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10 Reasons Why It’s OK Not To Be OK During A Pandemic  

10 Reasons Why It’s OK Not To Be OK During A Pandemic  

Without a doubt, this pandemic has been one of the hardest times to be alive in modern history. In fact, 2020 has repeatedly been compared to WW2, because the overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety people have now, compared to then, are much alike. After reading that alone, give yourself a pat on the back just for being here today. Let this be a reminder, that even just being here is an accomplishment. You are much stronger and more capable than you think.

Let me also remind you that it is completely normal to feel dissatisfied with your life at the minute. We’re living through a pandemic, and sometimes we are not ok, and that’s fine. We are human. We do the best we can and on the days that we cannot, we are entitled to feel upset or tired because we are human, not machines.

Here are just 10 of the reasons why it is ok not to be ok during this pandemic.

1. You’re living through a time you have never experienced before 

We have been lucky enough to have never had to deal with a pandemic before, in our lifetime. We could not have prepared ourselves for this. Whatever your routine is, whatever you are doing to cope, just know you are doing what is best for you and if it is getting you through, then brilliant. Keep doing what you are doing, it is more than enough.

2. Your freedom has been restricted 

Road trips, holidays, or even just being able to throw a party to celebrate your freaking birthday, we have been told we can’t exactly do such things anymore. As humans, we take pleasure in being able to be free and make our own choices and live life as we want to, but we have had to put that on hold. It is difficult, but hang in there.

3. It’s a stressful time 

When all topic of conversation is COVID related, it’s hard to escape the stress of it all. Sometimes you can’t even watch TV without the constant reminder you’re living through a pandemic. That’s why its super important you de-stress in any way you can and get rid of any bad energy that doesn’t serve you. A nice hot, candle lit bath should do the trick.

4. You miss your friends and family 

It’s undeniably challenging for some people to only be able to see their friends and family on a face time call, especially if they live as far away as the UK. Remember this will not last forever and you are NOT alone.

5. You just NEED a hug 

Hold on to those thoughts of you finally being able to wrap your arms around your loved ones, as you embrace them tightly. That is your one reason to keep going. You can do this.

6. You cannot plan things like you used to 

No one can plan nights out or family get togethers right now, because some things are impossible due to social distancing and government rules. I know it is nice to be able to look at your calendar at all the things you have planned for the following month, but do not worry. Soon enough we will be able to fill that calendar up again.

7. You’re living life under a new schedule  

We have had to adapt our daily routine to fit in with the pandemic. Some of us work from home now, some of us are home schooling our kids, some of us are doing both at the same time. It’s not easy, but this won’t be your normality forever.

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8. You’re ready for change 

As humans we have this undeniable, wanderlust streak. We crave change, we crave moving around, we crave being sociable and having new experiences. We’re tired of living life like this and we’re ready to move on. It’s completely normal to feel like this, do not feel guilty.

9. You’re more tired than usual  

Some days we wake up feeling happy and energized, but more often than not we wake up feeling unmotivated and underwhelmed, and that’s ok. Not everyone can wake up and go on a three-mile run, some of us only make it through the day if we have enough coffee. It’s ok to be more tired than usual during a pandemic.

10. We’re in this together  

From America, to the UK, to Ireland, and Australia; we have all been targeted by this pandemic in one way or another. We have all had to make the best of a tough situation in whatever way we can, just to get by each day. You are not alone in this. You have never been alone in this.

Sit tight my loves, better days are coming. Remember rain clouds don’t last forever, the sun has to come out eventually.

Sophie Watson is an advocate of all topics that don’t get spoken about enough. She believes actively writing about things such as mental health will help spread.

Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash

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