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3 Gorgeous Oscars Trends You Can Find Used, Eco, & Cheap(er)

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According to the Grande Dame of fashion periodicals, WWD, the trends from the Oscars that received the most snobbic (not a word) style acclaim this year are.. (try not to pass out from the sheer fashion lady boner moment this is..): Capes, Velvet, Metallic, and “Pretty in Pink.” Did someone just screengrab my high school closet? Is there a reason the current fashion trend is what my brain looks like? Why is this called a trend, and not just called “LIFE, Mothertruckers!”

Besides having sexual vibes with your taken bestie (we don’t care what anyone says, Brad & Lady G have HEAT,) is there anything more verboten for a grown up woman than pink velvet?!  Luckily, I laaaugh in the face of us such archaic rules, and have always rocked us some pink and velvet at all times, but now those who need fashion permission can receive their royal nod, and get themselves on the plush velveteen train! By the way.. PUSSY POWER. Yea, I said it. What’s more feminist, visually, than pink, velvet, and a cape? That basically is the description of a vagina! Goddamn those horny Los Angeles fashion stylists for putting our outers on the map again!

More importantly: trend shoppers:

FORGET RETAIL..  these trends are rich in vintage vibes.. why not be authentic and buy them vintage or gently used? If you are on this website, you are already hip to why buying things new isn’t always necessary.

Here are some current picks, following the “trend,” of course (with a side of vagine snark,) from our favorite luxury good dealer (with pure consciousness at their core!) The RealReal, where we recently found a Stella McCartney dress (with tags on it! $1350!) for under $200, jelly?

Ganni Maxi, $225

Ganni Maxi, $225

Fuchsia Monique Lhuillier Gown, $675

Fuchsia Monique Lhuillier Gown, $675

Milly Marta Strapless Dress w/ Tags $95 & 20% Off Use Code: REAL

Milly Marta Strapless Dress w/ Tags $95 & 20% Off Use Code: REAL



VALENTINO Crepe Gown Now 30% off - $1256.50, Retail Price Was $7,980.00

Valentino Crepe Gown Now 30% off – $1256.50, Retail Price Was $7,980.00

Vintage Versace Velvet Men's Two-Piece Suit, $472

Vintage Versace Velvet Men’s Two-Piece Suit, $472

Cover Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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