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Free Ways To Presto Chango Your Wardrobe

Free Ways To Presto Chango Your Wardrobe

It’s hard to feel like the fashionista we know you are when you’re sporting the same old skinny jeans and vintage tee week after week. You’re just jonesing to get your hands on some new duds, but your bank account isn’t cooperating. Luckily, when it comes to upgrading your current wardrobe you don’t have to pray that you’ll miraculously find a magic lamp with a genie in it. Instead you can work with what you have in your very own closet.

Being an in vogue environmentalist doesn’t have to mean buying brand new organic clothing every season. It can mean being resourceful enough to recycle what you already own and transform it into something new and exciting. Upgrading your current worn out wardrobe can be incredibly cheap and even free. We know, we’ve been through hard times and managed to stay chic even as our bank accounts sure didn’t. Try out some of these easy as pie wardrobe enhancing tips and get back your saucy, confident strut! GirlieGirl Army’s Chloe’s a big fan of searching her fave vintage stores for unique buttons to upgrade her wardrobe, and Ariela steals all her boyfriend’s western shirts when he’s not looking!

  • Be one with your scissors. Don’t be scared to take those sharp shears to a pair of old jeans or a tee shirt you never wear anymore. Cut the jeans into a pair of knee length, or thigh length cutoffs to show off those bike-toned gams. After cutting, throw the shorts in with the rest of your laundry to get them extra frayed. Or you can skip the shorts all together and cut right below the crotch area to make those jeans into a mini skirt. Depending on how sluttastic you want it; go a little shorter if you don’t plan on bending over or sitting, or go longer if you plan on wearing it to Granny and Gramps. Based on how teensy you take it, bring the new addition to your summer wardrobe to your local tailor to have the crotch sewn back together, or if you have some major Martha skills, sew it yourself yo.   If you go a lil’ too short, no worries, super short shorts look adorable with fun colored tights, fishnets, or leggings undernearth them.
  • Tee off. If you’d rather not sheer that old pair of Sevens, cut your tees instead. Turn your slouchy shirt into a backalicious halter. We love this classic look and these easy to follow instructions even more.
  • Use natural dyes to transform old tee shirts. If you can spare some walnuts that you’re not snacking on or throwing in your favorite salad, boil them in a large pot, then soak them overnight to create a brown dye perfect for transforming an old white tee (hide those pit stains maybe?) or go for a dred worthy tie-died look.     More details here.
  • Raid your boyfriend’s closet! Here’s the plan: Wait til he leaves for work, then grab one of his long plaid button ups, belt it at the waist, and throw it on with the pair of cutoffs or mini jean skirt you just created. You’ll be so glad you forced him to buy that shirt, and countless others he has stashed in his drawers.
  • Tiny Buttons: Go on a scavenger hunt to your favorite vintage stores and find some lovely, unique buttons. Once you’ve collected as many as your heart desires, sew them on anything you want. Shirts, pants, minis, you name it. Plus you can use these buttons to add new life to old blouses and blazers that you threw to the side because their buttons fell off. Or, instead of going vintage, just take buttons off of old clothes you wouldn’t be caught dead in anymore. Whew daddy, the possibilities are endless!
  • Stud it up! Remember studding?   Well it’s baaaack in a major way.   Check out all the major designers, they are all rhinestoning like it’s 1984! Pyramid studs are edgy and add spunk to any boring tee, belt, bag, or jacket.   Buy some studs at any trimming store, or online here, push into garment, and close the backs up with the help of a hammer.   Ouila! You’ve just made your style edgier without the   requistite trip to rehab.

 Still confused?   Watch this cute video on how to DIY stud:

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  • Re-ignite the romance with your old wardrobe. Force yourself to wear one piece of clothing or an accessory that has been stuffed into the dusty corners of your closet once every week and breathe some new life into it. They do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. And if you still hate it as it is, then just use one of our other tips for an instant upgrade, or donate it!
  • Invite your posse over for a potluck and clothing swap. Have everyone bring a bag of clothes they are totally over, plus their favorite dish. It will be a serious win win situation for your tummies and your closet.

No more excuses for looking broke-ass hot mess…even if you are a broke-ass hot mess.   Happy crafting, darlings!

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