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5 Radical Acts Of Self-Care During Trying Times

5 Radical Acts Of Self-Care During Trying Times

Women often have a hard time taking care of ourselves in times of chaos.  We put the kids first, our partners first, our jobs first, and the earth first – which is why we make such incredible activists, and why we sometimes wake up at 40 with a month of pneumonia behind us and a head full of unintentional grays. These are  the  “oh shit, I’ve really got to start taking care of myself” moments.

Here are 5 tactile things you can do TODAY to take care of yourself (once you’ve angrily tweeted at Trump, sent Judge Robart a thank you note, and donated some cash to the ACLU and/ or Planned Parenthood.) We know these are not easy times for women, what with a misogynist in office and all, but with our Million Women Marchers by our side, we will resist and care for ourselves and one another and get through the next four years gracefully and powerfully.

5 Radical Acts Of Self-Care During Trying Times
5 Radical Acts Of Self-Care During Trying Times
    1. Schedule your annual with a woman-centric, resistance-minded OB/GYN. Peace of mind is everything, as is early detection. Get your pap and mam, and be done with it. Going to a doctor who truly hears you and makes you feel safe is everything. {NYC Recommendation: Dr. Ellen Manos}
    2. Talk to a professional – a psychiatrist, psychologist, or social worker. These are crazy, strange times – during these times a chat to your Aunt Marge may not cut it. Since Trump’s election, many victims of sexual assault, molestation, attack, abuse, and rape have been seriously triggered by his abusive, patriarchal message. Anti-depressant usage is up – one therapist we know said in her practice, by 200%! People are depressed, anxious, and confused. This is time to speak to a strong, brilliant woman – preferably with an MD or PhD – and talk it out to keep your brain and heart healthy. {NYC Recommendation: Dr. Alice DiBenedetto. SF Recommendation: Traci Ruble. Los Angeles Recommendation: Dr. Jenn Mann.}
    3. Move. You need to release those stress toxins. Do yoga, beat up a punching bag, fast walk with your homies, go dancing – whatever you have to do to get moving – even if it means breaking the bank and having a personal trainer come wake you up once a week. {NYC Recommendation: Barefoot Tiger Personal Training, Jivamukti Yoga, Lauren Harris Yoga. Cincinnati Recommendation: World Peace Yoga. Boston Recommendation: Sanctuary Yoga.}
    4. Juice, eat clean, get massages, take supplements, add extra maca, flax, chia, spirulina, and cacao to your smoothies. If you are too busy to run in to a nail salon and get a ten minute back rub – use an app like Zeel to come over (they bring a table) and give you a massage. {GGA Deal: get $25 off zeel massages when you use code 5v0o via site or app} or get your hair blown out in the comfort of your home with GlamSquad {Use code GirlieGLAM when you download the app for one free blowout – worth $50.} These are not narcissistic endeavors, they are radical acts of self-love!
    5. Get in a hot bath with a beautiful candle, and read books that inspire. We recommend:

It’s not trite to give yourself small pleasures after a long day of work and worry. If we don’t love ourselves, who the hell is going to love us? It feels good to do for others, and be kinder than is asked of us, but without being stable and centered ourselves – our output to help the world is drastically reduced. Try one small act of self-love today, and see if you work more productively and feel happier. Do not feel bad about canceling anything – you need time to breath – you are a human, not a robot. Put on the softest pajamas you have, watch the dumbest reality-escaping show you can think of if you need to, and love the hell out of your self.

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