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Eco-Friendly, Vegan-Owned Haight-Inspired Patchwork Denim Line Benefits Homeless Animals

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Vegan-owned, eco-conscious denim line Sonas Denim is a collection of patchwork jeans (and some other linear, casual items like crocheted jumpsuits and zippered tanks) where a percentage of sales benefits homeless animals. Inspired by 70’s living in the Haight area of San Francisco, owner Gerry Kelly and his wife started the company out of a desire to wear vintage-looking, but comfortable patchwork jeans. The jeans they handmade in their living room garnered so much interest whenever they wore them, that they decided to create a collection.

“Sonas is the Irish word for happiness,” states Kelly, who hails from Dublin. “Happiness not limited to human beings, but for our animal friends as well!  That’s why Sonas Denim will never use animal products of any kind in our designs.” His wife, Christine, is an attorney specializing in Animal Law. They moved to Los Angeles a couple years ago and since then, Gerry’s eco-friendly collection is rapidly expanding, and Christine started a nonprofit sanctuary for homeless animals. They joined their passions and a percentage of all sales at Sonas Demin is donated to animals in need. The denim is made almost exclusively from recycled or re-purposed materials, and averaging an under $200 a pair (with many on sale for the $100 range,) the price is right. The collection is all made ethically in California, so you can feel good about supporting this young fashion line from start to finish.

Sonas Denim, vegan-owned denim line where 10% is donated to homeless animals! Sonas Denim, vegan-owned denim line where 10% is donated to homeless animals!

Bonus: Get 20% off your first order by signing up to their mailing list.

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