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A Throwback Meets Modern Way To Quickly Curl Or Wave Your Hair

A Throwback Meets Modern Way To Quickly Curl Or Wave Your Hair

The SoCal Curls Hair Curling Tie is a throwback way to curl your hair that will remind you of Grandma and her coke cans. All you have to do is pop the curling tie, which is filled with an organic mix that retains heat, in the microwave (we hate microwave’s too, but for a hair do, it’s alright) for 30 seconds, place it on your head, and begin wrapping your hair around the tie. The result? Easy, soft, bouncy, manageable waves even a tired lazy person can manage to eek out. You can achieve curls in as little as 30 minutes, or sleep in it to make your mornings a breeze. The best part? No damage to your hair! The ties are adorable while in too (look like a fun retro, boho-chic up-do) so you can keep it in while you run errands, take the kids to school, etc.

An indie-woman owned biz, founder Rebekah Johnson is a mother of four who was searching for an alternative to damaging curling irons when she and her friend, Genia, came up with these brilliant ties. Take advantage of free shipping until the end of Dec and grabthem ($18.99) at

Spare your hair this winter with SoCal Curls Hair Ties and get volume filled, beachy curls without harsh heat.

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