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Cheap Treasures At Teeny Bopper Shops

Published on March 31, 2012 by   ·   4 Comments Pin It

With a good eye, any fashion maven can walk into their local thrift store, H&M, Hot Topic, and Payless and walk out looking like a million dollars.  You may snub your nose at questionable quality of some of the items, but we have some H&M items in our closet that have lasted us over 10 years! You know most of the girls photographed for fashion blogs at downtown hotspots are not in full price Stella McCartney, but in items scored from sample sales, cheapy mall type shops, and resale spots. We generally prefer to support the greenest options (vintage, resale, and eco designers on sale) but cruelty-free is our main focus, and when the trendy teen shops offer some really fabulous leather-free platforms, who are we to not very occasionally indulge? ;)

Here are just a smattering of a few adorable things we recently found that perfectly translate to a grown woman;

Cut Out Lace Dress, $39.50

Dottie Sandal, $29.50

Madden Girl Brenner Heel, $59

Watercolor Chevron Stripe Dress, $22.80

Striped Floppy Hat, $13.80

Blouse $24.95

Bag $17.95,

Dress $24.95,

Cheap Monday The Glamazon Skirt in Floral, $18

The Native Beaded Necklace in Blue, $20

Tie Dye T Back Maxi, $70

High Waisted Textured Shorts, $29

Vintage (actual vintage) denim cowboy boots, $148

WYNNA Glitter Wooden Wedges, $110

AE Black Monokini, $39

Drawstring Tank Dress, $12

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. bethany says:

    It’s so funny- those are like fancy-fancy nice clothes to me! I otherwise shop via thrift store, thirty dollars seems like the most I would spend on a nice non-occasion dress. Maybe this is just my budget talking haha.

  2. Sonia says:

    I’m with you Bethany, I’m a thrift store girl myself. $15-$20 on a dress is standard for me.

    I love the Topshop dress but I don’t know how I would wear a bra with that.

  3. D'Anne Park says:

    I love shopping vintage and combining it with Target, H&M and Forever 21! I actually sell vintage dresses and accessories in a market in Soho at the St. Anthony’s market in NYC. My dresses range from 15.00-25.00 My twitter is VintEdge Life if anyone wants to find out when I am out selling! Thanks so much ChloeJo for this article–love the pieces you chose!

  4. I so want that watercolor dress and the H&M one with the birds on it.

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