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Vegan Queens n’ Pistol Packin Mamas

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What is it about the chilly weather that makes our fine asses want to shop?   Is it reminiscent of a Bear’s hibernation, except we make sure we have enough doodads to keep us warm, fed, amused, and sated for the colder months?   Here are this week’s favorite splurges.   Some cost pennies, others may just break the bank.   Lucky for us; these green purveyors of hipster make handing over the plastic a tad less guilt inducing.

We just get googly eyed for Mark Edge‘s Eco-Vintage collection; all made from re-used vintage charms n’ chains… so you can get your green on and still look like a badass who’ll put a cap in that ass.

Vintage Pistol Necklace by Mark Edge

Vintage Pistol Necklace by Mark Edge

Winter means time for a new bag.   That Fall tote just doesn’t translate for blustery weather and thick coats.   We are just mad for (ala Edie Beales) the “Hobo” tote from Vegan Queen which looks super duper luxe n’ sexy on our arm.

Vegan Queen was founded on ecological, sustainable, socially-conscious and animal friendly principles.   These bags are super duper eco friendly, recyclable, non-toxic, sustainable, cruelty free, organic, and made in the USA.   Does it get better than that? The designer, a veggie goddess named Evelina (yep, that’s her modeling another Vegan Queen original below), is not only gloriously beautiful, she’s also set to give the pelt n’ skin loving fashion industry a serious run for their money with her innovative new line that proves cruelty-free doesn’t mean dowdy!

Watch Evelina in this great interview, and ignore the douchenozzle a-hole guy interviewer.   Someone needs to school that fool!

Finally; when all is said and done, and our favorite sky high heels come off after a long night of champagne guzzling and inappropriate flirtation (showing your boss your new panties = not cool), all we need is Uggs when dog walking time is nigh.   Not real Uggs, ew.   True hearted GirlieGirls wouldn’t be caught dead in the skin of dead baby sheeps – faux Uggs suit us just fine.   And our little toesies cry HORRAY when throwing these Faux babies, in super trendy lumberjack plaid red, on.

Remember, the economy is in the toilette, so shop til you drop.   You could die tomorrow, or have McPalin as your Prezzie.   Live dangerously.   Mwah!

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. Molly says:

    the fox interviewers — hmm, i have seen another interview with them and they were just as clueless and douche-y
    but vegan queen represent! she handled herself so loverly and looks incredible
    and those handbags mmmmm

  2. Chloe Jo says:

    Yea, duh, I shoulda known — it is FOX after all.. they could spin a Nun into a Call Girl.

  3. Franni says:

    Holy Jewsus!! I freakin’ love this blog!!!! And I have got to show this to my friends, they will love this!!! and yes, Uggs suck. Who wants to be wearing baby skin?! CREEPY!!!!!! Go veganism!!!! ^-^

  4. yeshlee says:

    I purchased two bags from Vegan Queen after seeing this post. One bag has been great and there have been no problems. The other bag, the Imperial Bag, costing $896 fell apart after one use. I used the bag one time–inside was my wallet. The next time I used it I notice one of the straps had popped off and that there was a hole along a seam on the other side. I called Evelina (Vegan Queen) to ask about a replacement. She was unapologetic and told me to send her pictures which I did. She then told me to send the bag back. I asked if, since the item was defective, if I could be reimbursed for shipping and she replied, “not really…” I then expressed concern over her customer service and heard nothing from her. I then asked for a refund due to lack of communication. Over the next two weeks I was unable to get Vegan Queen to communicate effectively.

    I contacted VQ after the bag had been returned (I had tracking through UPS) and asked when my paypal account would be refunded, to which she replied, “at the end of the week.” When that came and went I wrote again, saying I hadn’t received the refund. I then got an email saying, “you are eligible for a full refund minus any shipping costs for VQ bag in perfect condition …it must be unworn…otherwise VQ will have to charge you a fee! …$150” This–two weeks after I first contacted her–was the first I had heard of this. It also is not listed on her website. Not only did she do this–refund my money minus $150–but she processed the refund as a payment through PayPal, which means that I was charged seller’s fees. I contacted her about this problem, but of course, have heard nothing from her. I filed a dispute through PayPal to which she did not respond, then escalated to a claim. I have not got my money back.

    I have also been in contact with one of her distributors who has since decided to stop carrying her line, due in large part to my experience. I wrote to the PR people listed on her website and they contacted me immediately and apologized for my difficult experience but told me that they no longer work with Vegan Queen. I went to her website and clicked on “contact” then called the number listed under “sales inquiries” but they didn’t seem to know much about the brand. So basically the contact info listed on her site is not valid.

    I really wanted to support this company, and throughout this extremely stressful process, I kept hoping Evelina would do the right thing. The idea behind the line is wonderful and the bags are beautiful. I’m not necessarily calling the quality of the bags into question, but exercise extreme caution if you decide to purchase a VQ bag. Do it through a distributor with a good reputation and good customer service. Make sure they will stand behind the quality of the bag, because Evelina will not. I urge you not to purchase a bag through the Vegan Queen website as I did. If you happen to have any problems, you will likely be treated the way I was treated. There is nothing luxurious about being treated disrespectfully and having your hard-earned money stolen!

  5. Gigi says:

    Yeshlee, I had a similar experience. My bag is now pretty much falling apart. I agree – **do not buy these bags**. Chloe was doing the right thing trying to promote a Vegan Bag Designer, and thought she had “vetted” this line, but she made a mistake. Evelina is incredibly rude. I spoke to Chloe about this briefly and she noted that her bag has also sprung a few holes as well, and she’d heard numerous other complaints about Evelina’s behavior. Chloe is officially no longer promoting Vegan Queen due to this, and numerous other unprofessional experiences. She said that in ten years of running this online community, nothing like this has ever happened. She apologized profusely. There are other fabulous vegan bag lines out there that do not break, cost $800, and where you don’t have to deal with nasty, ego centric designers. Chloe advised we check out this blog for other designers (and her newsletter for all the new lines that keep popping up)'t-guessed-yet-we-are-eco-veggie-gals-and-here's-why/
    What a shame!

  6. Chloe Jo says:

    Hey Guys, as Gigi noted above, I can no longer stand behind the Vegan Queen Company. Buy at your own risk, the complaints above were just two of many that I’ve received. There is no room for this type of behavior, and bad quality. It’s simply unacceptable.

  7. kikikoo says:

    I worked for Vegan Queen, and the experience was horrible . had to deal with stalking high end dept stores and celebs . Evelina is either under the influence or someone with severe bi polar tendencies. she is very rude and demanding and stressful to be around. Im so sorry to those who have been affected buy this company and who have came in contact with this crazy individual. DO NOT BUY VEGAN QUEEN BAGS!!!!!!!!

  8. Melinda says:

    Love the pistol charm necklace!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Vegan Queen has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau! Stay away!!

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