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5 benefits of Green Vegetable Juices, and How Green Juices Could Turn Your Health Around!

5 benefits of Green Vegetable Juices, and How Green Juices Could Turn Your Health Around!

Juicing is recommended by most health experts, and you can’t swing a Stella handbag without seeing a celebrity toting a Juice Press concoction – but why? Is it the taste or all hype? Or does this wonder drug make you feel like a different person? Here are all the fascinating facts about juicing, and why juicing vegetables could be the new good habit that will turn your health around or take it to the next level, and remineralize your body.

Whenever people are afflicted by a life-threatening disease, they are often advised or inspired to start juicing. Similarly, seemingly healthy folks decided one day to dust off their juicer, and found that that they went from ordinary to superhero with this single new habit! Let’s learn what the deal is about juicing, and if juicing is right for you…

5 benefits of Green Vegetable Juices, and How Green Juices Could Turn Your Health Around!
5 benefits of Green Vegetable Juices, and How Green Juices Could Turn Your Health Around!

1. Benefits of Green Vegetable Juices #1: Nutrients Are Absorbed Quickly and Efficiently

When you’re eating whole foods (which are great, but like juices have their time and place), you body needs to separate the fiber (which doesn’t contain nutrients) and the juice (where all the nutrients are). This process takes time, and if your digestion isn’t very efficient or you’re not chewing your food well, you won’t be getting all the nutrients from the food you’re eating.

When you’re juicing vegetables, the juicer does all the work for you. On one side, the fiber will come out, and on the other, liquid will flow. Most people then discard the pulp and drink the nutrient dense juice. Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Institute estimated than it only takes 20 minutes for nutrients in fresh juice to be absorbed, which means that your body will remineralize faster and more efficiently.

2. Benefits of Green Vegetable Juices #2: Nutrient Intake is Increased Exponentially

Let’s lay out all the vegetables you’d juice. Could you eat them all? Probably not. You might eat them occasionally, but not every day – or you’d spend a lot of time chewing! Juicing allows you to take in a lot more nutrients than you otherwise would.

Now, some might say that if we can’t eat it all, then juicing is not a natural thing to do. Nonsense!

Nowadays, we do not have the leisure to walk all day with our tribe eating organic, nutrient dense foods that we take time to chew. Less and less time is dedicated to eating, and with soil depletion and other side effects of modern agriculture, our food is not as nutritious as it used to be (and our bodies aren’t as mineralized). We need to eat more to get enough minerals and vitamins, and we paradoxically have less time to do so. Juicing helps us fill our quota of nutrition without having to pop a bunch of pills.

3. Benefits of Green Vegetable Juices #3: A Bigger Variety of Vegetables Are Consumed

I love vegetables, and will eat a big variety of them. But even I have trouble with some of them, some that are very beneficial and that I would regret not eating – but I’m not one to force myself to eat food that I don’t enjoy, life’s too short for that! As it turns out though, the vegetables I don’t like whole are delectable to me once juiced.

For example, I don’t like whole celery. It’s stringy, weird, and I don’t like it. But juiced? I can’t get enough! I go through about 3 large heads of celery a week thanks to juices. Same with cucumbers. I consume a medium cucumber daily in my green juice, but definitely wouldn’t eat as many if I had to actually chew them. And what about ginger? I can’t eat a big knob of ginger every day… but I can juice it!

4. Benefits of Green Vegetable Juices #4: You Drink More and Become More Hydrated

Drinking enough fluid is so important, but I rarely remember to drink enough unless I have pre-filled water bottles line up, or challenge myself to drink a certain amount. But thanks to green vegetable juices, I have already drunk 3-4 cups and it’s not even 9 am! Add to this a cup or two of herbal tea and a green smoothie, and I definitely drink enough water, ever single day.

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Skip the so-called “vitamin waters” from the store, filled with sugar, flavorings, and synthetic vitamins. Green vegetable juices are real vitamin water, filled with chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, and more, in their natural form!

5. Benefits of Green Vegetable Juices #5: Green Juices Get Your Sexy Goddess to Come Out

For the guys, green juices get your inner superhero to come out! That’s right. When your body is well nourished, has all the minerals it needs, is hydrated, and has its cells dancing, it performs optimally. If a person fueled on junk can get up in the morning, work all day, raise kids and clean the house, imagine what a person fueled on nutrient dense, nourishing foods can do! Green juices are a crucial step in getting all the nutrients you need and stay mineralized, and they’re very easy to make. All you need to do is have them become a habit.

Green vegetable juices could be life changers in your quest for optimal health. They will allow you to eat a bigger variety of vegetables in bigger quantities, which in turn will leave you better hydrated, better nourished, and feeling on top of the world. Remineralizing your whole body becomes a lot easier once you’ve mastered green juicing!

How Juicing can change your life!

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