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The Most Heavenly Custom Blended Vegan Soaps

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My dream soap includes lavender, lemongrass, lime, patchouli, fennel, cornmeal, and ground coffee, but I didn’t realize that until I ordered it from This website is revelatory: you choose exactly what kind of soap you want – every feature of the soap is customizable, including the pretty label!  These soaps are all gluten-free, certified organic, non-GMO, and vegan. They also choose only sustainable, Rainforest Alliance-certified organic palm and palm kernel oil.

The Most Heavenly Custom Blended Vegan Soaps

The Most Heavenly Custom Blended Vegan Soaps

We love their ethos;

“Because we care about animals and what happens to them, so we never use animal-derived ingredients of any kind. That means no goat’s or cow’s milk, beeswax, honey, or any other animal products. Because we practice Islam, the concept of halal is important to us as well. Besides only using plant-based ingredients, our soaps and soap ingredients don’t contain any alcohol or animal/pork fat.”

Non-vegans may not know that most soaps contain tallow, a rendered form of beef or mutton fat. If you’re down with scrubbing your hoo-ha with the body fat of a dead, likely-diseased animal – then have at it. I’d prefer to have my bits and pieces cleaned with plants. And at $8 each these don’t break the bank, and make perfect gifts. I love a scrubby soap, and this soap really pulls away any dry skin and wakes my epidermis right up!

The hype about these custom soaps is well-deserved. Consider this an essential.

Here is my special soap:

The process of ordering is super simple, the website walks you through it in a for-dummies sort of way.  Start here:


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