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A Crazy Brilliant Way To Make Sure Your Purchases Are Ethical

A Crazy Brilliant Way To Make Sure Your Purchases Are Ethical

A Crazy Brilliant Way To Make Sure Your Purchases Are Ethical

DoneGood, a startup and public benefit corporation incubated at the Harvard iLab is a new browser extension and mobile app that make it ridiculously easy to discover social impact companies while shopping online. 

Just do a Google or Amazon search or go to a big name company’s website and you see ethical, sustainable companies similar to the big companies you already see online—but that are paying workers well, lifting people out of poverty, preserving the environment (not cranking out cheap crap in an overseas sweatshop, not putting toxic chemicals on people’s body, in the environment). 

And you get discounts at DoneGood companies too!

It’s more unique, cooler, higher-quality and more ethical/sustainable options for users. With zero effort/time investment required.

Scott Jacobsen, cofounder said; “These companies aren’t just making the world better, they’re making really high-quality products.  Stuff made out of natural material by skilled craftspeople who are paid well is just naturally going to be better quality than stuff mass-produced in a sweatshop.

“And our partner companies are providing exclusive discounts for DoneGood users. So people can get better products, feel good about where their money is going, make the world better, and save some money. And the extension is free, and doesn’t take any time to use. When we show people all that, they’re usually just like, ‘Yeah, why wouldn’t I use that?’.”

Cullen Schwarz, cofounder said: The greatest tool each one of us has to create change is the dollars we spend. It’s a supply and demand economy. The more we demand business practices that are good for workers and the planet, the more that’s what we’ll get. When we support companies that do the right thing, we help them succeed, and the more other companies follow suit.  The world gets better.  Just because we got something we needed to buy anyway.”

It’s guerilla SEO for social impact companies (solves #1 problem for social impact companies surveyed: they can’t beat the big guys at Google/Amazon searches. They can every time now).

Every time we’ve been tempted to do a quick boys undies shop at Old Navy, DoneGood has reeled us back in to more ethical alternatives.

Here’s how it works:

You start searching for something or go to a website to buy something and it automatically offers you the eco-conscious, ethical alternative – it’s a no-brainer. If we can do good, why wouldn’t we?

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