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How To Update Your Beauty Routine With Natural Oils

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Essential oils are commonly used for aromatherapy purposes to help you relax after a long day, but have you ever considered adding these natural oils into your beauty routine? There are several ways to use organically extracted oils for multiple benefits across a range of issues, such as acne, dry skin, fine lines—and even hair and scalp issues. But before you introduce natural oils into your beauty regimen, it’s important to learn the proper way to apply these products. Once you’ve got that down, you can find out which oils may be best suited for your beauty concerns.

Carrier Oils vs. Essential Oils

Essential oils are liquids that contain a very high concentration of raw plant materials that have been extracted from the leaves, stem, flowers, etc. It’s necessary to dilute these oils before applying to the skin to avoid irritation. Essential oils are best diluted in carrier oils, which are thicker and help “carry” the essential oils onto the skin.

Most beneficial essential oils


With its natural antiseptic and skin tightening properties, rosemary makes for a great toner that can be used before moisturizing your skin. It can help remove oil and makeup, kill harmful bacteria, and defending against wrinkles. Rosemary helps protect skin cells from free radicals and sun damage—two factors that lead to fine lines and early signs of aging.  


If you have itchy or dry skin, lavender may be a possible source of relief since it has been shown to soothe irritation and inflammation. For this same reason, this essential oil can help reduce flakes caused by dandruff. If you choose to apply lavender to your scalp, you can also spread the oil over all of your hair for a deep conditioning that helps promote shine.


More commonly known as CBD oil, cannabidiol can be used to relieve acne and dry skin, while having possible anti-aging qualities. Since it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD helps prevent wrinkles, and reduces redness and irritation from acne flare ups. In addition, it can also aid in more serious skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Read the GGA article all about it!

Best carrier oils


Coconut oil is no stranger to the beauty community, and it has many uses for skin and hair benefits. You can use coconut oil to remove makeup, moisturize skin, and protect your hair from loss of proteins. If you ever find yourself without sunscreen and need some protection, coconut oil can block some of the sun’s UV rays, but I’d recommend using traditional sunscreen if you have it.


While other oils may feel to thick to use on your face, jojoba oil is a bit lighter and can help with breakouts and acne-prone skin. Jojoba oil helps balance out oil production from sebaceous glands, which are the common culprit of clogged pores. This natural oil can also help your hair by strengthening strands with it’s vitamins and nutrients.  


For protection from sun damage and premature aging, rich amounts of Vitamin E in almond oil may offer some help. Almond oil has great moisturizing and nourishing effects, which promote hydrated hair and radiant skin.

And of course, if you’re too busy or lazy to implement basic oils, and you want them whipped up for you – here are our favorites, and below some easy clickable amazon options!  

Vanessa Bermudez is a writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She is the co-founder and editor of Modern Girls, a collaborative digital space featured in Girl Gaze Project and Teen Vogue.

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  1. Lisa Hill says:

    Using essential oils in beauty routine is an easy and cheap way to keep skin safe from harmful chemical. These can give you a real and lasting change.

  2. How To Update Your Beauty Routine With Natural Oils | GirlieGirl Army\

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