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5 Simple Ways To Turn Your Home A Little Greener Today

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We could all up the ante on our eco-fabulousness a bit, even the greenest amongst us.   Here are some ways to check yourself on your earth-loving ways today;

5 Simple Ways To Turn Your Home A Little Greener Today

5 Simple Ways To Turn Your Home A Little Greener Today

Buh-Bye Ziploc bags.

Switch to BioBags (totally biodegradable and compostable) or reuse your Ziplocs by   rinsing them and reusing or using them to scoop your dogs poop after they’ve served their purpose in your fridge.   Even Ziploc themselves is coming out with a newer, greener alternative with their “evolve” line which contains 25% less plastic and are made with wind-power.  We really love the Reuseit line which are eco-friendly, washable bags for food and lunches.  Your cheapest best alternative? Buy vintage Corningware-type containers, and use them to store food and extra bits and pieces.   They look hella cuter than baggies, last forever, can be used in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher, and cost virtually nothing at your local Salvation Army or Thrift/ Antique shops.

Old batteries sitting in a pile on your shelf?

Use rechargeables from now on.   And properly dispose of your old ones by going to Earth911 to pop in your zipcode and see where you can drop off your old bat’s to be recycled appropriately.

Paper towels cost too much and waste too much.

Switch to Skoy Cloths and/ or old tees and rags to do the same job for none of the cost or waste.   Let your housekeeper (if you have one) moan all s/he wants…   you are doing Mother Earth a solid favor.

Skoy cloths, reusable, green, and money saving!

Skoy cloths, reusable, green, and money saving!

Stop using icky air fresheners.

They are chock full of gross, cancer-causing chemical, and cost a fortune. Not to mention, many of the companies who sell (mainstream) air fresheners partake in horrific animal testing.   And those plug ins… can you say, WASTE OF ENERGY?   Make your home smell delish with incense sticks, with a natural spray like Dr. Singha’s Feng Shui Spray, or by putting a bunch of drops of your favorite essential oils in a spray bottle of water.   Also, soak a cotton ball in your favorite essential oil, and put it in your vacuum bag.   It disseminates the scent all over the house when you vacuum and smells divine.

Switch to an all purpose cleaner.

We use Earth-Friendly Parsley All Purpose Cleaner for almost everything in our house.   It smells divine, does the job, and doesn’t harm us our furbabies.     It is totally commercialized bs that you need a different product to clean different items in your home.   One can basically do it all.   Or feel free to make your own (and save even more moolah) with these simple recipes.

Earth Friendly Products All Purpose Spray Cleaner-Parsley-22 oz, $5.25 (save 20% with button below!!)

Earth Friendly Products All Purpose Spray Cleaner-Parsley-22 oz, $5.25 (save 20% with button below!!)

use code: CHLX4305

Buy Health & Beauty Products at

It may seem like you are doing very little, making these simple changes, but you’ll find that implementing even the smallest changes to your household makes a world of a difference to Mother Earth, your wallet, and the way you feel.   Dumping the chemicals from your home and life should be of the utmost importance to anyone who wants to live healthily and lengthily.

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Readers Comments (7)

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by GirlieGirlArmy: 5 Really Simple Ways To Turn Your Home A Little Greener (& Save some Cash!) Today

  2. Nic says:

    I read somewhere that burning incense in your house is akin to second hand smoke and have been wary of it ever since – any idea if there’s truth to that?

  3. Chloe says:

    It’s definitely not a good idea to have too much incense smoke around – particularly around kids. But one stick a day, with ample cracked windows, shouldn’t hurt anyone. But I’m no Doctor…

  4. Kelly says:

    I stay away from candles and incense. Smoke goes strait to your lungs. Instead, keep little condiment pots out with baking soda in them. It absorbs odors from the air. I have one in every closet!

  5. Great tips thanks for sharing! I never new about earth 911! Glad I do now :)

  6. Debra says:

    Great tips, especially the earth 911 link. Now I can finally get ride of the basket of dead batteries gathering dust in the closet!

  7. Sarah says:

    Seriously ziploc bags? Why is anyone who’s even slightly interested in the environment (or in saving money) still using things like that? Just get a lunch box, or re use the containers take aways etc come in. Eh also who has a house keeper?
    Usually your articles are really useful, this one was very dissapointing :(

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