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Vegan Queens n’ Pistol Packin Mamas

Vegan Queens n’ Pistol Packin Mamas

What is it about the chilly weather that makes our fine asses want to shop?   Is it reminiscent of a Bear’s hibernation, except we make sure we have enough doodads to keep us warm, fed, amused, and sated for the colder months?   Here are this week’s favorite splurges.   Some cost pennies, others may just break the bank.   Lucky for us; these green purveyors of hipster make handing over the plastic a tad less guilt inducing.

We just get googly eyed for Mark Edge‘s Eco-Vintage collection; all made from re-used vintage charms n’ chains… so you can get your green on and still look like a badass who’ll put a cap in that ass.

Vintage Pistol Necklace by Mark Edge
Vintage Pistol Necklace by Mark Edge

Winter means time for a new bag.   That Fall tote just doesn’t translate for blustery weather and thick coats.   We are just mad for (ala Edie Beales) the “Hobo” tote from Vegan Queen which looks super duper luxe n’ sexy on our arm.

Vegan Queen was founded on ecological, sustainable, socially-conscious and animal friendly principles.   These bags are super duper eco friendly, recyclable, non-toxic, sustainable, cruelty free, organic, and made in the USA.   Does it get better than that? The designer, a veggie goddess named Evelina (yep, that’s her modeling another Vegan Queen original below), is not only gloriously beautiful, she’s also set to give the pelt n’ skin loving fashion industry a serious run for their money with her innovative new line that proves cruelty-free doesn’t mean dowdy!

Watch Evelina in this great interview, and ignore the douchenozzle a-hole guy interviewer.   Someone needs to school that fool!

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Finally; when all is said and done, and our favorite sky high heels come off after a long night of champagne guzzling and inappropriate flirtation (showing your boss your new panties = not cool), all we need is Uggs when dog walking time is nigh.   Not real Uggs, ew.   True hearted GirlieGirls wouldn’t be caught dead in the skin of dead baby sheeps – faux Uggs suit us just fine.   And our little toesies cry HORRAY when throwing these Faux babies, in super trendy lumberjack plaid red, on.

Remember, the economy is in the toilette, so shop til you drop.   You could die tomorrow, or have McPalin as your Prezzie.   Live dangerously.   Mwah!

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