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Vegan Options Now Offered Free Every Day in Every School In NYC!

Vegan Options Now Offered Free Every Day in Every School In NYC!

Breaking News! Every day in NYC, public school students will have access to a hummus entree. You heard it first, and you heard it here! A vegan entree (other than the one that already existed, PB&J) is now available every day in every school in New York City! That’s over 1,200 schools, and hundreds of thousands of students who will have access to this plant-based favorite! You. Heard. It. A vegan option. Every. Day.

We’re thrilled that New York City may be the first city in the country to offer a non-PB&J vegan option each day. We have non-profit Healthy School Food to thanks for this, and Mayor Bill DeBlasio to thank for it now being free. They are always working to increase the number of vegan entrees on school menus.

You know why: Health. Environment. Workers. And yes, the Animals, too.

Kids matter.

Why should 8 year olds be on cholesterol lowering drugs?

The environment matters.

Animal agriculture is among the biggest causes of global warming.

Workers matter.

People who work in the slaughter industry have among the highest rates of alcoholism, drug addiction, and domestic abuse. Can you imagine why?

And animals matter.

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There is no difference between the animals people eat, and the animals people keep as companions. For all the reasons, and there are more, we’d like to take animals off the plate, and fill ‘er up with whole plant foods!

Lunch Matters!

image via Whole Foods
image via Whole Foods

Healthy School Food has also recently helped the third public school in New York go vegetarian. PS 1, “The Bergen” is in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. It’s a huge elementary school, with over 1,200 students!

The Coalition for Healthy School Food (CHSF) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that introduces plant-based foods and nutrition education in schools to educate the whole school community. CHSF – Changing how schools feed kids.  If you are local to NYC, consider attending their Fall Gala;