you can meet some people who are totally on your level and play in the grass with no entry fee or silly sign ups.  Maybe you’ll shmooze new business, maybe your kid will make a friend, maybe you’ll fall asleep after stuffing yourself silly.

Just show up. Bring your kids or neighbor or nephew.  And something yummy to share. Just don’t poison us, because that would suck.


Worried about the visuals of this flyer? It’s a play on what people think vegans are – gyrating hippies who never met a bra or shower they liked. Some of us are, some of us aren’t.  Let’s leave it at that.

Your hosts;

(although don’t expect us to serve you because we’ll be too lazy laying in the grass, help yourself you gorgeous dummy)

Leanne quit her modeling contract with Ford Models and her full ride MBA at DePaul University to do everything she could to create the first winter dress coat that was at once 100% vegan and warm enough for a real winter. She’s since launched her award winning line Vaute Couture which was the first ever vegan line to debut at New York Fashion Week!


Joshua is a sustainable, vegan menswear designer, editor of – a men’s vegan lifestyle website, dad to a rescued chihuahua & lover of food, fashion, and fun.


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 Chloé Jo & Jeremy are parents to two little vegan boys (Freedom Midnight & Panther Britain) and five rescued pets. Jeremy owns Craft & Valor, an interactive agency where he’s won numerous awards for his high design web and mobile work.  Chloé is the founder of this award-winning website, a conscious living expert, and activist.  Want me to wax on about myself?  That’s SO vain. Read it all yourself.

Chloé & Jeremy
Chloé & Jeremy

If this gathering is fun for all, we may have another one before the summer closes her perfect eyelashes. You’ll get an email about it if you sign up here.

cover photo by Robert Altman, The 60’s


To answer some questions:

  • Bring your own blanket or sheet to lay on, your own bowls or serving utensils and dishes for your personal dish/ snack/ drink, and any frisbee type items you may require in summertime.
  • We will be on the EAST side of Sheeps Meadow close to the Pan Quotidient.  The purpose of that was to be close to a bathroom, which is hard to come by in Central Park!
  • Please clean up after yourselves. The last thing we need is for people to say “Those litter bug vegans!”