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Your Lipstick Is Safe.. Or Is It?

Your Lipstick Is Safe.. Or Is It?

If you knew some of the narsty chems in your face powder, you may just leave the house buck naked (on the face, that is.)   Most of us have already switched over to totally green and organic make up.   But now we can breath a larger sigh of relief as strides have been made to protect our face shellac!

Lead in your lipstick?  Yep.
Lead in your lipstick? Yep.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky introduced the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 — the first major effort in over 70 years to overhaul cosmetics regulations to phase out chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects. The bill will phase out the most dangerous chemicals and require companies to be transparent about the ingredients in their products.  It will also help small businesses in the cosmetics industry meet the new regulations and spur the development of greener chemicals.   For more information about this groundbreaking bill and more information about toxins in cosmetics and personal body products please visit this site.

Too lazy to read?   That’s cool. To learn more, dearhearts, watch this video:

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