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You May Be Bored At Home, But Addicts Are Dying At A Critical Number

You May Be Bored At Home, But Addicts Are Dying At A Critical Number

You May Be Bored At Home, But Addicts Are Dying At A Critical Number

The COVID Pandemic has brought a lot of issues that had been dormant to the surface. Problems that we did not want to look at (not yet) we have been forced to deal with. Parents are being turned into teachers and bedrooms into classrooms. Marriages that were ignoring the uncomfortable conversations have been pushed into talking. People losing jobs. We are wearing masks. We are using sanitizers. We are staying six feet apart. It uncomfortable.

So…we spend more time at home. We are restless. We are bored. We are discontent.

This pandemic is not just making society uncomfortable…

Now, alcoholics and addicts are dying, at an alarming rate.

I have yet to meet one person that has not met or been affected by an active alcoholic and addict.

I have been clean and sober for 14 years. I know a little bit about this. It’s difficult to put into words the mental and physical torture an addicted person feels—where if we don’t get a “fix” we want to jump out of our skin. It a 24/7 job to obtain the drug of choice, use it, hide it, try to act normal, use it again…and start the cycle over.

But alcoholics and addicts don’t look like they used to in the movies!

It’s not the bum on the street, the cracked-out kid in the dark alley, or the junkie in the dope house.


It’s the soccer mom dropping the kids off who took an Ambien last night with a glass of wine, and just took a Xanax with her coffee. It’s the father who polished off a bottle of vodka and popping pain killers. It’s the high school student who “can’t focus” without Adderall. It’s the college kid who comes home and dies in a drunk driving accident on the way home from a night out. These are the people that are dying. Your neighbors, close friends, and loves one.

I’m begging you to take a look in your own backyard. Or take a look in the mirror. I was blessed to come out alive! Will your loves ones? Will you?

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Here are some helpful tips and questions:

  • Is alcohol and drugs interfering with the way I want to live?
  • What does this mean exactly? Are you waking up groggy? Do you tend to forget a lot of conversations? Do you feel you have to lie a lot? Have you missed appointments?
  • Do I lie about my usage?
  • If somebody asks you how much you have consumed…do you feel the need to lie and minimize it. This is a telltale sign that you maybe creating a dependency.
  • Do I hide my drug of choice and booze?
  • Do you feel the need to hide what you are doing? Do you feel that it’s on people’s radar and concealing it makes it easier for you to deal?
  • Do I drink and use to dull the pain, eliminate anxiety, and stop worrying? This is relief, not to have fun.
  • There is a big difference between doing something for fun or to feel tipsy and taking something because you feel you need it.
  • Is my body showing any symptoms? (Weight Gain/Loss. Sluggishness. Redness of eyes and or face. Bloating. Etc.)

If you’re scared for yourself or a loved one or…please reach out for help, or contact me directly. I’m always around!

My name is Adam Jablin.  I’m a recovery expert and life coach. My phone number is (561) 441-5926.  You can always reach out via IG @adamjablin,  or FB Adam.Jablin

You can order my book on amazon here:

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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