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6 Life-Enhancing Things Worth Buying Online

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We still have yet to find certain things at our local store,  for these few items – we go online and feel no shame.  Hey, that’s what offsetting is for.

6 Life-Enhancing Things Worth Buying Online

6 Life-Enhancing Things Worth Buying Online

Here they are;

1.  Veganu Soap



We’ve yet to find a vegan soap (yep, most soaps contain repulsive things like animal bones or sheep sweat) that leaves us as clean feeling and repel sweat as naturally like this one does.  Plus it has a nice gender neutral smell, and lasts forever. We can only find it on ebay, and it’s so worth it.

2. DNA Tests

We are obsessed with DNA – it reveals endless stories – all with just a tiny spit or swab. We buy these for everyone in our family, including the pets! We recommend ancestry  for humans and embark for dogs. (Use our links above for discounts!)

3. Dr. Fuhrman’s DHA

Just some of the fabulous things DHA’s are proven to accomplish: reducing menstrual cramps, relieving depression, reducing Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms, lowering the risk of Heart Disease, and reducing symptoms and inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis. We’ve talked before about how these ease our spirits in the winter. Dr. Fuhrman’s are the best vegan DHA’s we’ve found.

4. Cri De Coeur or OlsenHaus Boots or Heels

Payless shoes just don’t come close in terms of quality and you aren’t supporting a small, woman-owned, US-born vegan company – you are supporting a mammoth corporation.  If you don’t live near a vegan boutique, you need to own at least one pair of gorgeous skin-free shoes to show your friends how chic vegan can be! Can’t afford the expensive styles?  Shop the sale sections online in the off season and look out for coupon codes.  They can all be found on vegan webstores, their own websites, or on amazon!

5.  Salt Lamps

You know how we feel about himalayan pink salt lamps. They just make us happy. Instead of sending flowers, we always send these. They are unobtrusive, and anyone can find a space for one.

6. Dr. Cow’s Cheese


If you are a wine & cheese connoisseur, and can’t stomach Daiya raw on a cracker, you haven’t heard about Dr. Cow’s yet.  It’s artisan-made, raw, organic, elegant, and one of the most delicious things that has ever gone in our mouths.  And the cashew cream cheese on a baguette?  Faaagettaboutit….

What are the goodies you buy online?

What are your 6 Life-Enhancing Things Worth Buying Online?

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Diane L says:

    Love Dr Cow, helped me to go vegan! I also order Match Meats. I love the Italian sausage. I usually order these items from or

  2. Allison Tray says:

    Field Roast is by far one of the most delicious foods I have ever eaten. I take the apple sage and saute it like a mother f*ker w/ some kale, garlic, raisins and pecans. OH and the chipotle flavor is really good too but mad hot! I like throwing that in some homemade veggie chili. The Celebration Roast is divine but the meatloaf, I’d pass. I have a dream of Field Roast burgers, I hope they make ’em. Dr. Cow’s “cream cheese” is really good too but damn they charge a lot for such a tiny container.

  3. Robyn says:

    I agree, coming from a former cheese-a-holic, now turned vegan…Dr. Cow’s cheese is EXCELLENT. It tastes like real aged cheese. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I use it on crackers and baguettes for picnics in the park. :)

  4. The Virtual Vegan says:

    Sweet N Sara Marshmallows…….my faves are the Strawberry and Toasted Coconut. Get the Sampler…for all the flavors.

    Move over Tofurkey….Celebration Roast by Field Roast is the King!! The Chipotle sausage is awesome by itself as a sub with a good bakery baguette OR browned and crumbled across Spanish Rice or on top of Nachos or stuffed in Taco Shells.

  5. I started wearing vegan shoes well over 15 years ago – the quality and workmanship i so worth the price. They wear like iron – and that is so refreshing. Friendly and cutting down on waste is so what I am looking for!

  6. DanielleinDC says:

    Luckily, I can get my Sweet and Sara fix at my local Sticky Fingers (I’m in DC).

    @Virtual Vegan: Did you try Gardein’s Stuffed Turk’y Roast? Best holiday roast EVER, but it’s only available around the holidays. If I had a huge freezer at home, I would stock up.

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