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80’s Studded Leather Jackets Return

80’s Studded Leather Jackets Return


This look reminds us of Axl Rose when he was hot and hanging out in the East Village when it was actually dangerous. In those days we were leather clad, these days we know better. Leather is an ethical and environmental catastrophe. Here’s how to wear the look, without the skins and outrageous prices. Many of these that aren’t studded are worth studding yourself since they are so cheap. Check out some Motorcycle Jackets on if you want to get your hands on some to stud. Learn how to do that here. It’s embarrassingly easy, particularly on leatherette (aka fake leather) which is easier to pierce than skin.

Studded Leatherette Jacket, $47.80
Miss Sixty Women’s Faux Leather Studded Motorcycle, $22
BKE Asymmetrical Faux Leather Jacket, $89.95
Double-Breasted Faux-Leather Jacket, $102
Leatherette Motorcycle Jacket, $24.80

If you can’t stand to support stores like Forever21, try April77 which is a vegan-owned fashion company in Paris that makes incredible motorcycle jackets from sustainable, ethical materials. Here’s one;

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Moleskin Vegan Jacket, 195 euros @ image via Chictopia

We love this option (below) for the colder months!

VILA Normi Jacket, £49.00

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