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Life-Changingly Simple Advice For New Moms

Life-Changingly Simple Advice For New Moms

Amy Abrams is the co-founder of In Good Company Workplaces, a collaborative workspace and community for women business owners in NYC. Amy is also the co-founder of Artists & Fleas, a marketplace for emerging artists, designers and vintage collectors in Brooklyn. Over the past 10 years, Amy has worked with thousands of individuals to help them launch and grow their own businesses.   Amy lives in Brooklyn with her husband and her two girls.   So really, we want to listen to what she has to say, as a very successful business woman and Momma of two!   Here are her simplest and most helpful tips for new Moms and Moms to be!

As the mother of two kids, I am in no way an authority of what to do and what not to do when it comes to parenting. In most aspects of life, I believe in trusting your instincts. Often times, we are overly critical of ourselves and do not give ourselves enough credit when the job we are doing is good enough. This is particularly true when we become parents. It is easy to look around and think that everyone is doing a better job than you but if you step back, look at your newborn and see that they are loved and fed, chances are you are doing a great job. When I was pregnant, I received all sorts of advice (often unsolicited). Most of the advice seemed like a foreign language or made me break out in a cold sweat (i.e. have you thought about preschool?). But along the way, I did learn and hear a thing or two which I am happy to share with any “soon to be” or “have just become moms”

No matter how busy or exhausted you are:

1. Shower every day.

2. Leave the house every day (even if it is for 5 minutes.)

3. You can never hug or kiss your baby too much.

4. Never wake a sleeping baby.

5. Ask for help when you need it.

6. Remember people have been having babies for hundreds of years.

7. Many people enjoy parenting as their kids get older.

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8. It takes time to feel like yourself again, but that time will come and it is not just about losing the baby weight.

9. Ignore most of the advice you get (except mine, of course.)

10. Trust your instincts.

Moms of the GirlieGirl Army, we know you have some seriously sage and totally simple advice to share with us, please do so in the comments section below!

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